Best Coffee Maker For Travel Mugs

Best Coffee Maker For Travel Mugs in 2022- Top 10 Picks

Did you turn off the coffee machine? It is probably very rare to find a coffee lover who has not heard of it.

However, coffee is a necessity, mostly when you’re under stress or bored. It is the reason why coffee machines are usually left on without being turned off.

Additionally, if you dont want to fall into this kind of situation, you can use smart coffee makers. Here is an overview of the best coffee maker for travel mugs if you’re looking for one.

These coffee machines have energy-saving mode and will be turned off automatically.

In today’s review, we will help you list some of the best products and give you tips on how to recognize the suitable product.

I was hoping you could read my full review to know all the information.

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Keurig K-Mini Single Cup Coffee Makers
Keurig K-Mini Coffee Makers

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Keurig K-Mini Single Cup Coffee Makers
Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

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Keurig K-Mini Single Cup Coffee Makers
Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffee Machine

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Hamilton Single-Serve Coffee Maker, Black
Hamilton Single Serve Coffee Maker

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Mixpresso Single Cup Coffee Maker & 14oz Travel Mug
Mixpresso Coffee Maker & 14oz Travel Mug

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Benefits of Using Coffee Maker For Travel Mugs

1. Possible to Make Coffee in 5 Minutes

Not to mention all the coffee makers, but almost all of the coffee makers that are made for travel mugs have the ability to serve coffee in just 5 minutes.

For this reason, in most cases, those who want to eat bed tea also become enthusiastic about using these coffee makers. Even though coffee makers only hold one cup of coffee, they can serve it in less than three minutes.

So if you want to have fresh coffee in the shortest time, you can use portable coffee makers.

2. Does Not Require a Separate Bag to Carry

The weight and dimensions of the coffee makers that are designed for travel mugs are well taken care of. These are usually much lighter and smaller in size.

So it is very unlikely that you will face any difficulty in carrying them. Furthermore, these coffee makers are able to fit in any backpack or handbag easily. In this case, it eliminates the need to carry a separate bag.

3. Offers Freshly Brewed Coffee

Most coffee makers provide pre-brewed coffee, and those that make coffee from beans are out of reach. However, these portable coffee makers serve fresh coffee at an affordable price.

So there is no need to compromise with any of the flavors and tastes. Any of these machines is sufficient for enjoying a good cup of coffee.

Best Coffee Maker For Travel Mugs Reviews

In our reviews, we have discussed the most popular and rated products of different companies. Below you will find some tips on how to recognize the most suitable coffee maker. Hopefully, this will help you find the essential coffee maker.

1. Keurig K-Mini Single Cup Coffee Makers

Keurig K-Mini Single Cup Coffee Makers

This coffee maker from Keurig Company is basically made for those who like simple things. It is a great pick for those looking for a product that can be carried without hassle.

Light in weight and easy to carry, the size of this coffee maker is very handy. The machine is only 5 inches wide and can be operated by anyone.

It will be a lifesaver for backpackers. If you leave it on any side of the bag, you will not have to worry about carrying it.

However, as the machine is lightweight and small, its reservoir capacity is very low. Designed for just one person, this coffee maker is able to make 8 to 12 fluid ounces of coffee.

So even if it is a perfect choice for solo travelers, it will not be a good choice for the group of people. In that case, you will have to spend a little more time making more coffee. But it is the best coffee maker for one person.

Keurig K-Mini coffee maker has an outstanding feature which is an energy-saving mode. The coffee maker has an auto shut down feature too. Using this feature, the coffee maker will turn itself off after 90 seconds when it is not in use.

So if someone accidentally forgets to turn off the coffee maker after use, there is no reason to worry about it.

Key Features :

  • Designed to fit in a backpack or small space
  • Only 5 inch wide device
  • Suitable to make brew for one person
  • Maximum 7inch tall travel cup usable

2. Keurig K-Classic Travel Mug Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Classic Travel Mug Coffee Maker

It’s unlikely that there are people who love coffee who haven’t heard of the Keurig company. Producing a variety of coffee machines, this company markets each product according to its unique characteristics.

