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“This post 11/8 world is a time of collective initiation. Conscious elders, startled into a shocking new historical era, now face profound and unexpected tasks, gifts and responsibilities. This is a time for discerning what makes us come alive and then doing it!”

So writes author/mystic John  C. Robinson, featured last month in our special edition and who was among the presenters at an online event sponsored by The Shift Network:  The Transforming Aging Summit.

I hope you enjoy this edition of our Digest and here’s to being more fierce with age than ever over the coming month!

–Carol Orsborn, editor-in-chief



Spoiling for a Fight

“70 is a fantastic age for a fight!  So the notion is on hold, that these next years will be a peaceful unwinding.  But it’s not going to be the 60’s all over again.  I was all in for those battles and I’m proud of civil rights, voting rights, women’s rights, desegregation, and ending a war not worthy of our country.  But I did too much running blind into brick walls with my hair on fire and for that I paid in ways I won’t do again.

This time  I’m not just a warrior, I’m an Old Warrior.  A warrior with the advantage of years.  What’s that going to be like?…

How does an old warrior help bring light?  They’ve got to be in me, the lessons I’ve learned over these 70 years that I didn’t know when I’d only lived 20?  What do I know that will help make things better for all of us, what do I know that will help us all stop scaring each other.  What do I know that could save us from vitriol and bloodshed?  What are my plans for next week?  What are yours?

Randy Bieler, GravyYears.com


 An excerpt

“In my darkest night,
when the moon was covered
and I roamed through wreckage,
a nimbus-cloud voice
directed me:
‘Live in the layers,
not on the litter’.
Though I lack the art
to decipher it,
no doubt the next chapter
is already written.
I am not done with my changes.”

Stanley Kunitz 



“The experiential work, is to help people make friends with uncertainty, and reframe it as a way of coming alive. Because there are never any guarantees at any point in life. Perhaps it’s more engrained in the American citizen that we feel we ought to know, we ought to be certain, we ought to be in control, we ought to be upbeat, we ought to be smiling, we ought to be sociable.

That cultural cast has tremendous power to keep us benumbed and becalmed. So it’s been central to my life and my work to make friends with our despair, to make friends with our pain for the world. And thereby to dignify it and honour it. That is very freeing for people.”

Joanna Macy



In these times of continued conflict things seem more amplified.  With the election, regardless of which side you sit politically, resentment, self righteousness and indignation seem to be at an all time high.  Sometimes knowing which way to turn, how to take action or how to “be” spiritual seems foreign.  Everyone has insight and advice but it’s important to take into consideration that that advice or direction comes from…an individual with experiences separate from yours…There is no ultimate source of knowledge outside of you, no expert to look for externally to guide you as to the right thing to do.  That expert is you…

The answers on how, when, what and why to contribute to the cultural state of the world are inside of you and looking outside to find the answers on how to find love, peace, and equality leads to should’s and obligations.

I do believe that this is a time for action but where I cannot put love into the world is my practice to understand myself.  It does not mean I don’t take action, or participate in causes I feel are important but rather it is a path of intention to participate for the love of the cause and not out of fighting against the “other.”

Leanne Flask  https://twitter.com/lflask   For the whole blog, click HERE



“This post 11/8 world is a time of collective initiation. Conscious elders, startled into a shocking new historical era, now face profound and unexpected tasks, gifts and responsibilities. This is not our old familiar world and we cannot go back. But this horizon holds the potential for a psychological and spiritual renewal unprecedented in human history, one that will produce a quantum leap forward if we participate meaningfully. This is a time for discerning what makes us come alive and then doing it!

To me, as a mystic, in this moment of awakening, it feels as if I touch the infinite surface of Being, which I envision as the smooth, rubber-like surface tension of a vast black lake. I am convinced that touching this surface sends vibrations throughout the whole cosmos, like pounding a huge drumhead sending oscillating waves across Creation. I can actually feel myself striking this great drum with both hands – boom, boom, boom – and sending powerful undulations of love, meaning and possibility through the immensity of time, reality and consciousness.

Everything we’ve ever done in our lives has led us to this moment. And together, we call on everything we are to pound our drums as one great loving force. As the echoes of our drumbeats return, their rhythms overlap with new ones. We are building a new Creation..”

John C.  Robinson



“In the collective American consciousness we are taught to cling to youthfulness, warding off gray hair and wrinkles.  An unlived portion of life can be sacrificed—that is, transformed by making it sacred…Sacrifice is an important concept for anyone interested in leading a religious life, but most people today seem to think that sacrifice means giving something up, such as giving up candy at Lent. This is how shallow our religious sense has become.

Sacrifice really involves the art of drawing energy from one level and reinvesting it at another level to produce a higher form of consciousness. Human existence seems to be for the express purpose of advancing consciousness…”

Robert A. Johnson, Balancing Heaven and Earth



Evolutionary thinking is actually contemplative thinking because it leaves the full field of the future in God’s hands and agrees to humbly hold the present with what it only tentatively knows for sure.

Evolutionary thinking agrees to both knowing and not knowing, at the same time. To stay on the ride, to trust the trajectory, to know it is moving, and moving somewhere always better, is just another way to describe faith.

We are all in evolution all the time, it seems to me. It is the best, the truest, way to think.

Richard Rohr, Center for Action and Contemplation



“We don’t need to wait until we are enlightened before we act in the world, and we don’t need to withdraw from the world to become enlightened.

Conscious social action can be our own work on ourselves that becomes the vehicle for our awakening.”

–Ram Dass,  How Shall We Live Video Series  


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