Best Full Motion TV Wall Mount For 75 inch

Best Full Motion TV Wall Mount For 75 inch in 2022

TV mount is an essential companion for your high-end TV. As a big-screen TV requires more space to function, you can attach it with a full motion TV wall mount. Besides, it requires minimal space but offers maximum adjusting possibilities.

Remember, you must purchase a TV wall mount that complements the configuration of your TV. Also, installing the wrong TV wall mount can damage the TV severely.

If you are planning to buy a 75 inch TV or already have one, this article is here to help you find the best full motion TV wall mount for 75 inch TV suitable to your needs.

In this article, we have briefly discussed the ins and out so that you can understand better.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice
USX Full Motion TV Wall Mount for 75 inch tvUSX Full Motion TV Wall Mount for 75 inch tv

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Full Motion Articulating TV Mount For 75 inch TVFull Motion Articulating TV Mount

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ECHOGEAR Extending TV Wall Mount For Up to 90ECHOGEAR Extending TV Wall Mount

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Perlegear TV Wall Mount Bracket Full Motion Dual SwivelPerlegear TV Wall Mount Full Motion

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Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Wall Mount For 75 inchMounting Dream Full Motion TV Wall Mount

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Benefits of Full Motion TV Wall Mount


We can keep the smaller screen TVs on a trolley or furniture, but it is impossible to keep screen TVs like this. In most cases, if big-screen TVs are kept on table without any firm support, they tend to fall and break fatally.

TV wall mount holds the TV strongly to the walls without worrying about falling.

Space Saving

Big-screen TVs take up many places when they are kept on furniture. Most modern house structures are compact, so it becomes tough to make such space, and it limits the movement in the room.

But, hanging the TV by a wall through a wall mount frees the floor and allows free movement in the room.


Full motion wall mounts come with full-motion articulation features. We can adjust the TV according to our sitting position and eye level.

When a TV is kept on furniture, we cannot fully adjust it manually because it might fall, but full motion wall mounts allow us to rotate, tilt, level, and swivel the TV.

Distant Watching

With a full motion TV wall mount, you can watch TV even outside the room. You can rotate the TV clockwise and anti-clockwise completely.

So, even when you are in another room, you can adjust the TV to a level from where you can watch it from a distance comfortably while doing your regular chores.

Best Full Motion TV Wall Mount for 75 Inch Reviews

Several full motion TV wall mount 75 inch are compatible with TV. But, the weight and other features of 75 inch TVs vary from brand to brand.

So, we have made a list of the 5 best TV wall mounts compatible with most of the available TV brands.

1. USX Full Motion TV Wall Mount for 75 inch tv

USX Full Motion TV Wall Mount for 75 inch tv

The USX MOUNT has an incredibly vast fitting range for TVs from 47 inches to 84 inches widescreen. So, if you plan to go for a bigger or smaller screen in the future, the wall mount can easily be used with them as well.

You need only ensure that your TV does not weigh more than 132 lbs. It is the weight limit of this mount.

Besides, the mount supports VESA size from 200×100 mm to 600×400 mm without any hassle. Also, it comes with a pair of articulating arms that allows angling the TV by tilting and swiveling depending on your TV set.

These features allow you to get a better view from your TV, making it an excellent swinging TV wall mount.

Surprisingly, for a mount that holds such a big screen, the TV wall bracket takes a minimum of 2.40 inches of space and can be pulled out to 16.49 inches most. So, your TV will not take up a lot of space in the room.

Similarly, pulling this adjustable TV mount out such far will allow you to set your TV at any position to suit your eye level.

Also, this is the best wall mount for 75 inch TV and it is straightforward to install as it comes with detailed instructions, and the bags also have labels so you don’t mess up the screws.

Though you might need to use an adapter or converter depending on your outlet, it is the only adjustment it might be asking considering all the great services it provides.

Key Features :

  • Suitable for 47 to 84 inches TV
  • 16 inches pull out TV bracket
  • Dual articulating arms feature
  • Easy installation to save time

2. Full Motion Articulating TV Mount For 75 inch TV

Full Motion Articulating TV Mount For 75 inch TV

The Amazon Basics wall mount is compatible with both flat and curved screens within 32 inches to 80 inches. The aluminum and steel built strong body makes the wall mount strong enough to hold TVs that are up to 130 lbs. in weight.

It covers four dedicated mounting features: full motion, articulating, tilt, and extend. You can adjust the TV position by tilting and articulating it to your eye level by adjusting the TV mount. The max tilt angle of it is 15 degrees.

