Best Projector For Basement

Best Projector For Basement in 2022 – Top 5 Picks

Sometimes, we feel that our TV screen is not big enough to enjoy HD movies. Many people have similar feelings and they are searching for projectors to watch their favorite show on a bigger screen. Maybe, you are one of them.

Certainly, the projectors can be the best alternative that allows you to enjoy your favorite shows sitting in your super quiet basement.

But, choosing a suitable one is not an easy task for an ordinary person. Because in the market you may find numerous brands and models.

So, here comes our article. We are going to help you with our reviews to find a suitable projector. You have come to the right place. After reading our whole article you can choose your best projector for basement.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice
AuKing Portable Video Projector,55000 HoursAuKing Portable Video Projector

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TOPVISION Projector with 100 Projector ScreenTOPVISION Projector with Projector Screen

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HOMPOW 1080P Supported Projector For BasementHOMPOW 1080P Supported Projector

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TMY Projector For TV with Projector ScreenTMY Projector with Projector Screen

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FANGOR Projector For Home Use with Bluetooth, WiFiFANGOR Projector with Bluetooth, WiFi

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Benefits of Using Projector For Basement

Early, people started using projectors for commercial and teaching purposes. But in recent times, we have seen diverse use of projectors in business, education, and even for entertainment at home.

They can help us in any situation where we need a bigger viewing experience.

Projectors can Provide you the Feeling of Theater

Who among us doesn’t like to watch movies or TV shows in a theater? But in modern life, we hardly have any time for going to the theater.

So, how can we enjoy theater in our home? The answer is simple, the projector fulfills that demand. You can enjoy the Vibe of the theater in your basement.

Projectors are Easily Adjustable

The wishes of human minds are limitless. Many people felt that it would be better if the TV screen would be a bit larger while watching a Sports program with family members.

But in real life, it is impossible to increase your monitor size or TV screen size according to your demand. However, you can easily adjust the screen size of a projector according to your wish.

Harmless to our Eyesight

While watching the small screen for a longer time one can get a bad headache, dizziness. Watching media on a small screen can create some problems regarding our eyesight.

The projector creates a bigger screen size and larger content. It will not be harmful to your eyesight.

Cost per inch in Compared to Television

For most people price matters. Getting a larger screen by investing a lesser amount of money is not a bad idea.

If we compare the cost per inch of the television monitor to that of the basement projector screen you can easily find out the difference. They are more cost-friendly than television on the subject image size.

Projectors are Easy to Portable

Different occasions, different wishes!  Sometimes we prefer watching our favorite shows in our garden with friends and family.

Maybe, it is impossible to take your TV out of your room but you can easily take your projector with you and set it up anywhere you desire because of its portability.

Best Projector for Basement Reviews

Here, we have listed the best projectors based on user reviews and based on our research by our experienced team.

Although these products are very competitive, we have used varieties of perimeters which make them eligible to be listed in this group.

By reading these reviews, you will get all the pros and cons of these products which help you to identify your desired one. We have mentioned a buying guide after our reviews that will help you remove your confusion.

1. AuKing Portable Video Projector,55000 Hours

AuKing Portable Video Projector,55000 Hours

Watching movies at your home on a bigger screen with your dear ones is awesome. It can give you the feeling of watching a movie in a theater at your own home. Auking has launched one of their best projectors that can serve this purpose.

We are talking about AuKing Mini Projector that can project high-definition video with a smooth transition of colorful images. Because of its 1920:1080 resolution, and 4K video quality this one is regarded as the best projector for home use.

Also, this projec comes with super portability. Traits like lightweight, small in size, connectivity options, have made the basement projector user-friendly. Not only this would be the best one for your basement but also it can serve anywhere you want.

Keeping the machine cool is essential. When we are doing something important, we need to keep our brains cool. It keeps our performance at its best. The same applies to machines.

AuKing Mini Projector has a powerful cooling system that helps to perform at its best. This it does not become warm and hardly creates any noise. Super quiet performance has made it popular amongst the users.

Key Features :

  • HD video Quality 1920:1080
  • Portable and Easy to Carry
  • Powerful cooling system
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Various connectivity options

2. TOPVISION Projector with 100” Projector Screen

TOPVISION Projector with 100” Projector Screen

Research has shown that low sound quality reduces the intensity of the entertainment. Whether you are watching a movie or sports program, sound quality is a crucial thing to consider.

