best sd card for new 3ds xl

Best SD Card For New 3ds XL in 2022 – Top 10 Picks

You were playing on your New 3DS XL, and suddenly the games crashed! Has it ever happened to you? Every gamer experiences this awkward situation at least one time in life.

Low storage is mainly responsible for this problem in many gaming devices.

New 3DS XL comes with only 4GB of built-in storage, which is hardly enough for heavy gaming. However, the company included a solution to the problem. New 3DS XL allows you to extend storage with an external SD card.

But the problem is that the SD card market is flooded with hundreds of brands. Therefore, here we are going to review the best SD card for New 3DS XL. After a lot of research, we did this review. We hope this will help you choose.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice
SanDisk 128GB SD Card with AdapterSanDisk 128GB SD Card with Adapter

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Samsung Micro SD Card For New 3DS XL 256GB with AdapterSamsung Micro SD Card 256GB with Adapter

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SanDisk 256GB Ultra Sd Cards For 3dsSanDisk 256GB Ultra Sd Cards For 3ds

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32GB Class 10 micro sd card for new nintendo 3ds xl32GB Class 10 micro sd card

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Gigastone 128GB Microsd Card For Nintendo SwitchGigastone 128GB Microsd Card

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Benefits of Using SD Card on New 3DS XL

Boosts Performance

Using SD external SD cards on your New 3DS XL will make it offer smooth performance. Low storage often causes a game crash during heavy gaming.

This also makes your device lag while playing games. Using an SD card on your New 3DS XL can let you get rid of these problems.

Allows to Play Large Games

Large games need more storage. A device with insufficient storage can’t run large and heavy games. As a result, this will make your gaming experience annoying. However, using an SD card can save you from these shortcomings.

Improves Battery Performance

If you experience that you are not getting the optimal battery backup on your New 3DS XL, it’s probably for low storage. It’s time for you to go for an SD card.

Insufficient storage creates more pressure on the CPU. As a result, the CPU heats up and consumes more battery power

Removes Overall Lagging

Are you experiencing lag on your New 3DS XL? It’s time to use an SD card then. The built-in storage is not sufficient for the device. It generally comes with 4GB storage.

This is not enough for smooth gaming. Extended storage lets your device perform efficiently.

Best SD Card for New 3DS XL Review

SD cards are made to extend the storage of a device and thus increase performance. But choosing a good SD card can get tricky sometimes.

People usually ask which or what SD cards work with 3ds. With that in mind, we did this review. We hope this review will help you.

1. SanDisk 128GB SD Card For New 3ds xl with Adapter

SanDisk 128GB SD Card For New 3ds xl with Adapter

Our first reviewed product is from SanDisk, which is a reliable company. SanDisk 128GB Extreme is a brilliant memory card with high speed and performance.

It’s a high-speed micro SD card that offers up to 160MB/s read speed. This is the best SD cards for 3ds, to be honest.

This SD card can survive hostile conditions like high temperature, x-ray exposure, and water. This SD card is also shockproof, meaning that it won’t be damaged in case it’s dropped from a certain height accidentally.

Apart from that, the product offers UHS class 3 speed. UHS Class 3 SD cards offer high-speed transfer and performance. Therefore, the gaming experience with this SD card in New 3DS XL will reach the next level.

The product also offers A2 in-app performance. So, game launching will be seamless with this SD card in your New 3DS XL. Its rich features and smooth performance make this product the better128GB micro SD card.

Key Features :

  • Can survive harsh conditions like high temperature
  • Provides up to 160MB/s for smooth performance
  • Offers A2 in-app performance and faster loading
  • Has UHS speed class 3 for and video speed class 30

2. Samsung Micro SD Card For New 3DS XL 256GB with Adapter

Samsung Micro SD Card For New 3DS XL 256GB with Adapter

Samsung is a reliable name in the field of SD cards because this tech giant has been making memory cards for phones and other devices for a long time. The EVO 256GB MicroSDXC comes with a long-time warranty from Samsung.

Moreover, this SD card is compatible with many kinds of devices as it comes with an adapter. You can fit it in almost all your devices, including your New 3DS XL. Compatibility with many devices makes it easy to use.

Furthermore, the card provides ultra-fast read and write speed. The SD card offers up to 100MB/s read speed, and 90MB/s write speed. This range of read and write speed provides optimal performance for any device.

However, the product offers class 10 secure digital association along with the UHS-I speed class. Class 10 is the fastest and eligible for full HD video recording and transfer. This SD card is the best Samsung micro SD card for New 3DS XL.

