Gloomy Boomers: We Always Have a Choice

Huffpo 50 Puts Spiritual Advice Front and Center

On the front page of today’s Huffington Post, beneath all the news about the Republican Convention, the Hurricane, and my own recitation of an oppressive series of research studies reporting how anxious and depressed Boomers are about their prospects, including the future of Social Security, Medicare and shaky financial and retirement plans, there’s one candle wick of light.

In my latest Huffpo Blog, I write that we are a generation coming to grips with the fact that things have not worked out as we would have wished. But we always have a choice. We can choose not to become victims of the past, current and future circumstances, and instead, do everything we can including choosing to believe that the future will find some surprising, unexpected way to dissipate our dimmest expectations.

In this, I take my page from the mystics of multiple faiths and traditions who teach us that no matter the circumstances we face, we can always choose to take the leap from victimhood to hope.