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What it Means to be Fierce with Age

Guest Blog: For the Love of the Cause

In these times of continued conflict things seem more amplified.  With the recent elections, regardless of which side you sit politically, resentment, self-righteousness and indignation seem to be at an all-time high.  Sometimes knowing which way to turn, how to take action or how to “be” spiritual seems foreign.  Everyone has insight and advice but […]

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Welcome to February, 2017

This month’s Digest is a special edition, dedicated for the first time solely to the work of one thought leader.  I encountered Dr. John C. Robinson’s work on aging 5 years ago.  Until then, I thought of spirituality as a solution to the challenges of aging.  Over time, I grew to view aging as a […]

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Welcome to January, 2017

In the recent shuttering of his organization Second Journey, our fellow Conscious Aging Alliance member Bolton Anthony speaks for many of us when he likened our national election to “a call you receive about a death in the family that interrupts your vacation abroad and summons you home.” At 74, Bolton asks “What am I […]

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