Fried Rice vs Steamed Rice

Fried Rice vs Steamed Rice : Know The Actual Difference

Nowadays, a lot of people prefer rice, whether it is steamed or fried. Although fried rice and steamed rice are popular for separate reasons and tests,

also they have completely different fan bases.

It is usual for people to get confused about which type of rice is better and healthier. Therefore, through this article, our experts want to clear up the confusion.

In this article, we have highlighted all the differences between fried rice vs steamed rice. Moreover, the simplest and most effective method of making two types of rice describes below.

Be sure to read this article to know the secret of making traditional steamed rice and restaurant-type fried rice.

What is Steamed rice?

What is Steamed rice?

The process of softening rice and converting it into food is known as the rice-making process. And the resulting rice is known as steamed rice.

Steamed rice has the characteristic that its grains stick together. It is very soft, and its color is naturally white. Eating steamed rice with traditional Chinese dishes is quite popular.

What is Fried rice?

What is Fried rice?

The rice produces after frying steamed rice using a frying pan is called fried rice. This rice fried using vegetable oil or butter, which makes them crispy.

As a result of frying with oil, they are not sticky at all and have a yellow or light white hue. They are found more often in restaurants.

Differences Between Fried Rice vs Steamed Rice

Although rice is the main ingredient in either fried or steamed rice, the method of preparation is different.

Because of this, there are many differences between the two, some of which highlights below.

1.  Making Method

Steamed rice needs to cook in a single heat. The first stage is when it transforms from hard rice to food.

Water is the only ingredient in it. The rice will be sticky in the final form so that it adheres to one another.

On the other hand, Steamed rice is re-heated and turned into fried rice. There are various ingredients in it, including oil.

Once they cooked well, they will feel crisp, which will make them completely stormy.

2. Better Healthy

Only water needs to prepare steamed rice. In some cases, light salt uses for tasting. But no oil or spices are added. Excess water discards after cooking.

Because of this, steamed rice is considered healthy. In terms of taste, there is no test of this rice. The taste is determined by the vegetables or meat consumed in addition to the rice.

On the other hand, Fried rice uses oil, tasting salt, and various spices. As a result, they become delicious. Fried rice can eat with different foods, including meat or vegetables.

But because of the oil and spice mix in them, they can eat without a separate food dish. However, in terms of health, these are not very healthy compared to steamed rice.

But then again, it is still possible to cook them healthily if you like. The only exception is that no fat is allowed to use in them.

3. Suitable Dishes

In Asian countries, including the Chinese, steamed rice is a favorite. It can eat with vegetables, meat, or different flavored sauces.

Steamed rice does not require a particular food to accompany it. However, it is a little hard to find steamed rice except in traditional restaurants.

A fried rice dish has no shortage of flavor. This food is popular in different countries, including the United States.

It is available in many different recipes that include vegetables, eggs, meat. It is usually found in all restaurants. Most people like to eat fried rice with chicken.

4. Color

Steamed rice is processed without any ingredients, so its natural color is white. After cooking, different types of vegetables or sauces can mix with them.

Frying the fried rice in oil leaves the natural white color in them. And as a result of mixing spices, their color may be different.

For example, turmeric powder makes them yellowish, and chili powder makes them red.

The color is not specific since nothing is mixed, which makes it white in the final color. But it is not as bright white as steamed rice.

5. Help to Weight loss

Steamed rice requires water to cook. Because of this, it is free from fatty ingredients. And in terms of calories, their amount is much less.

The body will not benefit from eating a lot of steamed rice again. But compared to fried rice, these foods are much healthier and lower in calories.

On the other hand, Fried rice made using different oils and spices. It also uses a variety of testing salts to enhance its taste.

As a result, the number of calories and fat in fried rice increases. For this reason, they do not count as effective for weight loss.

However, naturally, there is a healthy way to make fried rice, but it does not have a delicious taste.

How To Cook Steamed Rice In Just Seven Steps

1. You should first check the rice well in case there are small stones or large particles of dirt.

These are organic, but if they are, you must separate them and separate the rice from the dirt particles.

2. Then rinse the rice thoroughly under running water. It is best to wash them up to three times if the dirt level is high.

3. Put rice in a saucepan or steel stovetop and mix water in it. Ensure that the water is at least 2 to 3 inches above the normal position of the rice.

4. Then put it on the heat and put a lid on the saucepan. The heat of the fire can be medium or high.

However, make sure that the cover does not fall under the pressure of the vapor. If you notice this situation, you should reduce the heat of the fire.

5. Do not open the cover while cooking. This is why a saucepan containing tempered crystal glass is a better choice.

6. When you see that the water has dried, turn off the stove and leave it like this for 15-20 minutes.

Do not open the lid yet. Opening the lid will cause the heat of the previous steam to escape. It will ruin the quality of rice.

7. After 10-15 minutes, open the saucepan’s lid and mix the rice once using a utensil. These are ready to serve as food.

How To Cook Fried Rice In Just Seven Steps

1. It is best to keep the steamed rice in the freezer to make fried rice and let it cool down a bit. As a result, they are easily fried and tastier.

2. Then it would be best if you had a frying pan and heat some oil or butter.

If you would like to add eggs, fry the eggs in hot oil and cut it into small pieces using utensils. After that, serve in a bowl.

3. Vegetables and fruits, such as carrots and capsicum, should be cut into small cube pieces.

4. Then add oil or butter to the frying pan and add the vegetables. Meanwhile, simultaneously simmer lightly with some onion and garlic. Just before boiling, add some salt and chili paste.

5. Once the vegetables cook well, add the pre-fried egg pieces. If you wish, you may also mix the special sauce during this step.

6. In the final stages, add the rice and reduce the heat.

7. After mixing well, take it down in a bowl. You can use two green chilies on the fried rice before serving. It will make the fried rice more delicious to look at.

Final Words

Fried rice is very famous all over the world, and Steamed rice is quite famous in Asia as well.

However, fried rice vs steamed rice two dishes contains different recipes and tastes, and they have diverse fan bases.

However, since it is challenging for many people to know the differences between the two dishes, we have highlighted the significant differences.

Hopefully, you now know all the differences between the two recipes and have also acquired the ability to make two recipes.

However, we will recommend you try both recipes at least once. This way, you can know about their original test.