Key Features :

  • Ensure long time warranty to ensure value for money
  • Ultra-fast read and write speeds up to 100MB/s and 90MB/s
  • Compatible with different types of devices for an easy choice
  • Designed for heavy activities like gaming and 4K recording

3. SanDisk 256GB Ultra Sd Cards For 3ds

SanDisk 256GB Ultra Sd Cards For 3ds

SanDisk 256GB is a high-speed micro SD card from SanDisk. This sd card for 3ds offers a high read speed of 120Mb/s. This range of read speed is offered by only a handful of SD card brands, and SanDisk is one of them.

The best micro sd card for new nintendo 3ds xl is designed especially for Android devices and devices like Nintendo switch.

So, optimal performance in New 3DS XL is very much expected. Being delivered with an adapter, it has extended compatibility with many devices.

Moreover, this product offers faster app launching, making the gaming experience smoother. With 256GB of space in it, you will never face low storage problems in your device yet again. This is really relieving for people who need huge space.

SanDisk MicroSDXC stands as a unique product from the crowd of numerous SD cards. With its high read speed and faster app launching capability, we think it is the best SD card for New 3DS XL.

Key Features :

  • Designed especially for gaming devices like Nintendo consoles
  • Offers faster launch of apps to make gaming experience smoother
  • Provides super-fast transfer speed of 120MB/s second
  • Comes with adapter to fit and insert in various devices

4. 32GB Class 10 micro sd card for new nintendo 3ds xl

32GB Class 10 micro sd card for new nintendo 3ds xl

There are only a handful of cheap but good micro SD cards available in the market. Micro Center 32GB is one of the cheap micro SD cards. This 32GB micro SD card from Inland is a low-budget powerful 3ds memory card.

However, don’t let the cheap price cloud your judgment. Though it is cheap, it has many powerful features. This SD card offers UHS-1 class speed. So, it will provide smooth performance with HD videos and graphics.

The memory card also comes with an adapter. So, it has extended capability with different kinds of devices like any other good SD card. You can use it in your other gadgets apart from your New 3DS XL if you need to.

The SD card also offers warranty with reliable service certainty. This is interesting for such a low-budget product. Though low in price, the SD card offers you the best reliability possible. This micro SD can be the best value for money.

Key Features :

  • Offers UHS-I speed class for HD video recording performance
  • Provides high read speed 80MB/s for faster transfer and performance
  • Comes with an adapter to ensure compatibility with different devices
  • Offers reliable service and durability

5. Gigastone 128GB Microsd Card For Nintendo Switch

Gigastone 128GB Microsd Card For Nintendo Switch

Want a warranty with smooth performance in gaming with your New 3DS XL? Gigastone 128GB is for you then. This SD card supports 4K ultra-UHD video recording. Therefore, faster performance is guaranteed.

It has A1 class speed for faster app launching and a flawless experience in gaming. A1 speed class offers the high speed required for gaming and HD video recording. So, optimal performance in gaming with this product is undoubtedly available.

Apart from that, this product offers a better warranty policy. So, you can go tension-free and play your games smoothly once you buy this micro sd card for 3ds. It provides storage of 128GB which should be more than sufficient for most devices.

The SD card comes with an adapter for extended compatibility. It’s specially designed for Nintendo Switch with high-quality performance. This SD card stands as the best MicroSD card for Nintendo Switch.

Key Features :

  • Supports 4K Ultra-HD recording and displaying for higher quality
  • Offers A1 for faster app launch and smooth experience
  • Provides high read and write speed for 4K video recording
  • Comes with a better warranty policy for trustable service and durability

6. PNY 32GB Elite Class 10 micro SD Card 3-Pack

PNY 32GB Elite Class 10 micro SD Card 3-Pack

PNY 32GB microSDHC is another small SD card with powerful features. This SD card offers UHS-I class speed. As a result, it allows smooth performance in your New 3DS XL.

Also, this SD card comes with an adapter that allows compatibility with different devices. You can use this in your New 3DS XL as well as in your camera, smartphone, action camera, drone, and many other devices easily.

Furthermore, the product is durable and long-lasting. It can survive hostile conditions as the SD card is shockproof, magnet proof, temperature proof, and x-ray proof. Use it anywhere and in any situation; no damage will take place.

PNY 32GB is a handy product with an affordable budget. However, you should think about the size before buying this SD card as it offers only 32GB of space. It can be a great pick for people who don’t need huge space.