The TOPVISION 7500L Projector provides crystal clear sound which will enhance your enjoyment.

Furthermore, along with 85% brightness and vivid color from this HD projector you will get a maximum screen size of 240 inches which offers you an amazing viewing experience. However, you can adjust the screen size as your wish.

In addition, the TOPVISION projector is the best one for portable connectivity. You can easily connect the TV Stick, Apple TV, and Roku to the projector via the HDMI port. It’s an ideal projector for home theater entertainment.

Moreover, this projector offers the longest lifetime for the lamp. The LED lamp of this projector can throw quality images for 60000 hours. If anyone wants a long-lasting projector, this one might be best for him/her.

Key Features :

  • Produce 85% more Brightness
  • It has a Maximum 240” Display
  • High 6000:1 Contrast ratio
  • 60000 hours Lamp Lifetime

3. HOMPOW 1080P Supported Projector For Basement

HOMPOW 1080P Supported Projector For Basement

Most people want to spend their pastime with something different and more interesting. They like to eat snacks and watch movies at home with their kids. Watching movies on a big, bright, vivid screen is the best way to enjoy the holiday night.

First of all, the higher brightness level is a precondition for lively video. If you are looking for a projector that can produce brighter images, Hompow 5500L can be a better choice.

This one has a LED lamp that can throw 5500L bright images that will make your movie time more enjoyable.

Along with higher brightness, this particular projector supports 1920x1080P resolution. Your family and friends will enjoy a movie theater experience with high resolution. HDR and brighter image makes it one of the best projector for basement.

Although this one is a mini projector, it has a long Lamp Lifetime. This projector can throw quality images for 50,000 hours. Approximately, with this video projector, you won’t need to replace the light bulb for 30 years.

Key Features :

  • 80% extra brightness and high contrast
  • Equipped with a 176-inch large display
  • Having Dual Built-in Speakers
  • Producing Low noise while running

4. TMY Projector For TV with Projector Screen

TMY Projector For TV with Projector Screen

Do you know what increases the sharpness of the image? It is the contrast ratio. This video projector offers a contrast ratio of 4000:1 to restore the real color content.

No matter what you are watching movies, sports, wildlife videos, cartoons it can produce vibrant color.

For people who are sports freaks or movie freaks, a smooth sound system has its value. This projector offers an inbuilt dual stereo sound system. Nevertheless, you can add external speakers to its audio port.

Besides, we hate any device which makes noise in its operation. This projector is no exception. We need a super quiet, dark environment to enjoy movie time. This projector has a dual cooling fan system which gives the machine quiet.

Moreover, the projector has various connectivity features that allow it to be connected with different devices including televisions, smartphones, laptops, and computers.

For example, the HDMI feature allows the it to share high-definition multimedia with other devices. HDMI connectivity has made it the best projector for TV.

Key Features :

  • Flexible Multi-device Connectivity
  • Built-in Dual Stereo Speaker
  • Having 60000 Lamp Life
  • Dual-fan Cooling System
  • Color contrast ratio to 4000:1

5. FANGOR Projector For Home Use with Bluetooth, WiFi

FANGOR Projector For Home Use with Bluetooth, WiFi

Firstly, if you hate cable like me, here is some good news! This projector is empowered with the Latest Wi-Fi adapter compatible with IOS and Android systems.

You do not need to convert a cable. Wi-Fi connection allows you to connect other devices with the projector.

Secondly, movies without HD quality would not be worth watching. This offers you true 1920 x 1080 Resolution. Home and business owners can enjoy the bright large-screen.

Beside it, this projector is incredibly bright and has outstanding color accuracy.

Thirdly, it offers additional built-in Hi-Fi Stereo speakers with five different sound modes that allow you to hear every moment loud and clear. This movie projector also gives you a 3.5mm stereo output where you would be able to attach your home theater.

However, Fangor 230’’ does not support the Dolby sound system. Yet you can use home theater and other speakers in its audio port.

Not all people like to have Dolby in their homes. Still, if you have a special requirement you can choose other options.