Keurig K-Classic coffee maker is not an exception from them, and it also has updated features and satisfactory performance.

Well, the water reservoir in the product can hold a maximum of 48 fluid ounces of water. Travel coffee makers usually do not require that much capacity.

However, it is safer to have a large reservoir. It plays a very important role in covering emergencies.

Moreover, with a 48 fluid ounce reservoir, you can have about 8 or more cups of coffee from this coffee maker.

Basically, if you want to enjoy the moment of drinking coffee with more than one friend, choosing this coffee maker would be a great choice. Even if someone has a habit of drinking too much coffee, this product will not be bad for him.

Among the additional features, you will get the descaling functionality. This function acts as an alarm that notifies about the essential cleaning of the coffee machine.

It explains the amount of calcium stored in the coffee machine. In that case, if the calcium levels are higher than usual, the alarm will sound, and you will have to take steps to clean the coffee machine as soon as possible.

Key Features :

  • Maximum water reservoir capacity 48oz
  • Capable to brew 6, 8 or 10 oz size cup
  • Suitable for making 6 or more cups at a time
  • Have Descaling alarm feature

3. Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee Machine

Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee Machine

Hamilton’s coffee makers are built strong in terms of quality and are easy to use. The coffee makers made by this company have a lot of functionality and facilities, but they are not difficult to operate.

However, their shape is a little wide, but not that it will be difficult to carry.

Two types of coffee can be brewed using this best travel mug coffee maker, regular or bold. Sometimes, you are forced to deal with situations requiring different coffee types when chatting with friends.

When this happens, the machine can prove to be useful. However, it is also a quality pick for those who like to drink regular coffee most of the time.

The single-serve coffee maker does not come with any extra features, but it is equipped with an essential feature. The machine is capable of outputting 8 ounces of coffee in 90 seconds and 14 ounces of coffee in 2.5 minutes.

This will be very important for regular coffee eaters and will also contribute to a reasonable amount of time savings. However, if the machine is left unused, it will shut down automatically.

For ground coffee, you can use any ground coffee you like. However, to prevent coffee overflow, you need to follow the stain on the top of the scoop filter. If you make coffee in this way, there will be no possibility of overflow.

Key Features :

  • Capable of both regular and bold coffee brew
  • Able to make single coffee below 90 seconds
  • Automatically shuts down after inactivity
  • Easy-to-use button for making strong coffee

4. Hamilton Single-Serve Coffee Maker, Black

Hamilton Single-Serve Coffee Maker, Black

Honestly, you never want to change a product quickly after buying it. And in the case of electronics, replacing the product is extremely difficult. It is why everyone wants a product that is reliable enough. Hamilton Beach 49974 is just such a product.

The FlexBrew single-serve coffee maker is very suitable for making coffee in a single cup or K cup. Two types of cups can produce 10 to 14 ounces of coffee,

and this type of coffee maker is in great demand in the current market. So it’s a super pick for smart and updated electronics lovers.

Also, travel mugs and ground baskets come with this premium coffee maker. Even the coffee maker is a choice for college students or the office. It is an excellent device to eat fresh coffee in a short time.

However, the best single serve coffee machine can make coffee in 3 minutes. But every time before making coffee, you have to give time to heat the water again.

While this is a good thing, it can be annoying at times. On the other hand, it must be counted as a plus point when it comes to energy savings.

Key Features :

  • Capable of making personal coffee in just 3 minutes
  • Easy fits with various types of cups
  • Able to work both single-serve and K cup brews
  • Comes with travel mug and coffee grounds basket

5. Mixpresso Single Cup Coffee Maker & 14oz Travel Mug

Mixpresso Single Cup Coffee Maker & 14oz Travel Mug

This coffee maker is for those who are looking for an affordable price product among the top makers. Many people do not eat coffee regularly or prefer bean-type coffee as it is a sweet choice for them.

The company is offering all the other Mixpresso 2 in 1 coffee machine features, even some smart features. The coffee maker comes with a Tumbler of 14 fluid ounces, which means you won’t have to make coffee over and over again.

