“This is a rich, intimate and hard to put down read that reminds me aging may not be for sissies, but it can be for seers, adventurers and a few lucky squirrels.  Carol Orsborn takes me there.”

Leah Komaiko
Author of
Am I Old Yet?


“Carol Orsborn bravely invites us to accompany her as she wanders in the wilderness of doubt and confusion after her job and identity are stripped away, and as she gradually claims new dreams and renewed faith.  Orsborn’s searingly honest and ultimately hopeful account of turning toward aging offers invaluable inspiration to all of us who are, or will be, on the journey of later life.”

Rabbi Dayle A. Friedman, MSW, MAJCS, BCC, author, Jewish Visions for Aging (Jewish Lights)


Fierce with Age is thought-provoking, brave and courageous.   Carol Orsborn tackles both the shadow and promise of transitioning beyond midlife, showing us aging as the opportunity to grow whole, rather than just grow old.”


Maddy & Ken Dychtwald

Authors and Co-Founders, Age Wave


“In an age where America creates elder ghettos, a brave woman comes out swinging.  Her chronicle of a woman’s life after 50 is an inspiration for countless other women (and men) to bust through the stereotypes of aging. “

Justine Willis Toms, Co-founder New Dimensions Radio, author of Small Pleasures: Finding Grace in a Chaotic World

“Through lyrically written pages of her memoir, Fierce with Age, Dr. Carol Orsborn conveys today’s vital challenge for the Baby Boomer generation: to understand and accept aging and all the ramifications. This book is a poignant invitation for Boomers to try on the liberating possibilities of aging, freed from denial and dodging. Through Orsborn’s lucid spiritual lens, coupled with the sophisticated nuances of a Boomer generation marketing expert, readers witness wisdom, wit and wrath of a well-considered journey. Her memoir shares insightful stories, reflections and advice that can help Boomers discard illusions and illegitimacies of youth obsession, revealing instead the intellectual, emotional and spiritual paths toward acceptance of the aging process, fiercely.”

Brent Green, Author, Marketing to Leading-Edge Baby Boomers and Generation Reinvention


“Dr. Carol Orsborn confronts aging—not gracefully, but fiercely— inviting us on her journey of unflinching honesty and tender revelation. Her diary of growing older may inspire your own.”

Mary Lou Quinlan, author, The God Box


“In a youth-centric society, Boomer women have understandably resisted the notion of growing old, but there comes a time in every life when denial of aging cracks. This is a time ripe for a book like Fierce with Age.”


Marti Barletta, author, Marketing to Women and PrimeTime Women


“I’ve not read anything as honest and revealing as the tale of Carol Orsborn’s personal journey into becoming Fierce with Age.   Through searching deeply and having the courage to share the experience, she offers us all insights and validation of who we can become in mid-life and the years beyond.”

Connie Goldman, author of Who Am I…Now that I’m Not Who I Was


“By telling us her story of struggle and transformation, Carol gives us hope that we, too, can be ‘fierce with age’ and, so, live fully with the fire for life.”

Robert L. Weber, Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School

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