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Best Monitor Speakers For Gaming in 2022 – Top 5 Picks

Are you looking forward to purchasing a monitor speaker for your gaming purpose but completely lost on which one to buy? In that case, you are in the right place because I know what confusions you are facing and their answers.

If you give a closer look at the market, you will find many sorts of speakers for monitor. Any great speaker can be technically used as a gaming speaker.

Nonetheless, when choosing the right gaming speaker, the first and foremost priority should be good sound.

In this write-up, I will be showing you some of the best monitor speakers for gaming available in the market and how to choose the correct one according to your need.

If you follow my instructions properly, I believe you will choose the best one for you.

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PreSonus Gaming Monitor SpeakersPreSonus Gaming Monitor Speakers

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Mackie CR-X Series Bluetooth Monitor SpeakersMackie Bluetooth Monitor Speakers

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Yamaha HS5 Powered Computer Monitor SpeakersYamaha HS5 Powered Monitor Speakers

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M-Audio Powered Desktop Monitor SpeakersM-Audio Powered Monitor Speakers

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KRK Classic 5 Professional Budget Monitor SpeakersKRK Classic 5 Professional Speakers

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Benefits of Using Monitor Speakers for Gaming

Let us consider a scenario where you are a gamer. It does not matter if you are a professional gamer or a casual gamer, but you must have a monitor speaker for gaming at the end of the day.

Here I will be showing you why it is beneficial to use a monitor speaker for gaming.


Suppose you usually use a headphone for gaming. Then you must have noticed that while gaming for a long hour, you feel that your ears are getting numb at a point. This numbness happens because headphone clamps are compressing your ears all the time.

On the other hand, you will not face this issue while gaming with a speaker. Therefore, you can easily play all your favorite games as long as you want with a monitor speaker.

Surround Sound

By and large, a headphone has two speakers that will not make you experience true surround sound. You may find some headphone that uses software to make virtual surround sound.

But at the end of the day, you will not get the true surround sound feel. That is why you need to use monitor speakers for gaming. With this, you can use multiple speakers to get pure surround sound.

You can notice while purchasing a speaker that says 5.1 or 7.1 speakers. Let me make it clear for you. 5.1 Speakers means that it uses six-channel surround sound using 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer.

While 7.1 means it uses 8 channel surround channel where they use 7 speakers and 1 subwoofer.

Feel the Sound

If you use headphones for gaming or even listen to music, you will not get the actual feeling. You will always feel that you are listening to a digital sound. On the other hand, if you use a monitor speaker to play music, you will always get the real-life feeling there.

While listening to the music, you will always feel that you are at the studio where the singer is singing in front of you. Also, while playing open-world-style games, you will feel that you are on the map by yourself.

Best Monitor Speakers for Gaming Reviews

Here, I will be showing you the five most popular monitor speakers for gaming available in the market. After going through all the reviews,

I believe you will find the right one because you will see all the core facilities available there. I will also put those drawbacks if I find any while reviewing these.

1. PreSonus Near Field Monitor Speakers For Gaming

PreSonus Near Field Monitor Speakers For Gaming

Assume you are a regular content creator, then it is quite usual that you work on the audio regularly.

Since this Eris E3.5 speaker comes with studio one prime and studio magic plug-in suite, you will be able to record and mix your favorite tracks to bring all your beats into reality.

Likewise, if you are looking for studio gaming monitor speakers then it will be a good choice for your studio. As it has 3.5 inches woven composite driver, it will produce a very powerful bass.

Also, you will experience more accurate overall sound quality, which is a must for studio work.

Moreover, whenever you consider a speaker for your studio, you cannot ignore dome tweeter because it has been designed to produce high frequency in audio. Since this Eris speaker comes with a one-inch ultra-low mass silk dome twitter,

it will filter all the audio’s harshness and produce balanced high-frequency sound. Therefore, if you are looking for the best monitor speakers for home studio, you can consider this one.

Last but not least, this speaker comes with an acoustic tuning feature. Consider a scenario where you use your speaker in different rooms occasionally. Then it is pretty usual that you also have to adjust audio settings for different room conditions.

Thus, you can always tune your audio for the different environments with this acoustic tune feature for flawless sound quality anytime.

Key Features :

  • Studio one prime and studio magic plug-in suite
  • 5 inches woven composite driver
  • Silk dome twitter filters all harshness from audio
  • Acoustic tuning feature for different room

2. Mackie CR-X Series Bluetooth Monitor Speakers

Mackie CR-X Series Bluetooth Monitor Speakers

If you are the person who demands pretty much flexible cable for input connection, you will be amazed to know that the Mackie CR3-XBT speaker comes with quarter inches input cable for analog signals and it is the best Bluetooth monitor speakers as well.

This cable has an unbalanced nickel-plated TS plug. Ultra flexibility will reduce cable kinking and will help to prevent damage to the connectors. This speaker also holds RCA connection ports to carry audio and video signals.

