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Best TV for GameCube – Top 5 Picks for 2022

Are you a gamer and play GameCube and want to play games on a clearer, bigger and livelier screen? If the answer is yes then you need a stunning TV that can fulfill your needs with your affordable budget. You must want to buy the right TV for you.

However, it is very common to be confused by tons of products when you are going to buy something, especially a TV. Among thousands of brands, choosing the best one for you always seems a challenge. This may happen with everyone.

Calm down! We got you covered. Today, we are going to review the best tv for GameCube and make it easier for you to choose. After reading this review, we hope you can easily choose the appropriate one for playing your GameCube.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice
Toshiba 50-inch LED 4K UHD TV For GamecubeToshiba 50-inch LED 4K UHD TV

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SAMSUNG 43-inch Class UHD 4k TV For GamingSAMSUNG 43-inch Class UHD 4k TV

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Sony 55-inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV For n64Sony 55-inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV For n64

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Insignia 24-inch Class Budget Gaming TVInsignia 24-inch Class Budget Gaming TV

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SAMSUNG Flat 32 QLED Tv for Gaming and MoviesSAMSUNG Flat 32" QLED Tv

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Benefits of Using TV for GameCube

In the present market, TVs are made with high-quality technology. These TVs mostly use varieties of displays like LED, LCD, QLED, etc. These displays are very proficient in providing good-quality pictures. So, if you are a GameCube fan, you should buy a smart TV instead of using the tiny default screen.

Provides Cutting-edge View Quality

Video game technology has evolved and reached a new era. GameCube games are decent in graphics quality but the output is poor if you play using an Intec GameCube screen.

Modern TVs are made for outstanding quality view and therefore they offer excellent graphics output for GameCube. On a TV, everything you play seems real on a bigger screen just in front. Therefore, you get the real gaming experience for GameCube on a TV.

Reduces Strain on Eyes

Playing games in GameCube often continues for a long time. Sometimes it continues for hours and you even forget to give a break to your eyes. This can damage your eyesight.

However, modern TVs have a solution for this. Most TVs nowadays use protection technology. So, play as long as you want if you are using a TV for your gaming screen.

Allows You to Play Games in Your Comfortable Way

Do you feel the same when you watch a movie on TV and watch it on a mobile screen? I am sure the answer is “NO”. We all feel more comfortable in watching TV. It is because TVs have a larger screen, better sound quality, and safe proximity.

Long exposure of our eyes on a tiny screen with typical view quality makes us uncomfortable quickly. So, using a TV for your GameCube allows you to play longer in a comfortable way.

Best TV For GameCube Reviews

Choosing a TV that is worth the budget for GameCube is always a difficult task. However, we have sorted out five TVs with the highest customer satisfaction, longer durability, and positive customer reviews.

For this, we have done a lot of research and taken help from technical experts. We have also done unflattering comparisons. However, after all the research, we have noted down all the benefits and drawbacks.

Below, we are going to discuss everything we have found out in our findings of our research that will help you decide to buy the best TV for you.

1. Toshiba 50-inch LED 4K UHD TV For Gamecube

Toshiba 50-inch LED 4K UHD TV For Gamecube

Toshiba is a technology company with a long history and extensive businesses, and it is a household name in Japan. Our first reviewed TV is from Toshiba.

Considering it from the aspects of quality or budget, Toshiba 50C350KU stands out as the best TV for GameCube.

This TV comes with a Regza Engine 4K ultra-HD LED display. The display is made with PQ technology combined with a high-quality LCD panel. It will take your GameCube experience to the next level. You will feel unique gaming experience.

Moreover, the product has a built-in speaker using DTS Virtual: X technology and Dolby that will give you premium quality sound. Additionally, its 60 Hz refresh speed will provide a seamless motion view.

Furthermore, it brings over-the-air TV streaming channels that will provide you all in one place if you ever wish to watch something else apart from playing GameCube. It can also use Wi-Fi in case you ever need to stream online videos.

Key Features :

  • Comes with Regza Engine 4K for faster processing and seamless view
  • Built with a 4K display offering 4 times higher resolution of FHD
  • Designed with a built-in speaker making it easy to setup
  • Uses Dolby & DTS Virtual: X technology for amazing sound quality

2. SAMSUNG 43-inch Class UHD 4k TV For Gaming

SAMSUNG 43-inch Class UHD 4k TV For Gaming

Samsung has vast experience in the field of technology that allows the company to build magnificent TVs. Therefore, SAMSUNG TU-8000 Series will bring you the real experience of gaming.