Moreover, the coffee tastes perfect if the machine is cleaned at the right time. The machine can be easily cleaned by opening the top lid.

Those who eat regular coffee and are very careful about the taste should clean it regularly; otherwise, the flavor of the coffee may change.

However, in terms of performance, there is no shortage of coffee makers. There is an auto shut down option after operating the machine. In general, regular use is fine, but occasional use must be handled carefully.

Apart from that, the lightweight and portable coffee maker will come in handy for making coffee at any time. And it will be suitable for all types of cups, including travel mugs.

Moreover, it will be possible to avoid the hassles of carrying due to being lightweight.

Key Features :

  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Light in weight and easy to portable
  • Comes with 14oz tumbler
  • Simple to clean

6. Keurig K-Cafe coffee maker for travel mugs

Keurig K-Cafe coffee maker for travel mugs

Sometimes, having coffee with a group becomes more fun than having it alone. And this elite coffee maker from Keurig Company is enough to handle such a moment.

This coffee maker has more capacity than others, and its timing performance is also fast enough. So you can rely on it to get the perfect coffee at the right time.

The premium design coffee maker’s reservoir can hold up to 60 fluid ounces of water. The number of coffee makers with this capacity is low in the current market.

This machine can make it easy to drink coffee in a single cup or multiple cups. This coffee maker of Keurig brand will be able to deliver up to 6 cups of coffee at a time.

Also, the company did not forget to add the essential function in coffee makers. Usually, the coffee makers start heating the water after giving the command, but this is a waste of time.

However, this machine is different in that it heats the water from the east and is ready to serve coffee at certain times. Coffee makers will need to have this feature in order to make regular coffee.

However, Keurig Company’s travel mug-friendly design is nothing new, with all of their premium products boasting this. It would help if you were careful about cleaning the machine regularly.

Moreover, since it is a premium product, its coffee-making noise is less than others.

Key Features :

  • 60oz large capacitive reserver
  • Have smart energy saving feature
  • Low noise compare to the ordinary maker
  • Suitable to make 6 cups of coffee

7. Keurig K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker For One Person

Keurig K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker For One Person

We have added another product of Keurig Company to our list of top-rated coffee makers. The Keurig K-Mini Plus coffee maker is basically the best coffee maker for travel mugs as it is small and portable.

Although small, the company has given all the updated features and facilities in the coffee maker in terms of quality. For this reason, it is one of the most popular products in the market today.

Although it looks big, the size of the product is only 5 inches. It will not be a problem to carry anywhere. It can even be easily placed in the kitchen or anywhere. It will easily fit on the bedside of those who have a habit of eating bed tea or coffee.

Although small in size, it is not possible to keep it in the small queue from the side of the reservoir. This is because the coffee maker can reserve a maximum of 9 k-cups of coffee. This capacity is quite impressive in terms of small size.

However, due to the elongated design, the machine can use cups up to 7 inches long. And if coffee falls into the overflow due to less space than this, then there is also an easy cleaning system.

All in all, it is an excellent and quality product. Offering all the features you’ll need for regular coffee consumption, and it is a suitable coffee maker.

Key Features :

  • Design to fits everywhere
  • Only 5 inch wide coffee maker
  • Reserve capacity up to 9 k-cups
  • Easily compatible with travel mugs and k-cups

8. CHULUX Single Serving Coffee Maker Brewer for Single Cup

CHULUX Single Serving Coffee Maker Brewer for Single Cup

Nowadays, it is difficult to find a coffee maker that can beat this coffee maker of the brand CHULUX. This product will certainly make it to the top in a list of the most easy-to-use and cleanable coffee makers.

The filtering system of coffee is built on the latest technology, so it does not harm the flavor. Even though it is not a regular or bolt type of coffee, it has the ability to make two types of coffee.

It uses rapid brewing technology. Most coffee machines have overheating problems that require filters to be replaced, but not for this machine. If the 800 watt machine overheats, it will turn off automatically, so there is no possibility of an accident.

However, there is no reason to worry about cleaning. This coffee maker is completely detachable. So for those who have very little time on their hands, this coffee maker is a very good pick.