However, it is a good advantage that this speaker comes will a complete wood cabinet. The wood cabinet is high density, so you will not find any bass wave distortion. Thus, the speaker will be a highly efficient and naturally decent sound.

It is quite usual that in most speakers, you will find a control panel and headphone output port to the speaker’s backside. But sometimes, it can become a hassle.

To overcome this hassle, Mackie has brought the volume control panel and headphone output to the front side. As a result, it will now be easier to control volume and plug/unplug the headphone.

Well, if you are conscious about speaker watt and want a high amount of watts for your speaker, you can go for this one because this speaker comes with 50 watts articulate stereo.

With this, you can boost the volume at a decent level, which is a must while gaming. Thereby, you can consider this one as the best desktop monitor speakers.

Key Features :

  • Quarter-inch flexible input and RCA port for audio/video signals
  • Complete wood cabinet for non-distorted bass wave
  • Front panel volume control and headphone output
  • 50 watts articulate stereo for decent volume while gaming

3. Yamaha HS5 Powered Computer Monitor Speakers

Yamaha HS5 Powered Computer Monitor Speakers

The Yamaha HS5 speaker comes with a two-way bass reflex. By and large, a two-way bass reflex speaker generates sounds from both woofer and tweeter at a time.

The low-frequency sound will use the speaker’s woofer and the tweeter for high-frequency sound. Therefore, it will make the speaker more efficient in producing a more flatter bass response.

Furthermore, the Yamaha speaker has a frequency range of 50 Hz to 30 kHz. If you want to understand this, let me explain it to you. Every audio device uses a standard speaker driver.

This Hz to kHz range will ensure the audible sound vibration that a speaker can generate. So, a huge frequency range means the speaker can produce every possible sound without any loss.

Additionally, this speaker uses a built-in 70 watts bi-amping capability feature. This feature will be using 45 watts for low-frequency signals.

The rest of the 25 watts will be used for high-frequency signals. As a result, the overall sound system of the device will be noticeably better.

Lastly, this Yamaha speaker comes with both XLR and TRS connectors. Here, the external line return, in short XLR, will be working for transmitting balanced signals,

whereas the tip ring sleeve in short TRS will be working for transmitting unbalanced signals. The best computer monitor speakers will ensure less equipment to do a recording job.

Key Features :

  • Two-way bass reflex for flatter bass response
  • 50 Hz to 30 kHz frequency range
  • 45 watts low frequency and 25 watts high frequency
  • Both XLR and TRS connectors for recording job

4. M-Audio Powered Desktop Monitor Speakers

M-Audio Powered Desktop Monitor Speakers

Suppose you are a heavy gamer whose priority is to have a speaker producing massive sound with rich bass and clarity. Then my suggestion will be this speaker because this M-Audio BX3 model is powered by massive 120 watts.

Thereby, you will experience another level while gaming. Thereby, you can consider this one as the best monitor speakers for gaming.

In addition, the M-Audio speaker comes with built-in pro tools M-Powered software. If you are the person who does all sorts of audio recording and editing works daily, then it will be a great advantage for you.

You will access all the needed features for a good edit while getting the pro version.

Correspondingly, this speaker can be called an all-in-one speaker. As this one comes with 1/4″, 1/8″ and RCA inputs, you will be able to use the speaker anywhere for any purpose,

such as for gaming, DJ party, PC, and even studio record purposes. You will never face any problem.

Last but not least, this speaker comes with a computer-optimized tweeter waveguide. If you want to learn about waveguides, it is an electromagnetic feed line used for microwave communication, broadcasting, and radar installations.

This waveguide allows better coupling of the tweeter diaphragm to the surrounding air. As a result, it will reduce the impact of baffle edge diffraction and produce better sound quality.

Key Features :

  • 120 watts produces massive bass with better clarity
  • Pro tools M-Audio for better editing activity
  • All sorts of connectivity make it all in one speaker
  • Computer-optimized tweeter waveguide for precise imaging

5. KRK Classic 5 Professional Budget Monitor Speakers

KRK Classic 5 Professional Budget Monitor Speakers

The KRK Classic 5 speakers come with a high-low frequency control feature. For example, a speaker with a high-frequency mode can handle treble and high pitches extremely well without being harsh on your ears.

While speakers specializing in low frequency can handle the bass very well. This is one of the best budget monitor speakers as well.

Likewise, this speaker has a soft dome tweeter with an optimized waveguide. The primary objective of a dome tweeter is to generate a comprehensive, linear frequency response in the whole audible range.

It usually does this by using piston motion for sound production. Thereby, you can get smooth, pristine, and articulate highs up to 35 kHz.

Identically, this KRK classic 5 has a low resonance enclosure feature. This feature will reduce distortion and color. Also, this speaker comes with a lightweight, low aramid composite woofer which will produce clear midrange and tight bass.

Lastly, you will be getting a flat low-frequency adjustment feature with this speaker. In other words, flat frequency means you will get the exact output of what is coming to the speaker.