This product has a 4K UHD HDR screen that made it the best 4K TV for gaming in our findings. It has a Crystal processor 4K that gives a smooth performance in video output. Moreover, its crystal display with 4K resolution brings the real experience of graphics.

It has ambient mode meaning that it can display useful information staying in the dark screen if you need.

While playing games, it frequently happens that you leave your game without turning off the screen. But don’t worry! SAMSUNG TU-8000 Series TU has an auto-turn-off function that can automatically shut down the screen for you even if you are not there.

However, this rich-featured product will definitely make your gaming experience better. We think this product will be a great choice for the people who value smooth and lively view with great performance.

Key Features :

  • Comes with an ultra-fast processor for faster and smoother view
  • Has smart TV powered by Tizen for smooth experience
  • Designed with a crystal display that offers stunning view
  • Featured with auto power-off functionality for saving power

3. Sony 55-inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV For n64

Sony 55-inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV For n64

Even the cheaper models from Sony do much better than the average brands when it comes to enhancing lower resolution. Sony X750H does the job brilliantly in this regard. Let’s take a look on this product.

This product has a 4K processor that lets you watch amazing 4K pictures, rich with real-world detail and texture.

It comes with 4K X-Reality PRO using a unique 4K database that it can upscale low resolution to 4K. So, you can experience 4K on lower quality videos.

Apart from that, Sony X750H comes with a Triluminos display. This display allows you to see exactly what was intended to show with advanced color and gradation.

Its ultra-high resolution and HDR video content together bring dazzling color, contrast, and detail. This TV has a built-in game mode.

Well, are you still playing on your N4? If yes then don’t worry. This TV does not discriminate between N4 and GameCube! Considering all aspects, we believe Sony X750H can be the best TV for N64 too. So, it can be a great pick for both GameCube and N64 fans.

Key Features :

  • Comes with an ultra-HD LED display offering incredible view
  • Triluminos display that offers exactly what was planned to show
  • Featured with built-in game mode that allows playing default games
  • Special design for showing bigger and clearer pictures

4. Insignia 24-inch Class Budget Gaming TV

Insignia 24-inch Class Budget Gaming TV

Insignia TVs are famous for value for the money. They offer the best TVs at a lower budget. In this part, we are reviewing Insignia NS-24DF310NA21. This TV has a relatively smaller screen compared to the other TVs reviewed here.

This will allow you to play GameCube even if you have a little space in your room.

However, one drawback of this product can be its low-resolution screen. It has a 720p display. But you have to consider its price too. Insignia NS-24DF310NA21 is one of the cheapest TVs in the market but it is rich in features.

The product comes with Fire TV experience built-in that lets you stream millions of movies online. The best part about the TV is, it can be voice-controlled with Alexa.

All of the items of this TV arrive in packaging that reveals what is inside and cannot be hidden! This might help you compare the product with the other products. Its rich features at a low budget made it the best TV value for money.

Key Features :

  • Built-in TV experience allows to see over a million movies and shows
  • Can be controlled with voice that allows launching apps, searching titles, etc.
  • Has smart TV streaming service for streaming numerous videos from the internet
  • HD DTS TruSurround for enhancing the clarity of sound

5. SAMSUNG Flat 32″ QLED Tv for Gaming and Movies

SAMSUNG Flat 32 QLED Tv for Gaming and Movies

QLED displays are excellent when it’s the question of delivering higher brightness, longer lifespan at a lower budget.

If the product is from Samsung, the tech giant, it ought to be one of the best screens out there. We are talking about SAMSUNG 32Q50 Series Smart TV.

This product comes with a QLED 4K display that produces stunning pictures with great contrast, details, and brightness. So, everything you play on it will seem clear, lively, and real. Your GameCube experience will get better and smoother.

So much so, this TV comes with Bixby Voice and 100% color volume with quantum dot that lets you see 100% Color Volume in everything you watch, even in the most vivid scenes.

Its 4K UHD processor along with 60 Hz refresh rate provides magnificent image quality and makes your gaming experience incredible.

Besides, the TV comes with a universal guide. So, any user who finds it difficult to operate a smart TV will surely find it helpful. We think this will be a great choice for the people who don’t want to compromise with video quality in GameCube.

