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Best Mouse For Thumb Pain in 2022 – Review and Buying Guide

The modern lifestyle includes sitting in front of the computer for a long time, clicking the mouse, and scrolling.

Regardless of age, gender, and profession, we all are dependent on computers. But, such heavy usage has consequences on health, especially on the hand.

However, reports say people who use normal mice for gaming and works feel numb and engrossing pain in their thumb fingers. This pain can worsen if not taken care of immediately.

The mouse is designed to help you avoid pain. So, if you plan to switch your regular mouse with an ergonomic one, we are here to help. We have prepared the article after extensive research so that you can pick the best mouse for thumb pain.

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Anker Wireless mouse for thumb painAnker Wireless Mouse for Thumb Pain

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Logitech Wireless Mouse For Arthritic HandsLogitech Wireless Mouse

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LEKVEY Ergonomic Mouse For Thumb PainLEKVEY Ergonomic Mouse

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Ergonomic Wireless Computer Mouse For Wrist PainErgonomic Wireless Computer Mouse

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Logitech Vertical Wireless Mouse For Carpal TunnelLogitech Vertical Wireless Mouse

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Benefits of Using Ergonomic Mouse For Thumb Pain

Hand Friendly Shape

The ergonomic mouse widely goes as the tag comfortable mouse. This mouse is designed considering the medical problems of hand which is caused by using a mouse.

Also, every ergonomic mouse is carved in hand like shape so that the hand can rest perfectly on them. Many include wrist resting pads so that the vein does not get pressurized.

Minimal Hand Movement

Most hand straining and pain occur because of excessive hand movement while using a mouse. Movements create friction between the hand and surface, so an ergonomic mouse is aimed to reduce the friction largely.

The outlook of the mouse and the buttons is designed so that you can use the mouse for hours without friction.

Modern Features

Old fashioned nonergonomic mice lack comfortable grip and are also excluded from modern features. The current ergonomic mouse comes super user-friendly to make the work and gaming experience smoother and faster.

Dual connectivity, wireless connection technology, and rechargeable battery are some of the newly included features.

Multiple Surface Run

One of the most user-friendly features of an ergonomic mouse is it can run on multiple surfaces. Old fashioned mice take up a lot of places as they cannot operate on every surface.

So, the hand movement increases to cover the larger area thus igniting hand pain. But, an ergonomic mouse takes up the little place, so if you have a tight workspace it easily fits in.

Rechargeable Battery

The modern ergonomic mouse includes either an inbuilt battery or requires installing rechargeable batteries. The wireless connection technology includes a USB port for charging as well.

Even with heavy usage, the mouse is planned to provide maximum battery charge life. The average battery life of this mouse can vary from 3 to 24 months, along with fast charging.

Best Mouse for Thumb Pain Reviews

There is a diverse range of ergonomic mice available in the market. We have picked the most popular ergonomic mouse, depending solely on first-hand user experience.

These 10 mice are currently ruling the market for their advanced features. Let us walk you through every detail about them in brief.

1. Anker Wireless Mouse for Thumb Pain

Anker Wireless mouse for thumb pain

Anker’s slim-looking ergonomic mouse comes in a handshaking position for a pain-free, comfortable wrist and arm movement. Also, the five buttons make it the best mouse for finger pain.

So that your fingers can have a pain-free scrolling, dragging, dropping, and gaming experience combined.

Moreover, this optical mouse runs with 2 AAA-sized replaceable batteries. The auto power-saving mood helps the mouse to go off and save charge after eight minutes of inactivity.

Besides, this mouse is run by optical sensor technology, and it is compatible with almost every PC, Linux, and Mac device available.

Additionally, this mouse size is perfect for all hand sizes. Besides, the shape of the mouse fits in hand without any discomfort.

Recently, the market has been flooded with big-sized mice. So, if you have a medium-sized hand that continuously hurts from using a mouse, this mouse is the best mouse for arm pain.

Key Features :

  • Ergonomic “handshake” design to fight the strain
  • Auto power-saving mood to save battery life
  • Hands-free wireless connectivity technology
  • Slim and sleek design for longtime browsing

2. Logitech Wireless Mouse For Arthritic Hands

Logitech Wireless Mouse For Arthritic Hands

The Logitech graphite-colored mouse provides a unique superfast scrolling experience. Its magspeed wheel uses electromagnetic technology, enabling a sound free up to 90% faster scrolling.

