Best Batteries for Thermostat

Best Batteries for Thermostat in 2022- Top Reviews

Has it ever happened to you that you are sitting on your cozy chair at home, but suddenly it’s too hot or cold? If yes, then most probably, the issue had originated from the thermostat that was operating your HVAC system.

What an uncomfortable situation!

In fact, it was the thermostat batteries that failed to provide sufficient power. However, to avoid this in the future, you need to buy good batteries for your thermostat. But choosing good batteries is not an easy task for everyone.

Well, we understand the problem. Therefore, we have sorted out the best batteries available in the market for thermostats after much research. Here, we are going to review the five best batteries for thermostat. We hope this review will be helpful to you.

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CopperTop Long Lasting Batteries for Thermostat
CopperTop Batteries for Thermostat

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Energizer AA & AAA Variety Batteries PackEnergizer Variety Batteries Pack

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12 Pack AAA 800 mAh Rechargeable Batteries12-Pack Rechargeable Batteries

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ACDelco AA Super Alkaline BatteriesACDelco AA Super Batteries

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20 Pack AA High-Performance Alkaline Batteries20 Pack AA Alkaline Batteries

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Best Batteries for Thermostat Reviews

A thermostat is one of the most valuable and standard tools in our daily life. Most of the issues of thermostats originate from low-quality batteries. So, choosing good batteries for your thermostats is really important.

In this review, we are going to discuss some of the best batteries for your thermostat. We have done a lot of research on this. We hope this review will help you choose good batteries for your thermostat.

1. CopperTop Long Lasting Batteries for Thermostat

CopperTop Long Lasting Batteries for Thermostat

As the name suggests, Duracell batteries are widely famous for long durability. Duracell – CopperTop comes with the certainty of replacing any damaged devices from the company in case any defects of the battery cause the damage.

So much so this battery has ten years storage guarantee too. These two guarantees from the company make this product unique among all others batteries in the market. We think Duracell – CopperTop is the best battery value for the money.

This battery uses alkaline cell composition and  comes in different sizes too. It is also compatible with various devices. The manufacturer made this battery especially for household devices like thermostats.

However, a guarantee from the company about the durability and performance of this product made it a great choice. This battery will be an excellent choice for someone who has trust issues with online products and seeking guaranteed products.

Key Features :

  • Comes with a guarantee of replacing or repairing damaged products
  • 10 years shelf-life guarantee for longer storage duration and use
  • Available in different sizes- Double A, Triple AA, C, D, and 9V
  • Especially made for household devices using alkaline cell composition

2. Energizer AA & AAA Variety Batteries Pack

Energizer AA & AAA Variety Batteries Pack

Has it ever happened to you that your thermostat batteries die too soon without any apparent reason? Well, it was the battery to blame, not the thermostat. But Energizer MAX gives you the guarantee that it will provide long-lasting performance.

Moreover, this battery has a leak resistance design to protect devices from leakage of completely used batteries. It means even after the battery dies completely, and your device will remain safe from any leakage. This is an important characteristic.

Interestingly, Energizer MAX is the longest-lasting and powerful battery from the manufacturer. Therefore, it will provide longer durability and performance unquestionably. So, you will be able to stay tension free battery-related issues of your thermostat.

Besides, the battery has a 10-year storage life making it one of the most durable batteries. Considering the aspects of compatibility, size, durability, shelf-life, and leak resistance, we think it will be one of the most effective batteries for thermostats.

Key Features :

  • Longest lasting, a powerful battery from the manufacturer
  • Can hold power for ten years in storage for emergency use
  • Leak-resistant design for protecting devices from leakage
  • Comes in different sizes and compatibilities variety of usage

3. 12 Pack AAA 800 mAh Rechargeable Batteries

12 Pack AAA 800 mAh Rechargeable Batteries

Are you tired of changing the batteries of your thermostat again and again? Well, Amazon Basics Performance Rechargeable Battery is for you then.

This battery is from Amazon Basics, and it is rechargeable. It can be charged up to 1000 times with marginal power loss.

So, if frequent changing of your thermostat battery has made your life difficult, go grab this product today! You can charge and discharge this battery over a thousand times. It will save you money and also keep the environment clean.

Additionally, this battery has a low self-discharge rate, and it can maintain 80 percent capacity even after two years. This feature is vital for storing and emergency use. The battery comes in different sizes and compatibilities.