Like the tilting flexibility, the wall mount can be extended up to 19.9 inches from the wall. Its extension length is larger than many available wall mounts in the market. Having the extra length allows you to watch the TV even from outside the room.

Also, the best TV mount for 75 inch TV is easy to install. The hardware comes with a detailed guideline for an easy understanding of the process.

Besides, the arms and brackets are designed in such way that they provide complete safety while moving and adjusting your TV.

Key Features :

  • Dynamic view through multiple styles
  • Robust aluminum and steel built body
  • Single, dual, and triple arm extension
  • Maximum 15 degrees tilting feature

3. ECHOGEAR Extending TV Wall Mount For Up to 90

ECHOGEAR Extending TV Wall Mount For Up to 90

The ECHOGEAR wall mount is compatible with almost every present TV brand in the market currently as it is suitable for 42 inches to 90 inches TV screens. The TV wall mount is made from solid alloy steel, and its body is strong enough to hold TVs that weigh up to 125 lbs.

Also, the wall mount supports VESA patterns from 200×100 to 600x400mm, and it has compatible stud width from 16 inches to 24 inches.

Moreover, the mount can be pulled out up to 22 inches from the wall, making it the best extending TV wall mount in the market. Besides, it is stronger from single stud TV mount 75 inch.

Along with the extension feature, the TV mount also can swivel up to 130 degrees, and the tilting capacity is 15 degrees.

After you finish watching TV, you can retract your TV 2.4 inches back from the wall which saves a lot of space in your room and gives the TV a slim, elegant look.

The most exciting part is you can save the environment by doing nothing but only watching your TV. I know it sounds lunatic, but yes, you really can do so as for every purchase of the mount, ECHOGEAR promises to plant a tree to fight global warming. Impressive, isn’t it?

Key Features :

  • Supports TVs up to 90 inches screen
  • Extension from wall 22 inches maximum
  • Compatible with most VESA patterns
  • Super easy installation within half an hour

4. Perlegear TV Wall Mount Bracket Full Motion Dual Swivel

Perlegear TV Wall Mount Bracket Full Motion Dual Swivel

The Perlegear wall mount supports TV screens from 37 inches to a maximum of 75 inches. It is compatible with almost every TV brand, and the maximum VESA for this mount is 600×400 mm. The heavily built alloy steel body can hold up to 132 lbs. at most.

In addition, the wall mount consists of five different movement features, thus making it the best articulating TV mount. The TV can be adjusted through articulating, leveling, extending, swiveling, and tilting. The maximum tilting angle is 10 degrees.

Besides, the dual articulating arms feature allows you to retract your TV 3 inches from the wall not to take much space. You can also extend your TV up to 15.4 inches from the wall when you need to watch the TV from a distant position.

Moreover, the mount comes with a graphic installation guide to ensure a hassle-free, time-saving installation. You can look at the pictures given in the guide to understand better as visual instructions are most suitable for our brain to catch faster.

Key Features :

  • Clock and anti-clock rotate range
  • 5 degree to 10-degree tilting motion
  • Heavy alloy steel body and hardware
  • Easy installation with a graphic guide

5. Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Wall Mount For 75 inch

Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Wall Mount For 75 inch

The Mounting Dream wall mount has been in this market for more than 20 years and is giving their every bit of experience in providing their customers with top-notch products.

Their TV wall mounts are among the most popular 75 inch TV wall mounts and are considered the best full motion TV wall mount for 75 inch TV.

Talking about the features, firstly, the wall mount comes with a unique triple pair of articulating arms features to ensure a perfect screen glare-free watching experience.

Besides, the mount is built with a very quality cold-formed steel so that it can easily hold TVs up to 100 lbs. without any chance of the TV falling.

Also, the wall mount is suitable for TVs starting from 42 inches to up to 75 inches which makes it a universal mount for TVs.

Apart from the flexible TV screen compatibility; the mount supports maximum VESA of 600×400 mm. Such features make this mount suitable for almost every available TV brand of the market.

In addition, it comes with full-motion, including leveling, swiveling, tilting, and articulating features to adjust the TV perfectly.

Also, you can pull out the TV 16.6 inches farther from the wall and retract it back to 2.5 inches. Furthermore, the mount comes with a paper template and 2 pairs of cable clips for easy installation.

Key Features :

  • Solid metal built body for better support
  • 6 inches pull out from the wall feature
  • 3 pairs of articulating arms for adjustment
  • Universal built up supports multiple TV brands

Comparison Chart Of Full Motion TV Wall Mount For 75 inch


Compatible TV Screenn Size

Weight carrying Capacity

Arm Expansion or Pull Out

Arm Reduction or Retract

USX Full Motion

47 inches to 84 inches

132 lbs.