It is the best mouse for arthritic hands because of its super comfortable, easy-to-hold design.

Furthermore, this advanced wireless mouse can work on any surface with the help of its darkfield laser feature. The features are so user-friendly that you can work on three different devices at a time.

So, you do not have to worry about transferring, copying, or pasting files manually.

Also, the unique app-specific customization option enables a faster working experience too. You can customize how you want to use the mouse while browsing any specific app and adjust the buttons as per your needs.

This feature helps you to do your jobs better, faster, and smoother.

Key Features :

  • Electromagnetic Technology for 5x faster use
  • Each full charge can last up to 70 days at a stretch
  • Sound free buttons for uninterrupted work focus
  • Workable on any surface, making it user friendly

3. LEKVEY Ergonomic Mouse For Thumb Pain

LEKVEY Ergonomic Mouse For Thumb Pain

If you are looking for an advanced technology mouse that does not require changing batteries more and often, the Lekvey ergonomic mouse can be an option for you.

This mouse comes with an in-built high capacity rechargeable battery. All you just need to do is plug the mouse through its USB port and keep doing your browsing.

Like other ergonomic mice, it also emphasizes the comfort of its user. So, its “handshake” design for wrist and arm position easily secures it the title of the best ergonomic mouse for thumb pain available currently in the market.

This structure helps protect the fingers from straining when you use the mouse for extra long hours.

Moreover, the mouse has six buttons for precise scrolling, browsing, and whatnot. If you are a gamer, then this mouse will allow you to have swift and smoother movement.

Also, this mouse is compatible with a vast range of devices regardless of their brands or models. So, this mouse can be an easy fit for your device.

Key Features :

  • Inbuilt battery with recharge feature
  • Unique 6 buttons for smoother use
  • Optical Sensor Technology feature
  • Compatible with Android devices

4. Ergonomic Wireless Computer Mouse For Wrist Pain

Ergonomic Wireless Computer Mouse For Wrist Pain

The Amazon Basics compact mouse is a lightweight classic looking cost-effective mouse. If you are a professional and need a mouse that can cope with your heavy scrolling thumb pain, this is the best mouse for thumb pain problems.

It has a speed control for you to adjust the scrolling speed by your preference which helps to do your job smoothly.

Also, though this mouse is only designed for PC and Laptop, you can use it with other devices as well if they are compatible with its USB port.

So, you can always use this mouse as a mini portable backup mouse for your devices. In addition, the 2.4 GHz wireless connection covers an almost 33 feet range for maximum hands-free usage opportunity.

As jobs now require using the mouse for a long time, people tend to feel discomfort in their arms, wrists, and fingers.

The ergonomic shape and the rubbers surrounding the sides allow you to move your hand freely without feeling any pain. This compact outlook definitely has earned the mouse the best computer mouse for wrist pain badge hands down.

Key Features :

  • Lighter in weight for a comfortable experience
  • Simple classic outlook for easier, faster adaption
  • Compatible with any device through USB port
  • Surrounded rubber protection to avoid friction

5. Logitech Vertical Wireless Mouse For Carpal Tunnel

Logitech Vertical Wireless Mouse For Carpal Tunnel

The Logitech mouse looks nothing like an old-school mouse. Firstly, the mouse has an advanced ergonomic design that enables the hand to hold it naturally and easily.

Its natural handshake position includes a unique 57-degree angling feature that reduces the forearm twisting frequently. So, for these features it is the best mouse for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Moreover, the advanced technology used for tracking the mouse makes the hand movement four times less than any normal mouse. Likely, it can simultaneously work in three different devices simultaneously.

So copy pasting, dragging, and sharing images among these connected devices become as hassle-free as possible with not to forget minimal hand movement.

The mouse comes with incredible battery life. It can run for up to 4 months with one complete charging session.

Even when you are in a hurry and do not have time to fully charge the mouse, connect the mouse on quick charge for 1 minute and enjoy 3 hours of uninterrupted use. Also, the battery can be charged easily through its attached universal USB port.

