How To Connect Wireless Printer To Phone

How To Connect Wireless Printer To Phone

Suppose you need to print a document immediately and somehow your Desktop computer or Laptop is not working.

Then you decide to print with your mobile phone, but the problem is that you don’t know how to connect with it. Well, don’t lose your patience, here I am to help you.

Technology has been improving day by day to help us on making our regular activities easy. Consider a printer, which has improved enormously. Now it is easier than before to operate.

In this article, I will be guiding you on how to connect wireless printer to phone. Just try to follow my guidance properly and you will not face any difficulties in the future.

How To Connect Wireless Printer To Phone

Making a connection between your wireless printing device and the phone is not a hard task.

It may vary with the different operating systems such as Android OS, or iOS but the overall process is the same. To learn how to connect wireless printer to a phone, follow these steps.

Wireless Printer To Android Phone

Wireless Printer To Android Phone

If the printing device is in a sleeping state, first press the cancel button then press the wifi direct button. If your printing device has a touch display, then tap on the wifi direct option and go to the wifi configuration settings.

There you will see the wifi name and password. Now for the devices without touch display, the process is different. Press the information (indicated as ‘i’) and the wireless button together. A configuration page will be printed.

You can do it also by pressing the pause or resume button for two to ten seconds. Collect the wifi name and password and go to your phone’s wifi option.

There you will find the printer’s wifi name, tap to connect, and put the password. Herewith the connection has now been built, and you can do printing activities.

Wireless Printer To an iPhone

Wireless Printer To an iPhone

Since Apple is a well-known company for its premium features, they have built technology for printing operation called ‘AirPrint’. This technology helps you to print from to iPhone without installing any drivers.

Open your document, or image, or a web page, and you will see a square-shaped box having an arrow sign pointing upward. Tap on it and look for the ‘Print’ option.

By selecting this, a new window will show up. From there, tap on the ‘Printer’ option and connect with the printing device by putting the password in the password field. And you will be able to print your file then.

Limitations Of Wireless Printer

You may think your wireless printing device has lots of advantages. But don’t you forget that there are some downsides also. So it is good to know them to maintain a flawless performance.


Since all the communication process is done through open space, you need to tighten your security settings.

Operative Area

Since it’s a wireless device, it comes with a specific range from where it will be able to maintain a stable connection with the input end.

So, don’t forget to put everything in the working range otherwise, it will hamper the connection and stop printing.

Printing Speed

As it operates through a wireless network, it may slow down printing speed if the network is overloaded.

Why Do Printed Texts Quality Looks Terrible

Why Do Printed Texts Quality Looks Terrible

Suppose you are doing your regular printing activity and suddenly you find that all the texts on the paper look horrible. It may happen sometime, and you need to follow some guidelines then.

Printing Mode

If you found that texts look bad on the paper, then maybe the printing device is in draft mode.

Go to the settings and select the highest quality available. It may slow down the printing speed, but the quality of the text will be great.

Cartridge Issue

This issue can also happen for ink cartridges. If your printing device has an inkjet mechanism, you need to examine the spray nozzle and ink flow pipes also.

Now, if your printing device has laser print technology, you need to examine the toner cartridge.

Since the color of the laser printer is in a powder state, it may get frost from time to time. To overcome, you need to shake that bottle once in a while.

Why Do Paper Gets Jammed More Often

Why Do Paper Gets Jammed More Often

Do you get a lot of paper jam errors while printing? It may sometimes happen if you overlook some guidelines. To overcome this issue, try to follow my instructions properly so that you don’t face it form the next time.

Paper Cassette

If you use bad-shaped papers in the paper cassette, it will get stuck in the machine. To remove this, you have to open the paper output tray and remove all the bad-shaped papers.

Also, don’t forget to adjust paper guides. Always adjust them according to the paper size and don’t push the paper guide hard; otherwise, it may bend those papers and cause printing issues.

Fuser Cover

Open the back cover, and you will see two blue-colored levers and pull it towards you to remove the fuser cover. If you find any torn paper there, remove them. Then replace the fuser cover and close the back cover.

Paper Quantity

To be honest, it is not good to put too many papers in the tray. Always look for the paper store indicator and try to maintain the guided line.

Otherwise, you will not be able to close the top cover of the paper cassette and also will not be able to reinsert the tray to the printing device.

Final Words

To sum up, building a connection between your wireless printer and the phone is quite an easy job.

It is not a crime not to know something as long as you have the ambition to learn because ambition is the thing that will keep you hungry for knowledge.

Through this article, I have tried my best to provide you the guideline on how to connect wireless printer to phone.

I have also tried to solve some regular problems of a wireless printer, such as text quality, paper jam error, and some limitations.

However, if you will follow the above instructions properly, you will overcome those issues and will not face any problems in the future. Thank you so much for visiting here.