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What it Means to be Fierce with Age

Welcome to January, 2017

In the recent shuttering of his organization Second Journey, our fellow Conscious Aging Alliance member Bolton Anthony speaks for many of us when he likened our national election to “a call you receive about a death in the family that interrupts your vacation abroad and summons you home.” At 74, Bolton asks “What am I […]

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Fifth Annual Best Content of the Year Edition: 2016

Dear Fierce Ones, As we approach the waning days of 2016, it has become increasingly clear that our country needs wise elders more than ever.  Seeking guidance and inspiration, this special edition of the Digest reviews the best content about spirituality and aging that has surfaced over the course of the year to light the […]

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Dear Friends,

“There are circumstances that must shatter you; and if you are not shattered, then you have not understood your circumstances.”  –Leon Weiselter, Kaddish In the wake of this election, it is clear that our country needs our wise elders more than ever.  More than this, we, ourselves, must become the wise elders for our wounded […]

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