Key Features :

  • Advanced ergonomic design for comfortable use
  • 57-degree angling feature to reduce arm twisting
  • Dedicated button feature to adjust the scrolling speed
  • Multiple device connection features for multitasking

6. Logitech Wireless Rechargeable Mouse For Hand Pain

Logitech Wireless Rechargeable Mouse For Hand Pain

While using a regular mouse, we get strains on our forearm because of the constant friction with the surface. But, the Logitech MX mouse is designed to save the forearm from this soreness.

Its advanced ergonomic design has the perfect shape to support the hand to rest on the mouse and avoid friction with the surface. So, this mouse is the best mouse for hand pain.

Besides, it has a cross computer control feature that enables navigating 3 devices simultaneously. You can copy, paste, drag and drop files by using this Logitech flow feature.

The dual connectivity feature allows you to use 3 computers via unifying receiver or Bluetooth technology. Likely, the mouse has an included gesture button to control the scrolling speed.

The Logitech mouse also provides a durable battery backup like other advanced mice. Even with hyper-fast intense browsing, the battery can go up to 70 days with one time single full charge.

So, you do not have to worry about charging the mouse frequently. Besides, to enable the user’s most hands-free experience, it can run on any surface with great performance.

Key Features :

  • A sculpted hand like shape to support the hand
  • Logitech flow for multiple device connection
  • One Gesture button to control scrolling speed
  • Optical technology to perform on any surface

7. Logitech Trackball Mouse For Thumb Tendonitis

Logitech Trackball Mouse For Thumb Tendonitis

If you have a liking for white, then you can pick the Logitech M575 mouse eyes closed. This mouse does not only have an elegant look, but it also has a vast range of advanced features to meet your everyday needs too.

The ergonomic feature of the mouse enables the hand and wrist to move comfortably. So, you do not feel any discomfort.

Furthermore, this mouse has a unique thumb control feature to find thumb pains, a modern invention. The trackball can be easily operated by thumb to reduce pressure on other fingers.

The thumb control feature makes it the best mouse for thumb tendonitis because of its relaxing and comfortable ergonomic shape.

Likely, you can control the scrolling speed of the mouse. Besides, the trackball takes minimal space to move, so it does not take a lot of space of your working space.

Also, the optimal sensor allows the mouse to operate on any surface making it handy. Moreover, the mouse can run for up to 24 months with one AA-sized battery.

Key Features :

  • Eye soothing unique off white color
  • 24 months single AA battery runtime
  • 10-meter uninterrupted wireless range
  • Unique easy thumb control feature

8. DELUX Vertical Mouse For Carpal Tunnel with 6 Buttons

DELUX Vertical Mouse For Carpal Tunnel with 6 Buttons

DeLUX mouse is designed to treat people with carpal tunnel syndrome mainly. When people use a normal mouse extensively, it tends to pressure a nerve in the wrist. So, they often feel a tingling pain in their hand and fingers.

The ergonomic vertical structure of this mouse includes a dedicated volute bionic design that helps the hand to rest on it without pressuring any vain. So, this mouse is the best vertical mouse for carpal tunnel sufferers anytime.

The mouse has a unique RGB chasing light feature, apart from the user-friendly design. The lighting feature makes the mouse look prettier. But, if you are not fan of lighting, you can turn off the lighting with the memory setting driver.

Besides, the wrist rest design is also removable, giving the user full opportunity to customize the mouse as per the user’s need and convenience. Also, if you want, you can also use the mouse for gaming purposes.

As the mouse does not have a conventional design initially, it might take you some time to get used to it. But, with time, you will feel the difference and realize how good your hand feels while using it.

Moreover, the mouse comes in different sizes to match the size of the user’s hand. Likely, it is suitable for heavy mouse users as they face the straining issue the most. Luckily the mouse is compatible with most of the available devices for anyone to use.

