Best Analog Security Camera

5 Best Analog Security Camera in 2022 – Top Reviews

Who doesn’t want extra safety & security? Suppose as a working parent you need to work and watch your kid around the house, how will you manage to do both? Whether you own a house, a shop, a garage or a property you need to be extra safe.

Security camera is a fine solution to all the problems regarding safety or security. From private property to school, shopping mall, hospital or office everywhere the use of security camera is common now.

However, in this competitive market, it is difficult to find the perfect one. Here, we have brought reviews of best analog security camera for you. This article will help you to compare and choose the one.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice
ZOSI 2.0MP HD analog security camera Outdoor IndoorZOSI HD analog security camera

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1080p Day Night home security camera systemDay Night Home Security Camera

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HD Night Vision Residential Security Camera SystemNight Vision Security Camera

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36PCS Night Vision Budget Outdoor Security CameraBudget Outdoor Security Camera

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Day Night Security Camera

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Benefits of Using Analog Security Camera

Good Technology at Lower Cost

Analog security cameras are not so pricey regarding the benefits and usage they serve. Specially, when you look at the camera count and its increasing number.

So, it has become easy for middle class people to afford a technological device like security camera. Therefor it is a good decision to stick with analogue cctv camera as it is significantly cheaper.

Simple in Design

When it comes to design and use, analog security camera or closed-circuit camera offers simplicity as much as possible.

It is flexible and fairly easy to run as it uses DVR to record and transform data into video format. They are usually compact in size and blend with any building structure or design.

Easy Installation System

CCTV camera also offers less complicated set up. Analog security camera has been around for years, because people who feel challenged around technological devices are able to set this analog security camera easily.

Plus, it doesn’t need any WIFI connectivity. All you need is to connect the wires with the recorder box.

Simple Converting Program

Analogue cctv camera tends to record images through a digital recorder and then convert it to a digital format. This analog recorder video is comparatively smaller in size.

To check out or view the recorded video a DVR needs to be connected with a monitor.

Requires Less Bandwidth

Rather than on a continuous basis, DVR only transmit the data by using bandwidth when anyone is watching the video. Instead of LAN the information got transmitted over coax which doesn’t use much bandwidth.

It doesn’t burden the network as well. For remote access a router is also necessary to broadcast via an internal network which is also helpful.

Best Analog Security Camera Reviews

When it comes to locate the best analogue cctv camera, it becomes hard in the crowd of different brands and versions in the market. No worries, we are here to make it easy for you.

Below you will find our reviews on some top analog security cameras after much research and consideration.

1. ZOSI 2.0MP HD analog security camera Outdoor Indoor

ZOSI 2.0MP HD analog security camera Outdoor Indoor

If you want a security camera that provides clear and bright video even at night time, this ZOSI 1920TVL will be the best analog cctv camera.

With HD 1080p resolution this camera serves good quality color pictures at day and black & white at night. 36 PCS LEDs and 120ft IR night vision do not let the pictures and video to be blurry or unclear.

This security camera also offers OSB menu which you can change into 4 distinct video output. TVI, AHD, CVBS and HD_CVI are the 4 options here. The mode of camera is 960H to change it into OSD menu you have to hold the switch for around 5 seconds.

However, you don’t have to be tensed about the camera in rainy or snowy days as it is built in IP67 weatherproof metal. The brand ZOSI used high standard aluminum metal and serves a 3-axis stand and cable via bracket to made it hassle free.

Another beneficial factor about this security camera is, it offers 3.6mm lens which is wide enough to cover around 105° view. And it also works fine with Alexa.

Really cool of it, right? You can control it using your voice by combining it with Alexa screen device.

Key Features :

  • Serves extra light at night time
  • Built in IP67 weatherproof metal
  • 6mm lens to cover 105° view
  • Can work with voice control device

2. 1080p Day Night Home Security Camera System

1080p Day Night Home Security Camera System

This dome shaped security camera is a good fit for you, if you are on budget and searching for a good analog CCTV camera.

It offers you a OSD menu that is able to change into several 4 video output like, TVI, HD-CVI, CVBS and AHD. This 2mp surveillance camera works fine in outdoor and indoor, at day and night.