If it is not possible to clean the coffee maker at the specified time, then it can be cleaned later using water and vinegar.

Also, the durable coffee maker has the ability to make 1 to 2 cups of coffee at a time. As a result, it is unlikely that a single brew will not cause any hassle for users. In the list of best single cup coffee makers it will be on the top.

Key Features :

  • Compatible with mug sizes up to 5.3 inches
  • Easy cleaning facility
  • Suitable to make up to 2 cups of brew
  • Built-in rapid brewing technology

9. Coffee Maker With Permanent Filter

Coffee Maker With Permanent Filter

When we think of buying electronics, the first thing that comes to mind is its maintenance. It would not be foolish to give priority to a product that has low maintenance. The Sunvivi company’s best single serving coffee maker is just such a product.

The coffee maker’s reservoir can hold up to a maximum of 2 cups. There are two types of serving power in this coffee machine, regular or gatherer.

However, not only in terms of capacity but also in terms of performance, the coffee maker is quite good.

However, the coffee maker must be used with a button. Only water and coffee ground input will make suitable coffee in a short time. So the machine will become elegant for perfect coffee lovers.

As a result, there is no reason to worry about cleaning it in use. Next, remove the drip tray from the coffee maker. This removable drip tray can be re-used by opening and cleaning after specific use, even if you are not concerned about cleaning.

After turning on the machine, it will take a total of 3 minutes to make coffee from the ground. So little time to have a single cup of coffee would be a benefit for you. The coffee machine is a product that is sweet enough for personal use.

Key Features :

  • Capable of reserving 14oz water
  • Permanent Durable filter
  • Can make coffee in 3 minutes
  • Need less maintenance than others

10. 3-IN-1 Thermal Drip Instant Coffee Machine

3-IN-1 Thermal Drip Instant Coffee Machine

In the world of coffee makers, you must check this coffee maker before you choose any product. The coffee maker is capable of making 4 types of coffee with simple usage and updated features.

Coffee makers fall into the more expensive category of multi-way coffee. However, this coffee maker is an affordable product.

It can also be brewed from coffee grounds with back tea capsules and tea leaves. From the four types of coffee-making methods, the desired coffee can be selected at will.

However, the most essential feature that it has is the mid-brew stop function. It is very common that the machine can be stopped immediately in case the coffee needs to be eaten quickly due to lack of time after brewing. This is a very efficient feature in regular use.

Moreover, the machine has an auto shut down and auto cleaning features. Cleaning coffee machines is a bit tough and time-consuming. But if not cleaned regularly, the machines become the cause of change in coffee flavor.

To facilitate that problem, the company has provided a self-cleaning facility in this machine. The self-cleaning mode can be started on the machine by just pressing 2 buttons.

Key Features :

  • Fast and Advance heating system
  • Have self-cleaning facility
  • Auto shutdown programed
  • Suitable to make 4 types of coffee

Comparison Chart Of Coffee Maker For Travel Mugs

Product Name

Product Dimensions

Item Weight


Keurig K-Mini

11.3 x 4.5 x 12.1 inches

4.6 pounds


Keurig K-Classic

13.3 x 9.8 x 13 inches

9 pounds


Hamilton Beach Scoop

8.35 x 6.7 x 8.67 inches

5.25 pounds

Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Single-Serve

10.2 x 6.5 x 13.35 inches

3.22 pounds

Hamilton Beach

Mixpresso Single

7 x 10.2 x 6.9 inches

13.12 pounds


Keurig K-Cafe

17.32 x 14.17 x 14.41 inches

6.38 pounds


Keurig K-Mini Plus

11.3 x 4.5 x 12.1 inches

2.31 pounds


CHULUX Single Serving

7.4 x 4.3 x 9.06 inches

2 pounds


Coffee Maker With

10.6 x 9.9 x 5.4 inches

2.29 pounds


3-IN-1 Thermal Drip

14 x 9 x 6.5 inches

3.69 pounds


How to Choose a Coffee Maker For Travel Mugs

The best coffee maker for travel mugs can be distinguished from the bad ones by paying attention to a few things. And we talked about how to do that. It is possible to find the best product based on the points mentioned below.