Key Features :

  • 3 million keystroke lifetime for longer life
  • RGB Floating light feature with on /off switch
  • Removable wrist rest pad for painless browse
  • It prevents carpal tunnel syndrome greatly

9. Perixx Ergonomic computer mouse for arthritis

Perixx Ergonomic computer mouse for arthritis

The Perixx Perimice 713 mouse is specially designed for right-hand users only. The natural ergonomic design is dedicated to letting the hand rest comfortably, avoiding any friction or discomfort.

It is the best computer mouse for arthritis its design helps reduce joint pains. So, it is the most comfortable mouse for aged people as they have arthritis the most.

In addition, the mouse has 6 buttons to help you do your work better with minimal hand movement. Optical sensor technology helps accurate navigation, and the mouse sensitivity can also be controlled with the 3 level DPI control button feature.

The default DPI level is 1200, and it can be reduced to 800 and increased to 1600 as per your preference.

Moreover, the mouse has a proper power-saving function. The mouse has an inbuilt power on and off button so that it can put the mouse on sleep when it is not in use.

Also, the mouse requires 2 AAA-sized batteries to function, and these batteries are replaceable. Similarly, the wireless feature of the mouse allows 10 meters uninterrupted range.

Key Features :

  • Specially designed for right-handed users
  • Optical sensor technology with DPI control
  • Inbuilt power on/off power saving button
  • Flexible 6 buttons for minimal movement

10. ASOYIOL Wireless Ergonomic Mouse For Arm Pain

ASOYIOL Wireless Ergonomic Mouse For Arm Pain

The ASOYIOL ergonomic mouse is adored for its super lightweight feature. Also, the ergonomic shape is designed to support the hand by reducing strain and pain. The vertical design differentiates this mouse from the ordinary mouse.

Nowadays, people suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome a lot because of using knowingly or unwillingly a mouse that is not ergonomically designed. The ASOI mouse is the best vertical mouse for the carpal tunnel as it reduces the pain.

Furthermore, this slim design mouse comes with an inbuilt rechargeable battery function. Besides, it has a power-saving mood where the battery automatically goes off after eight minutes of idleness for a long-lasting battery backup.

Key Features :

  • Ergonomic design for smooth and pain-free use
  • 4 wireless connection with 33 feet user range
  • Six buttons for official use and heavy gaming
  • Inbuilt rechargeable battery with power saving

Comparison Chart Of Mouse For Thumb Pain





Connectivity Technology

Anker Wireless Mouse

3.98 x 3.23 x 3.15 inches

3.36 ounces

PC, Linux, Mac


Logitech Wireless

4.92 x 3.31 x 2.01 inches

5.11 ounces

PC, Linux, Mac

Bluetooth, Unifying Dongle

LEKVEY Ergonomic 

4.6 x 2.7 x 3.9 inches

3.36 ounces

Windows, Linux, Android

Wireless, USB

Ergonomic Computer Mouse

4.13 x 2.93 x 1.48 inches

2.40 ounces

Laptop, PC


Logitech Vertical Mouse

5 x 4 x 4 inches

8 ounces

Laptop, PC

Wireless, Bluetooth, USB

Logitech Rechargeable Mouse

1.9 x 3.37 x 4.9 inches

5.11 ounces



Logitech Trackball Mouse

1.9 x 3.9 x 5.3 inches

8 ounces

Windows, Linux, Mac, iPad

Bluetooth, USB

DELUX Vertical Mouse

4.21 x 3.74 x 3.54 inches

7.41 ounces

Windows XP


Perixx Ergonomic mouse

4.92 x 2.44 x 3.03 inch

5.12 ounces

Windows, Linux, Mac

Radio Frequency

Wireless Ergonomic Mouse

5 x 2.5 x 3 inches

3.36 ounces

Windows, Linux, Android


Mouse For Thumb Pain Buying Guide

An ergonomic mouse can be tricky to choose as there are some facts to consider first. Unlike a nonergonomic mouse, you cannot just pick any available mouse in the market when it comes to the ergonomic mouse.

Before making your purchase, you have to choose your ergonomic mouse based on its size, shape, features, workable surface and required space besides your medical need so you can get the most ergonomic mouse.

Know your Hand Size

As your number one priority while purchasing the mouse in the comfort of the hand, then you should get a mouse that suits your hand size. The market is flooded with the moderately big-sized regular mouse that often leads to the uneasiness of the finger, palm, arm, and wrist.

