best batteries for xbox one controller

Best Batteries For Xbox One Controller – Reviews For 2022

If you are a pro gamer, you may already have an Xbox One in your home, and I am pretty sure you already get bored by replacing the controller battery over and over.

Don’t worry; we are here to help you find out the best batteries for Xbox one controller.

Finding the best one is not a hard job to do. We are here with the best batteries with the most positive customer reviews.

All you need to do is go through the description and identify what your needs are, and by mixing them together, you will get your desired best battery for your Xbox one controller.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice
AA Alkaline batteries for xbox one controllerAA Alkaline batteries for xbox one

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Duracell AA Battery For Xbox One ControllerDuracell Battery For Xbox One

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Energizer AA Batteries Xbox One Controller BatteryEnergizer AA Batteries

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AAA Rechargeable Batteries For Xbox Series X ControllerAAA Batteries For Xbox Series

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Energizer AA Double A Max Alkaline BatteryEnergizer AA Double A Max

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Benefits of Using These Batteries for Xbox One Controller

Enhance Performance

If you are playing with the Xbox One, you may notice a slight delay or lack from the controller; this happens because of the batteries most of the time.

The batteries here are quality products that use good electricity conductors from each side of the batteries to ensure the best electricity conduction with your device as well as the Xbox One controller.

More Battery Backup

Four of the products are alkaline batteries, and the rest one is rechargeable. So you will get a huge battery backup support with the alkaline batteries;

otherwise, you can also choose the rechargeable one too, as it has 800 MAh capacity, it will deliver long-lasting backup, and at the same time, it will reduce the cost of buying new batteries for your controller.

Better Safety

All of these batteries came from renowned companies. And to hold their popularity and position, all of these batteries are designed with the latest sealing technology, which will never be leaked or swell while discharged or overcharged.

And all of these batteries come with great packaging so that you can easily store them for later usage without damaging them.

Long-Lasting Shelf life

Each battery comes with more than 10 years of shelf life support, which means you can store them for more than 10 years without losing the power from the shells.

So in case of emergency or later usage, you can easily use these batteries. And if you are from a remote area, you can buy the batteries either for your personal usage or resell them in your shop without any tension of losing power.

Hassel-Free User Experience

As these batteries come with a long-lasting backup, you don’t need to replace the batteries again and again, which is the worst hassle sometimes. On the other hand, if you use other normal batteries,

it can be a great hassle for you when you run out of power, especially if you don’t have any extra battery on your home so you can easily get of this problem if you use the rechargeable one which is mentioned here.

Best Batteries for Xbox One Controller Reviews

Batteries are the most commonly used thing for our daily life with electronic devices. So all the battery manufacturers try to produce the best one for holding their positions on the comparative market.

So you may get confused easily to find the best one for you as there are lots of options available. That is why we are here with these best five batteries for you.

1. AA Alkaline batteries for xbox one controller

AA Alkaline batteries for xbox one controller

Amazon Basics 20 Pack AA battery is ideal for remotes, toys, digital cameras, flashlights, clocks, and more, especially for game controllers.

So if you are searching for the best battery packs to enhance your Xbox controller battery life, these high-performance alkaline batteries you should go for. And with 2400 MAh capacity, it ensures long-lasting battery life support.

However, Amazon Basics first released this alkaline battery on ‎August 1, 2020E. Since then, it has been getting popular day by day because of its long-lasting 10-year leak-free shelf life service by which you can store the batteries for later emergency usage almost for 10 years.

On the other hand, these 1.5-volt batteries come with frustration-free packaging while shipping which is easy to open and great for storing for later.

Moreover, each of the batteries comes with 1.06 Pounds weight, ensuring that your controller won’t fill too much heavyweight.

Even though the country origin of the battery is ‎China, it comes with unique Japanese technology, which ensures better performance after storage, high temperatures control, and over-discharge.

But remember, these batteries are non-rechargeable; do not attempt to charge them. If you want rechargeable options, check out Amazon Basics rechargeable batteries.

Key Features :

  • Leak-free AA alkaline technology batteries
  • Long-lasting and high-performance battery
  • 06 Pounds ultra-lightweight design
  • Comes with frustration-free packaging

2. Duracell AA Battery For Xbox One Controller

Duracell AA Battery For Xbox One Controller

Duracell is a very renowned company that produces Duracell Optimum batteries, Lithium Coin, Coppertop Batteries, Power Banks, Hearing Aid Batteries, and more.

They produce several types of quality full batteries from 1.5 volts to 12 volts. No matter how long you store the battery, you will get good long-lasting power with the Duracell batteries whenever you need it.