Also, this FHD 1080p resolution camera comes with IR LEDs 24pcs and 80ft night vision IR which is good enough to get you clear picture.

The color of the image will be in color at day and black and white at night like other analog security cameras.

In case of built quality this camera offers high quality IP66 metal and housing plastic materials to blend right in.

Wide angle analog security camera stand with 3-axis and cable via bracket will keep you trouble free in any weather. And to cover up to 90° view it gives you 3.6mm lens.

Nevertheless, ZOSI has brought this camera to market in a compact shape of dome with good quality images and surprisingly in good price.

After comparing the advantages and qualifications, this security camera can be considered as best budget outdoor security camera.

Key Features :

  • Good deal with size & budget
  • 24pcs IR LEDs for extra light
  • Housing material (plastic & metal)
  • FHD 1080p resolution camera

3. HD Night Vision Residential Security Camera System

HD Night Vision Residential Security Camera System

ZOSI has provided another 1920TVL series analog security camera with good picture quality. This 2.0megapixel camera with 1080p HD resolution serves clear image and video in both outdoor and indoor.

Itself allows you to watch the recorded video from 720p to 4k analog CCTV DVR. Though the default video setting is in 960H mode, with about 5 seconds button press you will be able to switch it into 4 distinct video modes.

To provide you a clear and bright image even at night, this security camera serves you with 120ft night vision system. You will also get 36pcs IR LEDs which provides extra light and make the picture quality more sharp day or night.

Now come to the interesting part. ZOSI has added a nice tech like automatic IR-CUT filter to this camera.

It allows the camera to use night vision up to 120ft in total darkness and 160ft in ambient light. You will additionally get more 3.0Lux night vision in color.

Regarding construction, this one is made with aluminum metal which is both vandal and waterproof.

It has an advanced circuit design and good for office, kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, classroom, study room and hallway. That’s why this particular CCTV camera has one of the best home security camera system.

Key Features :

  • Watch video in DVR up to 4k resolution
  • 36pcs IR LEDs 120ft night vision
  • More than 3.0Lux night vision is color
  • Auto IR-CUT filter and advanced circuit

4. 36PCS Night Vision Budget Outdoor Security Camera

36PCS Night Vision Budget Outdoor Security Camera

Are you searching for best residential security camera system with good built-in quality and less noisy image? Then, ZOSI 1920TVL with 2.0MP HD 1080p Surveillance CCTV Bullet Camera is a fine option.

Like other best analog security camera, this offers 4 different output option via OSD menu setting. All you have to do is, switch the setting to OSD from its default 960H setting.

It also contains 1080p with FHD resolution with 1/3” CMOS to provide clear and sharp images

Now, let’s talk about the built-in quality. ZOSI used high standard metal aluminum materials in this security camera. Many users reviewed that it is plastic made which is not accurate.

Because the upper coat or outer texture feels like plastic but inside it is pure metal made. This has made the camera compatible in any rough weather.

Finally, its 36pcs IR LEDs and IR 120ft night vision serves you with extra bright and clear picture quality. Also, this security camera has its reputation for offering less noise in the recording.

Though it depends on the using environment, 3.6mm lens is able enough to cover about 105° wide view easily.

Key Features :

  • Provides less noisy picture quality
  • High quality aluminum metal material
  • 1080p resolution with FHD, 1/3” CMOS
  • 36pcs IR LEDs and IR 120ft night vision

5. ZOSI Day/Night Waterproof Home Security Camera

ZOSI Day/Night Waterproof Home Security Camera

This security camera comes with a set of 4 pieces kit which is quite preferable for those who are searching for a wholesome package.

The best feature of this ZOSI 4PK Security Camera is the system comes with video power cable and power supply which is missing in maximum security cameras.

Like other best 2.0MP 1080p HD resolution security cameras analog, it also allows you to watch the recorded video from 720p to 4k resolution. Just make sure your analog DVR is not in 960H only. All you have to manage is a good DVR to connect.

To provide you with sharp and clear picture even in night time, it has 80ft night vision system. Its automatic IR-CUT filter gives you 80ft night vision when it is in total darkness.

On the other hand, in ambient light you will get 130ft night vision. The night vision is color more than 3.0Lux.

The construction standard of this camera is pretty amazing. ZOSI used top standard aluminum casing metal which is vandal proof and waterproof.