Key Features :

  • Built with a QLED display with 4K resolution for a splendid view
  • 100% Color Volume with Quantum Dot that can show more than a billion colors
  • Comes with a universal guide to make the setup easier
  • Sound Output (RMS): 20W for clear and loud sound

Comparison Chart Of TV for GameCube

TV Name

Screen Size




50 inches




43 inches




75 inches




24 inches

HD (720)



32 inches



TV for GameCube Buying Guide

Choosing a TV for GameCube can be difficult if you don’t know much about TVs.  Here we are going to discuss some of the crucial aspects that might help you choose the TV you need for your GameCube.

Screen Size

The first thing you need to consider while buying a TV for GameCube is its screen size. Screen plays a vital role in your comfortability. Larger screens give a comfortable view and keep your eyes healthy.

Furthermore, a bigger and clearer view of the game you are playing makes it easy for you to concentrate and play for a long time without interruption. So, you should buy a TV for GameCube that has a fairly large screen.


When buying a TV for GameCube, we would suggest you not compromise with resolution. TVs with low-resolution screens give a poor view of the game you play. As a result, it breaks your concentration and makes it harder to play effortlessly.

Who does not want a lively view of anything they watch! Higher resolutions provide a lively view and make it seem real. Lower resolution in larger screens can result in a poor-quality view.

So, you should go for a higher resolution while buying a TV for GameCube.

Viewing Angle

Many TVs still have a significant drawback: limited viewing angle. What does this mean? It means that what you see on the screen looks best only from the front side of the screen.

As you move to either side of the screen, it may look dim or even lose color, contrast, and accuracy of the picture. You should keep this in mind while buying a TV for your GameCube.

Warranty and Customer Support

TV brands have improved their quality to a great extent. But it’s still very common that you buy a brand-new TV and something wrong happens within a few months.

Then you call the manufacturer and they don’t sound friendly! It is a very awful experience. You should buy the TV for your GameCube from a company that values its customers and provides good warranty service.

How to Set up GameCube with a TV

  1. After purchase the TV for GameCube, make sure you have all cables that come with the products.
  2. Secondly, place your TV in its specific place.
  3. Put your GameCube box where you intend to.
  4. Make sure you set up everything in a comfortable place.
  5. Be sure you have unplugged everything.
  6. Now plug your AV cable in the back hole of your GameCube box. Then plug the other end of the AV cable in the back of the TV carefully.
  7. There are three different parts on the other part of the AV cable. They are in three different colors- yellow, white and red. Make sure you match the color with the TV ports.
  8. Finally, plug in the power supply cable and turn on your GameCube box. Turn on the TV. Now you are good to go. Start playing your favorite game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is buying a TV for GameCube waste of money?

Absolutely not. A TV can give magnificent graphical output of what you play in GameCube. With great comfortability and output, a good TV can fulfill your satisfaction and life is all about satisfaction, and so is playing GameCube!

2. Does playing GameCube using a TV reduce the lifespan of the TV?

No. Modern TVs are designed and made keeping the gaming issue in mind. Therefore, nowadays many TVs have built-in gaming mode.

So, there is absolutely no harm in using a TV for GameCube. You can use your TV for GameCube as long as you want.

3. Can I use the same TV for GameCube and watching TV shows and movies too?

Yes. While you cannot do it simultaneously, you can obviously use the same TV for watching TV shows and movies. You can even stream online videos on the same TV. Modern TVs can fulfill multi-purposes and that’s why they are called smart TV.

4. Is a 4K TV really needed for GameCube?

Depends. 4K TVs are not only famous for giving stunning pictures but also give a smooth performance, better customer satisfaction, and value for money.

Furthermore, you can use the TV for watching movies and shows too. Who doesn’t love watching movies!

Final Words

TV is an extremely common product in our daily life. But thousands of brands out there make it harder for someone to choose the right one for GameCube. Therefore, people who have little to no knowledge about TV find it harder to choose the right TV.

However, we did this review after a lot of research and impartial comparisons. We also received help from technical experts. If you read our review carefully, it will definitely help you to choose the most eligible TV for GameCube.

Hence, if you are a gamer who plays GameCube games and searching for the best TV for GameCube, you can have any of the products we reviewed above.

We hope this review will help you to get the right TV for your GameCube. Only then our efforts behind this review will be meaningful.