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What it Means to be Fierce with Age

Best of Spirituality and Aging March, 2015

“Conscious Aging, as an emerging cultural ideal, represents a genuinely new stage and level of psychological functioning.” So says Harry R. Moody, one of 22 thought-provoking presenters at Transforming Aging, a free online summit taking place March 3-5. In this special issue of the Digest, we whet your appetite for the summit with favorite quotes […]

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Fierce with Age: Special Birthday Edition

“There is no safety in life—no guarantees that you will get through unscratched.  This principle requires you to sacrifice the illusion of safety for the realization of what it means to be awake and alive.”    –Carol Orsborn, 1992                                                   ************************* This week, the Conscious Aging Alliance launched its new website, including articles by some of […]

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Best of Aging and Spirituality February, 2015

 THE GIFT OF AN UNCOMFORTABLE EGO“Most people believe that what they do is who they are, rather than recognize that what we do is only part of who we are. As our lives change, and the opportunity for achievement-reinforcement diminish, we may experience boredom, depression, despair, and disempowerment. We’re haunted by a sense that the […]

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