Key Features :

  • Offers UHS-I class speed that allows smooth and fast performance
  • Comes with an SD adapter for compatibility with different devices
  • Especially designed for small electric devices like games consoles
  • Durable as it’s shockproof, magnet proof, temperature proof, etc.

7. Gigastone 256GB Micro SD Card For Gaming

Gigastone 256GB Micro SD Card For Gaming

Gigastone SD cards are the best when it comes to service quality and reliability. Gigastone 256GB MicroSDXC seems to fulfill both. Its 256GB huge storage capacity will definitely take away your insufficient storage problem.

Additionally, this high speed micro SD card offers a V3 speed grade. This speed grade is eligible for ultra-HD video recording and displaying. This means you won’t face any lag on your device. The gaming experience will be much faster than before.

Moreover, the Micro SD offers faster app launching proving its manufacturer’s claim. It’s delivered with an adapter. Therefore, the product card offers extended compatibility with lot more devices.

Apart from that, the product offers a good warranty. So much so, the manufacturer has provided a free data recovery service for years! This is really exceptional from an SD card manufacturer. This SD card stands as the best micro SD card for gaming.

Key Features :

  • Offers V3 speed grade to ensure ultra-HD video recording and gaming
  • Designed for faster app launching with AW grade speed
  • Compatible with many devices, including Nintendo game consoles
  • Comes free data recovery service

8. 64GB Nintendo-Switch Compatible microSDXC Card

64GB Nintendo-Switch Compatible microSDXC Card

This 64GB micro SD card is one of the cheapest micro SD cards available in the market. But it is rich in features. This SD card comes with a high read speed of 95MB/s.

Consequently, it offers ultra-high-resolution pictures and an incredible transfer rate.

The product is highly durable with the capability to survive all types of harsh conditions. It is shockproof, fireproof, temperature proof, and even x-ray proof. So, the SD card is highly durable and long-lasting in any type of weather condition.

Micro Center 64GB microSDXC is highly durable like all good SD cards. It is shockproof, meaning it can survive accidental drops from a height. Moreover, the product is fireproof, temperature proof, and x-ray proof.

Moreover, this SD card is designed for optimized app performance. It is cheap compared with other products available in the market. But it offers high performance and durability. So, it can be a great choice for people with a low budget.

Key Features :

  • Ultra-high-speed for high-resolution pictures and faster transfer
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices, including game consoles
  • It is highly durable as it’s shockproof, fireproof, x-ray proof, etc.
  • Designed for optimized application performance and game loading

9. 512gb Micro SD Card with Adapter

512gb Micro SD Card with Adapter

This giant size micro SD card from Humbem is the largest micro SD card among our reviewed products here. With extended size, this SD card offers extended capability as it comes with an adapter. Get sufficient storage with smooth performance!

This product allows excellent transfer speed and smooth performance with a read speed of up to 100MB/s. This high read speed will offer a flawless gaming experience. Moreover, it has extended compatibility coming with an adapter.

Furthermore, the product comes with a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer. The manufacturer offers a free technical support guarantee for the product. Interestingly, the adapter is also all under this guarantee.

Also, this SD card is under the warranty policy. So, customer satisfaction and durability are guaranteed for this product. With huge storage and rich features, we think this SD card is the best 512GB micro SD card in the market.

Key Features :

  • Extended compatibility with an adapter coming with the package
  • Excellent transfer speed for smooth performance and service
  • Comes with 100% risk-free satisfaction of guarantee from the seller
  • Manufacturer warranty for reliable purchase

10. PNY 128GB Class 10 microSDXC Flash Memory Card

PNY 128GB Class 10 microSDXC Flash Memory Card

PNY micro SD cards are excellent service when it comes to performance. PNY 128GB X Class is not exceptional in this case. V3, class 10, and V30 speed performance make this 128GB memory card unchallenging.

Moreover, this SD card offers faster app launching with an A1 rating speed. The manufacturer designed this SD card especially optimized for smooth app launching to provide an outstanding gaming experience. So, you won’t be disappointed with its performance.

The product is durable to survive all types of harsh conditions. It can survive hostile weather situations like water and hot temperature. Furthermore, the product is shockproof and magnet proof. So, durability is guaranteed for this SD card.

Likewise, PNY 128GB V30 has an adapter to extend compatibility with many devices. With all its rich features and compatibilities, we think this SD card is the best 128GB micro SD card in the market.