Key Features :

  • Offering Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Have 65000 Hours Lamp Life
  • 10,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  • Built-in Dual Stereo Speakers

Comparison Chart Of Projector For Basement


Hardware Interface

Display resolution



AuKing Portable Video Projector



2.87 pounds





4.88 pounds





2.17 pounds


TMY Projector


1280 * 720

3.94 pounds


FANGOR Projector



2.8 Pounds


Projector For Basement Buying Guide

Finding out your desired one from this competitive list is a difficult task. You may have become confused regarding which one to choose.

Don’t worry. Here I have discussed some of the things to consider while choosing your desired projector for home use.

Display Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio is one of the defining factors for display properties. The quality of the picture directly depends on this.

Whether you want to watch movies or sports events the most important thing to consider before buying a projector is its display contrast ratio.

Color and Brightness

Color has the power to directly influence the soul. For any kind of video entertainment, color is essential.

Another point, without brightness color, becomes dull. Therefore you must consider the color and brightness of a projector while buying it.

Connectivity options

Connectivity options give you more freedom. The projectors stated above come up with several connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, USB, OUT 5V, HDMI, VGA, 3.5mm port.

You should think through how many options you will get with your new projector.

Resolution of the Watch screen

How clear the image or video quality would depend on the resolution of the pixels.

From mobile phone display to computer display, from television display to projector display resolution is a very important thing to consider before buying a new one. Most of the projectors come up with a native resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.

Projection Distance

As you are going to use the projector for your home, you should keep in mind the fact of projection distance.

You should choose your project according to the size of your basement or the room where you are going to use this project. The minimum distance between the projector and the screen should be 2 to 3 feet.


The market is so competitive, new models, new versions, and new brands are coming now and then. We do not recommend you to spend much money on the projector you buy.

Rather my recommendation is to take any of the above projectors based on your budget so that you may upgrade them in the future.

 How to Set up a Projector For Basement

  • First of all, I guess, you have the desired projector in your hand! Now, unbox it and you will get the necessary cables, user manuals, and the project itself. Before setting up the projector you should be aware that the projector does work best in a dark environment. So, make sure that your basement has a dark environment while you are running your projector.
  • Then, measure your room’s dimensions so that you can put your projector at an ideal distance to get the best quality video. You should put your projector 120 to 130 inches away from the screen to get 100 inches screen size.
  • Now, decide whether you would like to mount your projector on the ceiling or put it on the table. I recommend mounting the it on the ceiling.
  • Here comes the issue of the screen. If you have a white wall in your room you can use it for the projection. But if you like contrast and black screen you may buy a gray Screen.
  • Now connect your HDMI cable, electricity cable, and audio cable if necessary. Although most of the projectors come up with their audio system, you can connect a home theater system to get an optimal audio experience.
  • Finally, switch on the projector, adjust your picture setting, color correction, and audio setting. Now it is time to enjoy the show!! You have your home theater in your basement. Enjoy anything you want.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to find the ideal distance between the projector and the screen?

The distance depends on how much screen size you want. The minimum distance should be more than 2-3 ft. if you want a smaller display. For a 100 inch, screen size the distance should be 120 to 130 inches. The easiest way to find the distance is to move your projector back and forth slowly to decide the distance. Then you can finally install it.

2. Can I watch premium streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon on Projector?

Of course, you can. But you need to have a streaming device like a smartphone or Laptop which should be connected to the projector with an HDMI port.

3. What is the difference between a commercial projector and a theater projector?

Commercial projectors are used in offices, conferences, or classrooms having brightness and contrast. Whereas home theater projectors are supposed to have more color accuracy, wider resolutions, and decent sound quality.

4. Do I need to buy a screen for my projector?

Answer: Generally, you can use your projector without buying any extra screen if you have a white or gray wall in your room. Yet, if you do have not any suitable screen for the projection you may buy one.

 5. How long will a projector last?

Durability depends on the lamp life and other hardwire. Most of the projectors in the market have an average of 50,000 hours of lamp life. Hence, the more you use your projector, the less it will last.

Final Words

Buying a projector is so easy, just place an order and you will get it. Nevertheless, choosing the best projector for basement is difficult because there are so many products on the market. One can easily get puzzled.

To help you overcome this problem, we have collected the top 5 products of the market. Our team has tested them and brought the needed information to you. Now, you can match up the specifications of these products and your requirements.

In closing, I would recommend you to recall our product reviews and buying guide. Then choose your product that will serve your purpose. You should keep in mind the display resolution, color contrast ratio and portability of your desired product.