Best Robot Vacuum For Multiple Floors

Best Robot Vacuum For Multiple Floors – Reviews For 2022

Are you tired of mopping the dirty floors and picking debris from carpets? Thankfully, robot technology has come to save you from your trouble with regular cleaning. Robot vacuums are widely used to clean houses because of their automated service.

However, many people get confused regarding which one they should buy. As well, we have noticed the increasing queries about robot vacuum cleaners lately. Our review will definitely get you out of your confusion and help you.

Go through this list of the best robot vacuum for multiple floors first, and then pick the product that suits your needs. We have tried to discuss robot vacuum cleaners of different price range including a wide section of features.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

iRobot Wi-Fi Roomba for multiple floors
iRobot Wi-Fi Roomba

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eufy by Anker, Floor Cleaning Robot Vacuum
eufy by Anker, Floor Cleaning Vacuum

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ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum For Tile Floors
ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum

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Shark IQ Robot Vacuum For Multiple Floors, Self-Empty
Shark IQ Robot Vacuum Self-Empty

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Tesvor Robot Vacuum For Hardwood Floors, Self-Charging
Tesvor Robot Vacuum Self-Charging

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Benefits of Using Robot Vacuum for Multiple Floors

Time Saving

The greatest benefit of robot vacuum cleaner is it saves time and helps you to concentrate on other responsibilities while it performs its job. The cleaning quality is top notch and mostly better than manual cleaning.

You do not need to run around your house with a mop anymore to collect dirt and debris. You can instruct the robot vacuum to clean the house anytime.

Hands Free Operation

Robot vacuum cleaners often go by the name robovac or Robot Vacuum. They are mainly a remote operated automatic cleaning tool. Many Robot Vacuums can be operated through Google assistant, Alexa and phone app.

Robot Vacuums or Roombas can be scheduled by your need to clean your floors. You set it on the go and completely forget about it. It does not need any real time look over.

User Friendly

Unlike the mops, robot vacuums are portable and less heavy. They are easy to carry. Robot Vacuums cost lesser in comparison to the great service they provide.  Many Robot Vacuums come with self charging feature so you do not have to charge them manually.

People always ask can a robot vacuum clean multiple floors? However, they are so easy to operate that even aged people can use them without any trouble for cleaning multiple floors.

Cleaning Method

Different kinds of floors require different kind of cleaning approach. In Robot Vacuums the cleaning mode and techniques can also be adjusted as per the need.

Robot vacuums with powerful motors provides heavier cleaning where as mid budget vacuums are good to go with the everyday floor cleaning. They adjust the cleaning intensity from lighter to heavier depending on the dirt.

Best Robot Vacuum for Multiple Floors Reviews

Our review section will help you to get a complete understanding about each of the mentioned robot vacuum cleaners. It is written directly basing on customer’s experience. So, you will get a hundred percent honest review with detailed ins and outs..

1. iRobot Wi-Fi Roomba for multiple floors

iRobot Wi-Fi Roomba for multiple floors

Roomba 692 has been voted as the best affordable Roomba by editor’s choice 2021 for its compact operating systems in a minimal price.

It costs cheaper in comparison to similar available Roombas in the market with similar features. Likewise, it is the best roomba for multiple floors.

However, it can be operated only by your voice through Google assistant and Alexa. Dirt sensor allows the Robot Vacuum to automatically detect which part of the floor needs more extensive cleaning.

The self adaptive cleaning style adjusts with the dirt condition of the surface and lifts dirt with power suction.

Besides that, it can clean for up to 90 minutes at stretch. After it runs out of charge, the self charging mode activates automatically so you don’t have to charge it manually.

The edge sweeping brush along with dual multi surface brushes reaches the narrowest corners to pick dirt, debris and pet hair.

Furthermore, its adaptive sensor allows it to get accustomed with your house style. It can navigate under and around furniture smoothly without hitting anything or falling from the stairs.

With every use it maps your house better and can navigate perfectly among your furniture with creating any collision.

Key Features :

  • Charcoal Grey in color to avoid looking dirty
  • 3 Stage complete cleaning, Dual Action mode
  • Smart adaptive navigation, self charging facility
  • Auto adjustable cleaning heads, power suction

2. eufy by Anker, Floor Cleaning Robot Vacuum

eufy by Anker, Floor Cleaning Robot Vacuum

The Robovac 11S is smarter, slimmer and into more intense floor cleaning. It is one of the best floor cleaning robot for regular cleaning currently as it cleans the surface better than many other robot vacuum cleaners.

If your house gets dirty very often then you can pick this robovac to fight the dirt and keep your house clean.

Additionally, it is only 2.85 inch thick which makes it one of the slimmest robot vacuums in the market. IT has a suction power of 1300PA at the most.