As it can bear in the toughest outdoor condition, it has record of working fine in -47F cold weather. To make it more useable and trouble free, they will provide you with camera stand including 3-axis and cable with bracket medium.

Key Features :

  • A good package with 4 Pieces Kit
  • Provides power cable and power supply
  • Automatic IR-CUT filter system
  • 130ft night vision in ambient light

Comparison Chart Of Analog Security Camera

Here we have made a comparison chart among the highlighted products we reviewed just to save your time in taking a decision.

Product Name


Night Vision


Built Material

Bullet CCTV Camera


IR 120ft

Wide 105°

Aluminum metal

Dome Security Camera


IR 80ft

Wide 90°

Housing plastic & metal

Hybrid Security Camera


IR 120ft

Wide 105°

Aluminum metal

Surveillance Bullet Camera


IR 120ft

Wide 105°

Aluminum metal

Analog DVR Camera


IR 80ft

Wide 105°

Aluminum casing

How to Choose an Analog Security Camera

It is obviously a hard task to choose the perfect analog CCTV camera according to your budget, demands and environment. It becomes more complicated when you don’t know how to or what to look for in a security camera.

So, here we are with some factors to give you clear idea about how to get a good analog security camera or what to consider before you get it.

User Friendly Functions

The more adjustable function a device has the better. It is really a hassle for a lot of people specially who are not from this technological generation to manage and understand all the function of modern technology.

Try to choose an easily adjustable security camera as this is going to be long everyday running device around you. If you have to change or adjust the function most often, it will be troublesome for you.

Simple Installation System

Surely you have to install or set your security camera in such place or position which is tough to reach. Generally, it is set on higher places like roof or celling or even on top of a lamp post.

Remember analog security cameras come with wires. So, you need to double check that the installation process and system of the camera is safe and goes with your setting place.

Good Picture Quality

After all, getting a good view is the main expectation of buying a good 1080p analog security camera. Check out the latest cameras in the market online before going to the shop.

Match your budget with them and look for best resolution at your price. Remember, only high megapixel does not make a security camera best. You need to consider OSD setting, DVR, night vision, LED etc. too.

Check If Its Working

Remember technology is not always perfect in the box. Before purchasing you better check if everything is okay with the kit. Connect all the wires with the camera to look if they adjust well and work well.

If possible, try to connect a DVR with the camera to check the video. Don’t forget to check the night vision system too. If it records fine, the image is clear and easy controlling then you are good to go.

Easy to Clean

Do not neglect finding the one which is easy and safe to clean. As outdoor analog camera comes with wires and other mandatory parts, regular cleaning is necessary. So, make sure that you can do the cleaning easily and without any risk.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is analog HD camera?

HD analog CCTV cameras are newest addition which can record video in 720p high definition (HD) to 1080p HD. You need to connect or use HD DVR with your camera to make it capable of handling HD images or video.

2. Which is better analog or IP camera?

The main difference is in video quality. IP cameras offer higher video quality than analog ones. IP cameras are also good in site range and better zoom-in.

Though analog cameras are lower in quality, they provide better performance in low light than IP ones.

3. Why it is called bullet analog camera?

Bullet analog camera is known by this name for its compact size. It represents the small size of a bullet.

Typically, it works same as other cameras but with a compact or smaller size and shape. Most people prefer this camera as it blends well and easy to hide.

4. What is the highest resolution analog CCTV camera?

Nowadays 1080p analog CCTV camera can be easily found. Even you can watch the recorded video in 4k with good HD DVR set up. For years 960H was the highest resolution for analog security camera available in market.

5. Can anyone hack analog cameras?

Analog cameras don’t offer that much secure connection. Because they transport signals over coax cable. As they do not offer encrypting the video signal, there is a little possibility of hacking into the line of the system.

Final Words

Security is priority. Of course, you don’t want to waste your money and safety just simply being unconcerned and unaware. Gather reliable knowledge and ideas when you are thinking of purchasing a life saving device like security camera or cctv camera.

We have tried our best to make this task easy for you by reviewing these best analog security camera after a lot of research and practical study.

Check this article out and remember all the points to choose the best fit according to your budget and demands. Stay safe and secure all the time.