If you are looking for the best battery for xbox one controller. In that case, you may consider this Duracell Coppertop Double-A alkaline battery which is specially designed for official and hose hold items similar remotes,

wireless mouse or keyboards, flashlights, digital cameras, clocks, radios, toys, and more electronic gadgets.

On the other hand, the xbox controllers batteries designed and developed for maintaining safety purposes, especially with the copper head, ensure the best connection with the devices as copper is the best electricity conductor.

And with the 2850 MAh alkaline technology confirms the long-lasting performance and more than 10 years of storage facility.

The batteries come with defects in physical and a workmanship guarantee where you can claim if your device gets damaged due to the battery defects.

Duracell will repair or replace the device free of cost. You will claim and see the guarantee policy from their official website.

Key Features :

  • Copper top or head AA alkaline batteries
  • Best electricity-power conduction system
  • Ideal for low and mid-powered devices
  • Up to 10-year shelf life storage service

3. Energizer AA Batteries Xbox One Controller Battery

Energizer AA Batteries Xbox One Controller Battery

This alkaline 48 combo pack comes with AA and AAA Batteries. If you are worried about Xbox batteries and other electronic devices, you can buy this best xbox one controller battery combo pack without any worry.

Energizer produces good batteries with 2779 MAh, ensuring long-lasting storage and power delivery.

Particularly, most of the household and office devices that require batteries come with either AA batteries or AAA batteries, so you can use both as you are getting both from the combo pack.

Moreover, the alkaline technology will give you a tension-free service for using everyday electronics devices.

Moreover, with the long-lasting power holding capacity, you will get up to 10 years storage option for later or emergency usages which will help you live,

work and play with your daily devices like gaming consoles, RC consoles, radios, digital cameras, mouse, keyboard, clock, TV and Hifi-sound system remote and more.

The batteries come with Powerseal Technology which can prevent the batter from leakage and keep your devices safe against damages for more than 2 years after this combo Energizer MAX Batteries are effusively used.

But remember, keep a safe distance from the animals and children while storing the batteries.

Key Features :

  • Pack of 48 AA and AAA, Each pack contains 24 Batteries
  • AA and AAA are suitable for almost every device
  • Powerseal Technology ensures safety concerns
  • Ideal for household and office electronics devices

4. AAA Rechargeable Batteries For Xbox Series X Controller

AAA Rechargeable Batteries For Xbox Series X Controller

If you are a pro gamer, you may have tired of changing the battery pack Xbox one controller but don’t worry, with these 800 MAh rechargeable batteries, you can able to play without any tension of batteries. They are come with precharge ready to use.

Additionally, you can able to charge them more than 1000x times with minimal power loss. And it’s low self-discharge technology maintains 80% power capacity for up to 24 months.

Moreover, you can easily charge them with the common charger from the market as the batteries come with a common volt, which is 1.5 volt.

Conversely, as they are rechargeable, they can be ideal for electronics devices that consume more power, like gaming consoles, digital cameras, and other electronic devices that we need to use every day.

And the 800 MAh capacity of the batteries ensures long-lasting power delivery while you are using them on your Xbox One.

However, you will get 12 packs of high-performance-capacity batteries in the box with certified frustration-free packaging, which holds the precharged power for a longer time in case of later or emergency usages.

So with the 800 MAh capacity and with the long charge and discharge cycle, you will get better support while gaming with your Xbox one controller.

Key Features :

  • 12-Pack rechargeable 800MAh AAA batteries
  • Able to charge up to 1000x with minimal power loss
  • Self discharge technology for maintaining power capacity
  • Ideal for the electronics devices that consumes more power

5. Energizer AA Double A Max Alkaline Battery

Energizer AA Double A Max Alkaline Battery

Energizer is known for its Max alkaline xbox one controller batteries. They produce quality batteries with leak-resistant construction that will protect your devices from damage caused by the leakage of fully used batteries for more than 2 years.

So for a tension-free safe user experience, you must go for the Energizer Max AA Batteries.

On the other hand, the company guarantees a leakage-free safety policy, which means if your device gets damaged from the leakage of the batteries, the company will reparation or exchange the device.

Moreover, with this 2779 MAh zero mercury alkaline battery, you can have a long-lasting storage facility for later and emergency usage.

However, you will get another level of confidence while using the battery; as you know, the battery won’t get empty easily.

Especially, these are the best batteries for Xbox One controller as you don’t need to think about the battery life when playing games with the Xbox controller if you installed these Energizer Max AA Batteries.

Particularly, Energizer Max AA batteries are designed for long-lasting power and performance. The battery can deliver up to 50% better battery backup, which is almost double that of any common battery from the market.

So by installing this best batteries for xbox series x controller, you will be free from the hassle of replacing batteries again and again.