Key Features :

  • Offers U3 and V30 class speed for HD photography and 4K UHD video
  • Designed with A1 feature to deliver faster app launching and performance
  • Includes an adapter for extended compatibility and usage variety
  • Durable with magnet proof, shockproof, waterproof, temperature proof features

Comparison Chart Of SD Card For New 3ds XL


Flash Memory Type

Read Speed

Write Speed


SanDisk 128GB

Micro SD

Up to 160MB/s

Up to 90MB/s


Samsung Micro SD


Up to 100MB/s

Up to 90MB


SanDisk 256GB

Micro SD

Up to 120MB/s

Up to 90MB/s


32GB Class 10 


Up to 80MB/s

Up to 15MB/s


Gigastone 128GB

Micro SD

Up to 100/s

Up to 50MB/s


PNY 32GB Elite

Micro SDHC

Up to 100MB/s



Gigastone 256GB Micro

Micro SD

Up to 100/s

Up to 60MB/s


64 microSDXC Card

Micro SD

Up to 95MB/s

Up to 30MB/s


512gb Micro SD Card


Up to 100MB/s



PNY 128GB Class 10

Micro SDXC

Up to 100MB/s

UP to 90MB/s


How to Choose an SD Card for the New 3DS XL

Choosing the best 3ds micro SD card is not very difficult if you have proper knowledge about SD cards. Below, we have discussed some facts on choosing the best SD card for New 3DS XL. Please read them carefully.

Read and Write Speed

Read and write speed are very crucial factors for an SD card. Micro SD cards for tablet, smartphones, or game consoles all need fast speed. Read speed means how fast data can be read from the SD card.

On the other hand, write speed refers to how fast data can be written into it. These both are important for the speed of the SD card. The higher the rate, the quicker the SD card transfers data.

Speed Class

Speed class is another way to choose a good memory for your New 3DS XL. The SD Association has devised a standard of speed for SD cards. So, an SD card of class 2 means it has a minimum of 2MB/s write speed.

However, manufacturers can mention specific speeds alongside this class. For example, an SD card of class 10 can have a write speed of 90MB/s. Manufacturers use different labels for rate.

An SD card labeled with UHS means it can provide ultra-high speed. UHS-I means the card can offer a maximum read speed of 104Mb/s, while USH-II means the maximum high speed of 312MB/s.


Durability is important for SD cards. Good SD cards can survive harsh weather conditions.

So, look whether the SD card you are buying is waterproof, fireproof, shockproof, temperature proof, etc. These capabilities ensure the long-lasting durability of the SD card.

Warranty and Customer Service Quality

Nowadays, SD cards are built with modern technology for long durability and service. However, still it happens that SD cards don’t last as expected.

A guarantee of a specific period can save you from the hassle and spending extra money. Also, good brands always treat their customers with priority.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do I need an SD card for my New 3DS XL?

Yes, it will allow you to play games smoothly and make your device faster. Lack of storage can make your device slow and affect its performance.

Furthermore, the problem can shorten the battery life of the New 3DS XL and thus the device itself. Buying an SD card won’t cost you much money but can give you a smooth gaming experience.

2. Which SD card will be the best for my New 3DS XL?

Different individuals have different needs. Someone may seek for best performance within a low budget, while someone may seek huge storage along with good performance.

Here, we have reviewed the best 10 SD cards available in the market. You can choose any of them according to your need.

3. Does read and write speed matter a lot?

Well, while read and write speed doesn’t give the exact speed of the SD card, it’s important. A read speed of 100MB/s means that the SD card has the maximum capability to transfer data at this speed.

While it’s not always accurate, you should still go for an SD card with higher read and write speed.

4. How long can I expect an SD card will last in New 3DS XL?

Modern SD cards are built with superior technology for long-lasting durability. Manufacturers experiment with the SD cards in harsh conditions like water, fire, hot temperature, x-ray, etc.

Furthermore, most SD cards come with a limited-time warranty. Therefore, in most cases, an SD card lasts longer than expected in New 3DS XL.

Final Words

An SD card is a very insignificant thing with great importance. Sometimes they can also be called SD mini cards. Anyway, choosing the right SD card can become more challenging for a memory-hungry gaming device like New 3DS XL.

However, keeping that in mind, we have sorted out the best SD card for New 3DS XL. We have done this review after a lot of scrutiny and experiments. If you read our review carefully, we believe it will help you choose the right SD card for your device.