This robovac has extra power suction mode which is enabled within 30 second to ensure avid cleaning. Even with such a great suction power, it is not noisy at all.

Though it is great to clean on carpets and hard floors, it has a unique feature of working on glass surface too. Besides, it comes with a battery backup of up to 100 minutes cleaning at stretch.

Considering the hard cleaning it performs, the run time is satisfactory. The auto charge feature assures it is always charged.

On the other hand, it has an anti scratch protected glass on top for scratch protection. The sensor stops it from hitting the furniture or falling from stairs.

It comes in handy with a remote controller along with the 2 AAA batteries, a charging base and an AC power adapter. The cleaning tools also come with some spare sets.

Key Features :

  • Heavy suction power up to 1300Pa
  • Noise free, scratch free, collision free
  • Unique glass surface cleaning feature
  • Comes with larger dirt box and wheels

3. ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum For Tile Floors

ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum For Tile Floors

ILIFE V3s comes in a unique eye soothing pearl white color. Like its unique color appearance, the size of it is also exceptional than many other robot vacuums.

It is so slim that it can easily get under any furniture to pick up the dirt and debris. Let me walk you through the outstanding features of the Robot Vacuum in details.

First and fore mostly, it has the working ability to perform on multiple surfaces such as carpet, hardwood floors, laminate floors, tile floors and stone floors.

Because of its comparatively lesser weight, it is best robot vacuum for tile floors. Depending on the floor type it offers 4 cleaning modes to assure greatest cleaning experience.

In addition, it comes with an inbuilt auto sensor that can sense obstacles around it. So, it can work accordingly and avoid hitting any furniture or falling from the stairs or edges.

As it has no roller wheels it stands no chance of tangling hairs or furs. The extra large wheels make it easier to reach higher surfaces without trouble.

Likely, the battery life is 90 minutes to 100 minutes per run. This Robot Vacuum has the unique self charging mood so you don’t have to worry about charging it regularly.

Just like the hands free charging experience, you can enjoy a one command cleaning service too by activating the one touch clean button that enables pre scheduling.

Key Features :

  • Only 2.98 inch thick super slim built
  • 4 dedicated modes for cleaning surfaces
  • One Touch Clean button to pre schedule
  • Larger wheels to reach higher platforms

4. Shark IQ Robot Vacuum For Multiple Floors, Self-Empty

Shark IQ Robot Vacuum For Multiple Floors, Self-Empty

If you are looking for a Robot Vacuum with a larger dirt box to save you from emptying it regularly I might have found you an exact match.

The shark robot vacuum multiple floors RV1001AE comes with a gigantic base that can hold dirt for up to 45 days. After completing each round of cleaning the Robot Vacuum goes to the base and empties its dirt box.

In addition to the auto dirt disposal feature, this Robot Vacuum comes with a heavy life battery. The battery takes up to 6 hours to charge and is programmed to self charge.

The battery can run 90 to 100 minutes at once. Besides, the powerful suction feature on hard floors and carpets makes it the best robot vacuum for multiple floors.

In order to map your house for a better cleaning experience, connect your Robot Vacuum over wifi. Its smart sensor will get accustomed with your home decor by using the room to room cleaning feature over wifi.

You can also connect to the Robot Vacuum through SharkClean app, Google assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Last but not the least; shark IQ multiple floors can be a little noisy while optimizing the dual cleaning feature. It has self cleaning brush rolls to assure zero tangles while picking pet hairs.

Keep in mind that it has a non washable filter so never try to wash them. You will get a pair of side brushes and one spare filter with your purchase along with the self empty dirt base.

Key Features :

  • Sself emptying base holds dirt for up to 45 days
  • You choose which room needs cleaning more
  • Methodical cleaning, Dual cleaning on floors
  • Wifi connection enables smart house mapping

5. Tesvor Robot Vacuum For Hardwood Floors, Self-Charging

Tesvor Robot Vacuum For Hardwood Floors, Self-Charging

Tesvor M1 is undoubtedly one of the most powerful Robot Vacuums available in market currently. It has a heavy 5200mAh battery capacity. So, it can run up to 150 minutes at a stretch.

The 4000Pa power suction feature also makes this Robot Vacuum stronger to stand against any dirt situation regardless of the surface condition.

Furthermore, this Robot Vacuum can be operated through remote control, mobile app, Google assistant and Alexa.

It’s suitable for low to medium pile carpets, tile, laminated and hard wood floors and not very impressive on high pile carpet and dark color floors. The strong built makes it the best robot vacuum for hardwood floors.

It provides 4 cleaning mode on app. They are quiet mode of vacuuming for less noise, normal mode for the regular vacuuming, strong mode when the floor is dirtier than usual and max mode that uses 4000 Pa suction power.