Many brands produce ergonomic mice that have a variety of sizes. So regardless of your hand size, you can always get the best mouse that is perfectly suitable for your hand.

Medical Condition

If you are a health cautious user and shift to an ergonomic mouse, so you never face any hand pain, it becomes easier for you to select your mouse. If you are already a sufferer of thumb pain, it becomes mandatory to get the best mouse for thumb pain.

Likewise, you need to buy a good mouse for a formal tunnel if you suffer from this syndrome. In short, you need to pick the mouse which works on your issue the best.

Mouse Shape and Structure

The ergonomic mouse comes in a bit different shape than regular mouse. If you have already got used to the shape and structure of a nonergonomic mouse, you might face some problems initially using the ergonomic mouse.

Most ergonomic mice come with a removable finger, arm, and wrist pad. Also, the buttons’ position, especially the scroll button position and type, is different in brands. So, you have to select a comfortable mouse.

Feature Requirement

Another thing you must keep in mind while selecting the mouse, is the features it offers. Typical non-ergonomic mice have very minimal features, but ergonomic mice have various features that allow you to pick the mouse as per your need.

Furthermore, they have an adjustable scrolling speed button and adjustable RGB lighting. To make your user experience smother, you can even assign buttons to do specifically assigned jobs.

Surface and Space

While making your purchase, think of the space you can allocate for your mouse. Though the ergonomic mouse uses optical sensor technology, it requires some space to perform the job nicely.

Besides, some mice have the unique feature of taking very minimal space, so if you have a compact job space, this can be of great help. Also, an ergonomic mouse can run on various surfaces, making it more accessible to use.

Frequently Asked Question and Answers (FAQ)

1. How ergonomic mouse is different from the typical mouse available in the market?

The ergonomic mouse is the newest addition to the mouse family. As the conventional mouse does not have enough to ensure the wellness of the hand, it tends to cause pain and discomfort.

The ergonomic mouse is dedicatedly designed considering the medical condition a hand has to go through while using the mouse.

Similarly, the ergonomic mouse has the shape of hand curved for the user to hold it comfortably and use, which is absent in a typical mouse.

2. What is the battery backup of an ergonomic mouse?

Compared to a standard mouse, the ergonomic mouse has better battery life. The ergonomic mouse is wireless and comes with already inbuilt or removable batteries, it is easier to charge.

Also, the ergonomic mouse has a fast charge option, and the battery charge lasts from 3 months to up to 24 months, depending on the brand and model.

Besides, many come with a preset power-saving mood that sets the mouse to sleep after a certain time of inactivity or idleness.

3. Is there any ergonomic mouse suitable for smaller hands?

Yes. Even though the most ergonomic mouse is designed to fit the average size hands, many brands nowadays come with various sizes.

If you have a small hand, then try to compare the size of the ergonomic mouse with your hand to get a better understanding of the amount of comfort, it can bring for you.

Also, look for brands with different sizes for mice and try their smallest size available to check whether it is compatible with the size of your hand.

4. How does ergonomic mouse help to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome happens when your wrist directly contacts the surface and creates friction. Moreover, the continuous contrast pressurizes one vein in the wrist, and then you start to feel a sense of numbing pain all over your hand.

But luckily good mouse for carpal tunnel comes with a wrist pad to avoid friction from taking place. When the wrist is protected, you will not suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and comfortably complete your work.

5. Can I customize my ergonomic mouse?

Certainly, the old-fashioned nonergonomic mice had no scope for customization or adjustment according to your work style or preference. But the recent super user-friendly ergonomic mice come with the greatest comfort option: customization.

You can easily assign a button to work for your preferred action. Also, you can set a different mood for different work. Besides, you can control your scrolling speed and adjust the lights of your mouse as your demand.

Final Words

The ergonomic mouse is developed to fight the discomfort that regular mouse fails to offer. In addition, the dedicated scientific design and elaborated features of the ergonomic mouse make it the best mouse for thumb pain anytime.

We have thoroughly researched the market before presenting you with the most popular ten ergonomic mice, and we are sure that this article will help you. Now, you can easily understand your needs and choose your desired mouse.