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Greeting from Founder               Carol Orsborn, Ph.D.

“Plummet into aging, stare mortality in the eye, surrender everything and what else is there left to fear? The way is perilous, danger on all sides. But we are no longer a generation afraid of age. We are becoming, instead, a generation fierce with age.”

This is an archives with periodic updates for Boomers and beyond who are learning to walk the fine line between romanticized and stereotyped notions of aging.

Fierce with Age has gathered together the best content about wisdom and spirituality for Boomers.

The men and women of our generation redefined midlife. Now there more and more of us breaking through the stereotypes of aging to discover that growing old can also mean growing whole. Drawing upon mutual support, we are becoming increasingly unwilling to define success by society’s youth-oriented standards. We are learning how to trade anger, fear and shame for freedom and self-affirmation.

We are finding that the wild space beyond midlife can be much more than merely accepting aging.  Having broken denial, we are getting our first, promising glimpse of what it truly means to be free. Above all, we have discovered that aging can be a spiritual experience.

And so it is that I invite you to join with others and exploration of what promises to be as exciting, challenging and potentially rewarding an experience as every other life stage our generation has transited over the decades of our lives. I do not know for sure where we’re headed. But I trust that together , we all have the potential to be fundamentally changed for the good. I hope you join me in saying we would not have it any other way.


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