You can switch between quiet mood and normal mood by using remote control without using the app.

Moreover, it has the advanced S shape cleaning pattern for reaching the corners and edges of the house. The slim design makes it easier to go under and around the furniture easily.

While cleaning, the inbuilt Dual Anti Collision System protects the Robot Vacuum from scratches or hitting furniture and falling from the stairs.

Key Features :

  • Heavy suction power of 4000pa for max clean
  • 5200mAh Battery can run up to 150 minutes
  • Scheduled real time cleaning through app
  • S shape cleaning method for an avid cleaning

Comparison Chart Of  Robot Vacuum for Multiple Floors




Run Time

iRobot Wi-Fi Roomba

13.4 x 13.4 x 3.5”

5.00 pound

90 minutes, Self Charging

eufy by Anker

12.8 x 12.8 x 2.85”

5.73 pound

100 minutes, Self Charging


11.8 x 11.8 x 3”

4.5 pound

90 to 100 Minutes, Self Charging

Shark IQ Robot

38.9 x 26.3 x 49.6”

13.23 pound

90 to 100 Minutes, Self Charging

Tesvor Robot Vacuum

12.99 x 12.99 x 3.19”

11.97 pound

150 minutes, Self Charging

Robot Vacuum for Multiple Floors Buying Guide

Before making the purchase, you have to assure your robot vacuum cleaner covers all your needs completely. You should select your Robot Vacuum on the basis of its budget, suitable surface, control options, main features and durability mainly.


You need to pick a cleaner that does not exceed your budget. If you are willing to expand your budget for better features then compare the available Robot Vacuums in the market first.

Try to get a free delivery so that the shipping cost is not included. If you can get a free delivery then you can use the money in extending your budget for the multiple floor robot vacuum cleaner.


Pick your Robot Vacuum considering the surface condition of your house. If you have a hardwood floor in your house then you do not need to pick a Robot Vacuum that can clean tiles floor or stone floor.

If you use carpet in your house then must assure your Robot Vacuum has carpet cleaning feature. Do not buy a Robot Vacuum that has features you will never need.


Robot Vacuums are mainly operated by remote controls. But, as technology has advanced, most Robot Vacuums now include control through Google assistant, Alexa and apps.

Robot Vacuums that can be controlled through mobile phones are more accessible and gives complete hands free experience. Choose your Robot Vacuum as per your preference of controlling.


Features play a game changing role in any Robot Vacuum. If you have a small house that does not get heavily dirty then you can go for any basic cleaner.

Robot Vacuums that clean extensively comes with heavier power suction. Self charging, smart adaptation, different cleaning mode, and self emptying are some of the important features to consider too.


The longevity is also important because you do not want to keep replacing your Robot Vacuum or spend money unplanned.

If you can take care of the Robot Vacuum regularly by emptying the dirt box and changing the filters frequently then it will last longer and give better service than expected. Let the Roomba charge properly for a better battery life.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ)

1. Does robot vacuum cleaner only come in round shape?

No. Though round shaped robot vacuum cleaner is mostly available because this shape gives more access getting under furniture and reaching to corners. But, square shape robot vacuums are also available in market with great cleaning features.

2. How does robot vacuum work?

Robot vacuum follows smart mapping system to clean the house. It will roam around the house and use it’s sensor to avoid collision or falling and detect dirt.

It beeps to let the user know when it has run out of charge and returns to its charging station.

3. Why should I use the robot vacuum cleaner?

You need to use a robot vacuum cleaner because it saves you from cleaning the floors in person. It takes less time to clean in comparison to cleaning with hands. Most have a time saving pre scheduling feature so you can clean the house any time.

4. How long will a robot vacuum cleaner last?

Normally, a robot vacuum cleaner lasts 2 to 6 years. The lifetime of a Robot Vacuum depends on its quality and how it is being maintained.

If the robot vacuum cleaner is in good hands, and the dirt box and filter is cleaned frequently then it will last longer.

5. How long does it take for a robot vacuum to charge?

Typical robot vacuum cleaner can take 1 to 6 hours to fully charge depending on the battery capacity and workload.

After every compete charge the basic run time for a moderate robot vacuum cleaner is somewhere between 1 to 2 hours at max.

Final Words

In case of finding best robot vacuum for multiple floors, you have to mark your needs first. The prime concern should always be to stay focused on your comfort without making any compromise. You only need the features that suit perfectly to your house condition.

Hopefully, the above discussion will definitely help you in taking decision. Purchasing a Robot Vacuum will allow you to get a hands free regular cleaning experience.

After the robot vacuum cleaner takes over the floor cleaning job, you can spend the spare time on other works.