As it is rechargeable, you will need to charge it from time to time. The product is delivered in a frustration-free package. So, you will get complete satisfaction against your budget. We think this is one of the batteries that will ensure value for the money.

Key Features :

  • Can be charged up to 1000 times with marginal power loss
  • Can preserve 80 percent capacity for more than two years
  • Compatible with different devices fulfilling an all-in-one purpose
  • Shipped in frustration-free package to ensure value for the money

4. ACDelco AA Super Alkaline Batteries

ACDelco AA Super Alkaline Batteries

ACDelco Maximum Power is a unique product because of its eco-friendliness. It contains no mercury or cadmium. These metals are harmful to our health and the environment. Therefore, this battery makes a decent choice.

Moreover, this battery delivers maximum optimal power for a stable power supply to the devices. Therefore, it offers an impressive, durable life. The battery can provide power for various household devices including the thermostat.

Equally important, this battery has 10 years shelf-life. As cell batteries are primarily for emergency use, shelf-life duration is significant. ACDelco Maximum Power stands out from the crowd with optimal power, long-lasting service, and long shelf-life.

In short, eco-friendliness and a long shelf-life make this battery hold a unique position among hundreds of batteries in the market. If you are environment conscious, which we all should be, this battery can be an excellent choice for you.

Key Features :

  • Delivers maximum optimal power for long-lasting power supply
  • Eco-friendly, as it does not contain any mercury or cadmium
  • Has 10-year shelf life for providing impressive, long-lasting life
  • Delivers power for numerous devices making itself a smart choice

5. 20 Pack AA High-Performance Alkaline Batteries

20 Pack AA High-Performance Alkaline Batteries

Amazon Basics is Amazon’s private label brand with a view to providing the highest quality products within the budget. This battery is made of efficient alkaline cell composition and it is the best aa batteries for thermostat.

This product has a 10-year shelf-life making it longer lasting in long-term storage. Shelf-life is really important when it comes to batteries. You don’t buy batteries every day because the devices that use these batteries need a little power.

Moreover, the thermostat replace battery is compatible with various devices, including thermostats. It can be used in cameras, flashlights, clocks, game controllers, toys, and many other household devices. So, this battery can power your other devices too.

Furthermore, this battery is delivered in frustration-free packages. It is longer lasting and provides maximum power. With a low self-discharge rate, incredible durability, and higher shelf-life, this battery stands as the best batteries for thermostat.

Key Features :

  • Comes from Amazon Basics with outstanding durability and value for money
  • Designed to last longer than 10 in the storage, leak-free shelf time
  • Easy to use and carry being delivered in frustration-free packages
  • Can be used in different types of devices, including thermostats

Comparison Chart Of Batteries for Thermostat

Product Name

Battery Cell Composition

Unit Count



CopperTop Batteries for Thermostat




Duracell Distributing, Inc

Energizer Variety Batteries




Amazon Us/ENEBY

Amazon Basics Rechargeable Batteries




Amazon Basics

ACDelco Alkaline Batteries





Amazon Basics Alkaline Batteries




Amazon Basics

How to Choose Batteries for Thermostat

The battery has a critical role to play in your thermostat. A low-quality battery can make your thermostat dysfunctional. Therefore, it can result in excessive heating of your home or too cold.

Choosing a good quality battery is consequently is important. But choosing the best batteries may be a difficult task if you don’t have much knowledge about batteries.

However, it would help if you considered the following aspect while buying batteries for your thermostat-

Battery Cell Composition

Battery cell composition is one of the most crucial aspects you need to consider while buying batteries for thermostats. There are many types of cell composition batteries available in the market.

Common cell compositions are alkaline battery, aluminium–air battery, atomic battery, Bunsen cell, chromic acid cell, etc. Alkaline cell is one of the most efficient among them.

An alkaline battery draws energy from the chemical reaction between the metal zinc and manganese dioxide. An alkaline battery has a longer shelf life and higher energy density with the same voltage-providing ability compared to other cells.


Shelf life means the period a battery can store without affecting its efficiency. Shelf life is a critical aspect to consider while buying batteries for your thermostats. A battery with low shelf time can self-discharge and quickly lose power when you store them.

Sometimes, batteries are stored for a long time in the shops. This can significantly reduce the efficiency of batteries and thermostats. As a result, you may find that your batteries die quicker. You should pick a battery with a longer shelf time.