Key Features :

  • Almost double battery backup support
  • Leak-resistant construction for better safety
  • Zero mercury alkaline technology batteries
  • Ideal for game controllers, RC remotes and more

Comparison Chart Of Batteries For Xbox One Controller



Number of Batteries



AA Alkaline batteries



2400 MAh


Duracell AA Battery



2850 MAh


Energizer AA Batteries



2779 MAh


AAA Rechargeable Batteries



800 MAh


Energizer AA Double



2779 MAh


Batteries For Xbox One Controller Buying Guide

People usually ask what batteries do xbox controllers use? Or what are the best batteries for xbox one controller? So in this section we will provide you some information that will help you to identify the right xbox controllers battery pack.

Check the Size of the Batteries

Before buying the batteries, the first thing you need to do is check the battery size is it AA or AAA. Most people mess with these two sizes, so check the recommended size in the battery section of your controller.

After identifying the size, go for the required size your controller needs. If you buy the wrong size batteries, they will be a waste for you, so check the required size carefully.

Count the Number of the Batteries

After checking the size of the batteries now, it is time to count the required batteries. In general, the Xbox One controller comes with two AA batteries but count on your own to make sure.

You can buy some extra batteries too for later usage; otherwise, it can be a disturbing situation if you run out of batteries in the middle of the game and there are no extra batteries in your stock.

Rechargeable or Non-Rechargeable

After identifying the proper size and battery count, it is time to decide whether you need a rechargeable one or a non-rechargeable one. If you choose the rechargeable one, you may need to plug out the batteries for charging and replug the batteries after charging,

which can be a big hassle for you. Though you don’t need to buy the batteries again and again if you choose the rechargeable one rather, you just need to charge them.

Battery Capacity

How much the batteries will deliver the power is completely dependent on it’s capacity. So check the highest capacity available in the market. If you are buying non-rechargeable batteries, you can go for the alkaline batteries; they are good at capacity.

You will get more than 2500MAh capacity on the alkaline batteries. However, if you are planning to buy the rechargeable one, check the capacity too; more than 700MAh capacity is ideal for rechargeable batteries.

Battery Construction or Design

You cannot skip this important thing while choosing the batteries for your Xbox one controller. A well-sealed construction and well-built design make the batteries long-lasting and leakage-free.

On the other hand, the good batteries come with a good material conductor which will ensure the best power delivery. So before buying the batteries, check the batteries top and bottom which material it’s using for the conduction.

Shelf life

This is another important thing you need to consider before buying batteries, especially if you are from a remote area. Most people buy extra batteries as buying them, again and again, can be a problem for them,

so they buy extra batteries and preserve them for later or emergency usage. So in this situation, good batteries with greater shelf life will be helpful for you. A good battery should have more than 10 years of shelf life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How long do batteries last in Xbox One Controller?

There is no specific answer about xbox controller battery life, it depends on your usage. If you play games all day with the Xbox One controller, it won’t last long.

On the other hand, depending on the battery type, the time varies. For example, if you use alkaline batteries, you can have power from them for more than a month, but it will be a week or less with the normal batteries.

2. Which is better, rechargeable or Alkaline?

I must say both are better in their position. It’s you need to decide what you need if you can charge the batteries time to time whenever it needs you can go for the rechargeable one it will reduce the cost of buying new batteries again and again.

But if you don’t want this hassle just go for the alkaline batteries; they will last longer than usual batteries.

3. How many batteries should I buy once for the Xbox One Controller?

If you plan to buy rechargeable batteries, more than 6 batteries will be more than perfect for your controller. You can use two batteries and charge four batteries at the same time with the chargers which are available in the market.

And by changing the batteries, you will get a long time playing support. On the other hand, if you are planning to buy alkaline batteries buy at least 12 batteries as they are not rechargeable, and buying them, again and again, can be a big hassle for you.

4. How to charge the Xbox One Controller without batteries?

There is no internal or built-in battery in the controller, so you have to insert one, and if you are inserted the rechargeable one, you need to plug them out for charging as the controller itself has no charging port with it.

And if you are inserted the non-rechargeable batteries, you cannot charge them; you just need to replace them with new batteries when they are getting empty of power.

Final Words

So, after all of the discussion, I hope you are ready to find out the best batteries for Xbox One controller. But if you are still confused, read out the how-to choose section again; I am sure it will definitely work for you.

However, you can choose either the rechargeable one or the alkaline batteries. Make sure you buy a charger if you buy rechargeable batteries.

Besides, batteries are something essential for our daily life of electronics, so you should buy some extra batteries for your Xbox One controller for later usage. The batteries can also be useable for other electronic devices.