The flatter the response, the purer the audio output will be. By and large, it is important to have a flat frequency response in devices such as monitors, speakers or microphones where accuracy in the audio is the number one priority.

Key Features :

  • High-low frequency control for different environment
  • Soft dome tweeter for smooth and pristine sound quality
  • Low resonance enclosure to minimize distortion
  • Flat low-frequency adjustment for accuracy in the audio

Comparison Chart Of Monitor Speakers for Gaming


Output Wattage (Watts)

Item Weight (Pounds)

Optimized Waveguide

High-Low Frequency Control

PreSonus Near Field





Mackie CR-X Series





Yamaha HS5 Powered





M-Audio Powered





KRK Classic 5





Things to Consider Before Buying Monitor Speakers for Gaming

If you take a look at the outer engineering market that is getting oversaturated, you will find that it is the speaker business. Many speakers come in different sorts, sizes, and tones out in the market.

When choosing one, it is nothing but personal preferences of yours. Now, if you are facing doubts while choosing one, let me help you there so that you don’t regret it after purchasing one.

Determine Your Goal

Before choosing a monitor speaker, you need to decide for what purpose you need a speaker. Do you want to listen to music or do you want to produce music or do you want it only for playing games?

  1. Listening to the Music – In the first place, if you are looking for pc monitor speakers for listening to music, you need to choose one that is comfortable to your ears and easy to listen to; so that you can listen to all your favorite songs for hours.
  2. Producing Music – On the other hand, if you are looking for a speaker to produce music, then choose as small a speaker as you can find. On the contrary, you may think every producer wants to put their volume as high as possible because loud music will give you more energy, and it is amazing to have everything so loud. But this doesn’t seem right because you want to energize your audience with your track, not by high volume.
  3. Gaming – Last but not least, if you plan to buy a monitor speaker only for gaming purposes, you need to consider bass and clarity. Since you need to notice every detail while gaming, a decent bass will make your gaming experience even better. Also, you need to check which speaker can provide good clarity in the sound.

Room Size

While choosing a monitor speaker, you need to consider the size of your room. In other words, if your room is small and you purchase a big speaker, it will not be a good fit for your room.

It is the same for a big room; you have to get a big speaker. Now you can consider this by choosing speaker wattage. If your room is smaller in shape, go for less wattage, and if your room is big in shape, you need to go for higher wattage.

Trial Option

What you need to consider then is to have a trial in your room. Because you will never get the actual feeling of your need if you are not using the speaker in your room, a seller may tell you to test the speaker at the shop, but it is not okay enough.

So, try to communicate with your seller and ask them if you can use the speaker at your place for a week. I believe the seller will understand the situation and give you a chance.


To complete the whole process, from choosing a monitor speaker for gaming to purchasing one, you also need to consider the price. Since it is the most important part before choosing a speaker,

you may find a speaker that is the best fit for you, and then you may have to drop the decision after seeing the price tag. So, don’t forget to consider the price while considering a monitor speaker.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can you use a different speaker range for your surround speakers?

Of course, you can; but you must always keep that different ranges will provide you with different sound tones.

Nevertheless, as long as you are not mixing the ranges for the main stage, it will be easy to get away with this due to adding effect or ambiance.

2. Does the size and shape of your room affect the setup of your surround sound system?

Putting the speaker in the right position according to your room size and shape is necessary. Suppose you have a large room and the seating position is in the middle of the room.

Then it would be best if you had to mount the surround speaker on the side walls parallel with the seating position.

On the other hand, if your room shape and size are small and the seating position is in front of the rear wall, you can mount them on the rear wall. However, you can get an even more accurate idea if you check the speaker manually.

3. What amp should you go for?

Well, it is pretty much impossible to answer. The first and foremost thing to consider is the budget and the purpose of purchasing one.

The moment you find that, go to the local stores and talk through your option to arrange an audition of the speaker and amp combinations,

4. What is the main difference between active and passive speakers?

The core difference between an active and passive speaker is the amplifier/s. An active speaker contains a built-in amplifier/s, and you don’t need to put any external amplifier or receiver.

The crossover is active and placed before the amplifiers in an active speaker. In comparison, passive speakers don’t have any. That’s why you need to have an external amplifier or receiver to power the passive speaker.

The crossover has been placed between the speaker terminals in passive speakers, which connects the external amplifier and the drivers.

Final Words

To sum up, it is quite easy to find the best monitor speakers for gaming if you follow some simple steps while choosing one. All you need to do is cross-check every requirement and go for the right one.

This article was all about the purchasing guide of a monitor speaker for gaming purposes. At the beginning of this write-up, I have explained why it is necessary to have a gaming speaker.

Then I tried to cover every positive point of the five best speakers available in the market. Finally, I have shown you guidance on choosing the right speaker for gaming.

Thank you so much for being here and giving me your valuable time. I hope you have gone through the whole article and now you know which one you need to purchase.