Reserver Capacity

Each coffee maker has a different holding capacity. By indicating their holding capacity, coffee makers are able to make coffee for many people at once. Basically, if you have an intention to drink only one coffee,

then choosing a coffee machine with a capacity of 8 to 12 fluid ounces will be suitable for you. However, if you are looking for a coffee maker with travel mug for multiple persons, you can choose a coffee maker with a capacity of 30 to 40 or more.

Auto turns off

To be honest, turning off a coffee maker is a frustrating task for many. What’s even scarier is when you don’t turn off a device after using it. Now what we need is a solution that works for both.

With this in mind, most of the coffee makers that are currently launched in the market have a pre-set auto-off mode or energy-saving mode built-in. Leaving them unused after coffee will automatically turn them off.

So choose a machine with an auto shut-off feature to don’t have to worry about it even if you forget to turn it off.


This question has been asked by many for how long can portable coffee makers be used. However, the first thing to keep in mind is what material the machine is made of when it comes to durables.

Most machines are made of stainless steel or high-quality plastic to be used for a long time. However, the first feature of recognizing bad products and good products is its built quality. If you buy a good quality coffee maker, then you don’t have to worry about its durability.

Simple Functionality

Coffee makers have a lot of functions, but not all the functions are essential. The price of coffee makers also varies due to different features. Some people prefer more features, while others do not need all the features.

Therefore, you should pay attention to the features before choosing a coffee maker. If you prefer simple functionality, then you should prefer single serve coffee maker with travel mug.

Various Brew Size

The type of coffee machine varies depending on the single or multiple cups. Single machines have smaller reserves and require a different amount of time for each cup of coffee made.

However, this is not the case with multi cup coffee-making machines with larger water reservoirs and higher capacity. So it can provide 2, 4, 6, or 7 cups of coffee at a time. So one of the two should be chosen based on the specific need.

However, it should be kept in mind that the larger the water reservoir of the coffee machine, the larger its dimensions, so it can be a little difficult to carry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the best way to clean a coffee maker?

Cleaning coffee makers is not a difficult task if you know how to clean the machines in the best way. The use of vinegar to clean coffee machines is nothing new.

In this method, mix the vinegar with water, put it in the machine, and turn on the machine for a few minutes. Then remove the vinegar and restart the machine with fresh water. Turn off after 2 or 3 minutes. Clean the coffee machine in this manner at least once a month.

2. What does descaling mean?

After using coffee makers for a long time, their water reservoirs are stained with various minerals. These change the flavor and taste of the coffee.

For this reason, some premium coffee makers have a descaling alarm feature that will notify you in advance about the time of cleaning. However, with regular cleaning, coffee makers will not be able to understand the difference in coffee flavor.

3. How long would these last if I used them every day and took good care of them?

Coffee makers usually have very little to lose. Properly covered, it will withstand plenty of adverse conditions. However, there is no barrier to electronics.

Even then, many claims that the machines bought 10 to 15 years ago are still in good service. So if you buy a coffee maker with good built quality, there is no chance of spoiling it.

4. How is the noise level in coffee makers?

Machines powered by batteries or electricity must produce noise, even in an electric coffee maker. However, compared to the amount of noise in ordinary coffee machines, the amount of noise in these portable makers is very low.

Noise does not seem to be a problem for the people around when using it in the office or outside. So there is no need to worry about noise.

5. Can it be used for both ground coffee and for coffee beans?

The coffee makers we have reviewed have the ability to brew from ground coffee. It is not possible to make coffee from bean coffee using these.

However, if you want to make coffee from beans, you can first break the coffee beans into powder and then use it.

Final Words

Those who still prefer manual coffee makers are either classical machine lovers or looking for an automatic machine. With the current coffee makers, you can enjoy coffee anywhere and at any time.

In today’s single serve coffee maker reviews, we have highlighted all the coffee makers that can use travel mugs. Although there are many devices available in the market, we have found the best coffee maker for travel mugs.

But always keep in mind that you don’t buy electronics every day, so buy the best product and enjoy the benefits of technology.