Self-discharging Rate

Keep it unused or used in your thermostat; a battery passes a long time in either situation. If the battery has a higher self-discharge rate, it may run out of power earlier than expected.

Consequently, your will need to change the batteries more frequently. With a low self-discharge rate, you can store the battery longer and use it immediately in an emergency. So, when you go to buy batteries, check for this feature.

Compatibility and Volt

Check the compatibility and volt of the batteries before you buy them. Check the label for compatibility whether the batteries are intended to be used in the device you have.

Also, check the voltage whether they match with the voltage input of your thermostat. Most batteries come in with 1.5 volts. Ensure that the required number of batteries’ combined voltage matches your thermostat input range.

Leak Resistance

Leak resistance is another vital thing to consider while buying batteries for thermostats. Leak resistance refers to the ability to protect devices from leakage after the battery dies completely.

A battery without leak resistance capability may damage your device once the battery dies completely and if you don’t remove the battery immediately. So, leak resistance capability is an important thing to consider for a battery.

How to Replace Batteries for Thermostat

Replacing the batteries of a thermostat is not a difficult task at all. You need to follow some simple steps. To change the batteries of your thermostats, follow the following instructions.

  1. At first, switch off your thermostat so that there is no chance of damaging it.
    2. Older models of thermostats generally contain a small compartment for the battery. If your thermostat is one of those models, simply flip up the compartment and take out the older batteries.
    3. If your thermostat is one of the newer models, it may not contain any separate compartment for batteries. In that case, you need to slide the housing part off the wall mounting part of the thermostat. Take it away and find the battery slot.
    4. If it can’t be slid off, pull it off. Do it gently so that you don’t damage anything.
    5. Take out the old batteries with your hand. You can use a flat-headed screwdriver if it’s challenging to do with your hands.
    6. Insert the new batteries matching the positive and negative signs.
    7. Now align the housing up part on the wall mounting part and push it gently. Make sure it’s not loose.
    8. Finally, turn on the thermostat. Congratulations! You have successfully replaced your thermostat battery.

How Long Do Batteries for Thermostat Last?

Generally, batteries last 8 to 12 months in a thermostat. However, they may last shorter or longer depending on the quality.

Mostly, you need to change your thermostat battery once a year. You may notice a battery low indicator or light on the display of your thermostat one or two months before they die entirely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I know if my thermostat batteries are low?

Digital thermostats can tell you when you need to change the batteries. Generally, it flashes on the screen with the low battery icon in red or simply blinks the light on the screen.

You may see a dark or black screen when the battery dies completely. A low battery signal is shown one or two months before the batteries completely die. That means you will have one to two months to replace your thermostat battery.

2. How can low batteries affect my thermostat?

Low batteries can significantly affect the functionality of your thermostat and your heating machine. For low batteries, your thermostat may no longer control your HVAC system.

As a result, you may notice excessive heating or cooling of your home. Even it may give no heating at all.

3. Why do my thermostat batteries die frequently?

Thermostat batteries can last around 8 to 12 months. If you need to change your thermostat batteries more frequently than this, there may be problems with the quality of the batteries you buy.

However, if you are confident that you are using good quality batteries, then it’s a good idea to perform a check-up of your thermostat with a technician.

4. How do I know if I buy good quality batteries for my thermostat?

Good batteries come from good brands. Check for the special features we have discussed above. Check for the things like battery cell composition, shelf-life duration, self-discharge rate, output voltage, compatibility,

leak resistance capability, etc. Good batteries should have a longer shelf-life, better cell composition, and a low self-discharge rate.

5. Can I change thermostat batteries by myself?

Yes, you can. The thermostat is a simple and user-friendly device. It’s easy to open and replacing thermostat battery. We have explained above how to change your thermostat batteries. Do follow it and replace the battery in thermostat.

6. I still can’t figure out how to change batteries. What should I do?

Follow the guidelines given above in this article. If you still can’t figure it out, see the manual that comes with your thermostat. Different models may have different designs. Check the manual for instructions on how to change your thermostat batteries.

Final Words

A thermostat may be a small device, but it is responsible for the entire heating system of your home or factory. Choosing the best batteries for thermostat is not very difficult. But it gets challenging to choose from among hundreds of brands in the market.

However, if you know batteries, it will be easier for you to choose efficient batteries for thermostats. Therefore, if you read this review carefully, we hope this will help you select the best thermostat batteries worth the money.