How to Clean Flat Screen TV Without Streaks

How to Clean Flat Screen TV Without Streaks

TV screens get dusty day by day, so you need to clean them regularly. Watching the TV with the dust can be the worst experience for you unless you have eye issues. To ensure a better watching experience, you need to clean the TV properly.

However, cleaning the flat TV screen is not an easy thing to do as they can easily get damaged while cleaning. But don’t worry, we are here to help you with how to clean flat screen TV without streaks or damages.

Particularly, TV screens are too much sensitive, so keep patience while cleaning and follow the step-by-step procedure below to avoid streaks.

How to Clean Flat Screen TV Without Streaks

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People usually ask how to clean my flat screen TV but the process of cleaning the TV is a bit tricky as you can not use any usual cleaning elements and procedures.

You should maintain a safe and specific process of cleaning it. I am going to discuss the process and elements in the below section step by step.

Step 1: Dry-Wipe the Flat Screen

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The first thing you need to do is dry wipe the dust from the TV screen. If you directly start wet dust cleaning, the dust will be mixed with the water and make a dust paste that will be harder to remove.

So, start with the dry wiping and to do that, turn off your TV and wait some time to cool down the TV with the internal cooling fan. Then, unplug the power cord of your TV from the power source.

Now take a microfiber towel or any soft fabric cotton for cleaning the dust; make sure it’s 100%. Do not use any paper towel or other fabrics with sharp texture as they can easily create streaks on your flat TV screen.

Apply the microfiber towel upside down to do dry wiping the dust. Make sure you cleaned the body frame, too, to avoid getting dusty again from it.

Step 2: Apply Alcohol Pads

Secondly, after a dry wiping off the dust from your flat TV screen, now it is the time for a wet wiping. If the dry cleaning is sufficient enough to remove the dust from your flat-screen TV, I must say avoid this wet wiping as it can be harmful to your TV screen.

For a risk-free wet cleaning, you can use alcohol pads which are made with soft pads that contain alcohol on them. They are specially designed for cleaning screens like mobile phone screens, laptop screens, monitor screens and TV screens.

So you can easily clean your flat-screen TV with these pads. They are designed in such a way so that your TV won’t get any streaks or stains.

On the other hand, it will make your cleaning process easier so that half of your hassle of cleaning will be reduced. So for better results, apply these alcohol pads for removing dust from your flat TV screen.

Step 3: Wet-Wipe the Flat Screen

how to clean my tv without streaks

Moreover, if you manage the Alcohol Pads, it will give you the wet-wipe dust cleaning, but in case you did not find it, don’t try to use alcohol on your own to clean the TV screens.

There is also some alternative solution too for cleaning flat screen tv. You can easily wet-wipe your TV with distilled water. You can easily get it from any battery shop in your local area.

And you can also use the clean rainwater as they are distilled too and make sure you are not spraying the distilled water directly on the TV screen; rather, you should pour it on a microfiber towel and apply the towel on the TV screen.

However, do not use any chemicals like wax ammonia, glass cleaner, windows cleaner, and even normal water as they easily harm your screen if the electricity can conduct these liquids.

Step 4: Use Body Spray

Undoubtedly, it seems funny, right? But you should know body spray can easily wipe off the dust and stain made with dust without causing any damage to your screen.

If you are much concerned about your flat TV screen, I should say avoid the wet wiping, and instead of that, spray the body sprays on your screen and wipe it with a microfiber towel.

But remember, do not choose the spray that comes with more liquid and less gas. To clean the screen, you need to manage the body spray, which contains more gas and less liquid on it.

And make sure you are spraying the body spray by maintaining distance from the screen. Spraying too closely can damage your screen too.

Step 5: Apply Facial Tissues

After wet wiping or spraying the body spray, you need to use some facial tissues for socking the remaining liquids on the screen. But remember, do not drag or warp the tissues on the screen; rather,

just put the tissues gently on the screen and wait for socking. Tissues are good for absorbing liquids and moisture but make sure you use facial ones. Using a paper towel or any other tissues with sharp texture can create spots or streaks on your flat TV screen.

Before plugging in the TV again, make sure you have absorbed all the remaining liquids completely; otherwise, it can be a complete disaster for you.

If you can not manage the facial tissues, you can use microfiber cloths as an alternative option. Microfiber cloth or towel is made with polyamide and polyester, which is very good at absorbing liquids.

Step 6: Leave your TV for a While

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After finishing all the cleaning process make sure your flat TV screen is completely dust-free. Now, leave your TV screen for a while for natural drying, and if any liquid went to the inside of the TV, it would dry out too.

More than 30 minutes should be enough. Then your TV is ready to produce more sharp and clear images.

Final Words

So, after all of the discussion from the above, I should say you already knew how to clean flat screen TV without streaks.

If you are still confused, manage all the elements together and start doing the cleaning process eventually, you will get how to clean the TV screen perfectly.

However, always use soft fabric like microfiber or 100% pure cotton cloths to avoid damages, and never use any old rags. And do not spray any liquids directly on the screen.

That is the procedure of how to clean a plasma tv screen without streaks or damages on it.