16.49 inches

2.40 inches

Full Motion Articulating

32 inches to 80 inches

130 lbs.

19.9 inches


ECHOGEAR Extending

42 inches to 90 inches

125 lbs.

22 inches

2.4 inches

Perlegear TV Mount

37 inches to 75 inches

132 lbs.

15.4 inches

3 inches

Mounting Dream

42 inches to 75 inches

100 lbs.

16.6 inches

2.5 inches

Full Motion TV Wall Mount For 75 inch Buying Guide

As the high definition TVs are getting slimmer and lighter in weight, they are becoming easier to mount on the walls.

But, People face trouble picking a perfect wall mount for their TV because they do not know what qualities to look for in their mount. Features, budget, weight, wall type, articulation, and easy installation should be the criteria to fulfill.


Before purchasing full motion TV wall mount, like other electrical gadgets you have to make sure the wall mount fully supports the features of the TV.

If the wall mount is not compatible with the TV model, then there is a big chance that it will not function properly. So, mark the features of your TV and select the wall mount accordingly.


There is a variety of full-motion TV wall mount available in the market. The budget range varies from brand to brand as well.

You have to fix a budget on how much you are willing to spend on your wall mount and then look for available options. Try to compare wall mounts that are within and closer to your budget to get a better deal.


Weight capacity is a fundamental issue when it comes to TV wall mount. First, know the exact weight of your TV and then select a TV wall mount capable of holding such weight.

If the TV weight surpasses the weight capacity of the wall mount, the TV will definitely fall during installation or while using, causing you financial loss and hassle.

Wall Material

Your house wall type also needs to be considered while selecting the TV wall mount. If your house has concrete walls, it will need stronger screws to drill in for the wall mount to hang.

On the other hand, if the wall is made of wood, you can damage the wall by using heavier screws. Make sure the TV wall mount type is suitable for your wall.


Full motion TV wall mount offers a range of articulation features, including swiveling and tilting. If you want to watch the TV from a greater distance, buy the TV wall mount with the maximum pull-out range.

If you want your TV to get back as close as possible to the wall after you finish watching then get the TV wall mount with the least retract length.

Easy Installation

Always try to buy a TV wall mount that comes with a clear guideline and is not too hard to install. If the wall mount is too complicated or the guideline is too tough for you to understand, the installation process will take a lot of time.

There are chances you might need to hire a professional to do the job for you, which is expensive also.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. Are wall mounts safe and secure to hold the TV?

Wall mounts are specifically designed to hold the TVs to the walls while ensuring complete safety. If the wall mount is compatible with the TV’s weight, size, and features, then it can perfectly hold the TV securely.

The wall material should also be strong enough to hold the mount and take the weight of the TV. If the TV and wall are compatible with the wall mount, it is fully safe.

2. What is VESA?

VESA is the standard used by every TV manufacturing brand to mark the distance between the mounting holes in the backside of the TV. The VESA on a TV is permanently fixed.

You can find the details about your TVs VESA in the manual. You can also Google your TV model to know the VESA of your TV. In case of purchasing TV wall mount you must know the VESA of your TV.

3. Why should I buy a full motion TV mount?

Full motion TV mount gives you more access to the TV by adjusting it with the necessary eye level. If you watch TV with many people, then full motion helps you adjust it to such length where everyone can watch TV without any issue.

If you leave in a house where you face a shortage of space, then full motion TV mount can help you make the most out of the space with better output.

4. Is a swivel mount better than a flat mount?

Swivel mount allows more flexibility in adjustments of the TV where a flat mount makes the TV unmovable with the closest position to the wall. Both work fine in their respective criteria.

If you want to have more access to the position of your TV then you will prefer a swivel mount. But, if you want your TV to have a slimmer look occupying minimal place, you will prefer flat mount.

5. What is the best wall mount for a 75 inch TV?

Well, it’s not like I can directly indicate for a specific product. The best wall mount is depend on its property and usability. So, if you usually use your TV as a fixed angel then look for mounts strangeness and durability.

On the other hand, if your TV is one of the moving one then you should look for the flexibility and viewing angle. However we reviewed the best ones from the market and all of them are top rated.

Final Words

You need to put as much effort into purchasing your full motion TV wall mount as you buy your 75 inch TV. Otherwise, you cannot have a satisfactory watching experience if the mount does not complement the TV.

This article is aimed to give you a clear understanding of the features and functions of different full motion TV wall mounts. We hope now you can compare your TV’s specification with the discussed mounts and will be able to purchase the best full motion TV wall mount for 75 inch TV.