How To Print Double Sided On Brother Printer

How To Print Double Sided On Brother Printer

Do you want to print some documents or images on both sides of a paper and don’t know how to do it? Well, you are in the right place, and here I am to guide you.

Brother Printer is a well-known printing device capable of doing duplex print. Duplex print, also known as both side printing function, has some benefits on its own.

Through this article, you will get proper idea about how to print double sided on Brother Printer. Just be patient and follow the instructions.

However, it will cause less paper to use, which is good for the environment because of less waste. It also brings profit to the individuals because of less paper cost.

Guidance For How To Print Double Sided On Brother Printer

Guidance For How To Print Double Sided On Brother Printer

It is quite necessary to know if your Brother Printer is capable of duplex print. To know this simply go through the user manual, and you will find it.

You can also learn this by simply looking at the model number. If you can see the letter ‘D’ in the model number, that means your printer is capable of printing both sides. Now follow the steps below,

Apps That Show ‘Two-Sided’ Option

Open your file from the computer and tap on the ‘Print’ option. In the print window select the ‘Two-Sided’ option, then click on the application dropdown menu.

Select the ‘Layout’ option and choose your orientation.  Now click on ‘Print’ and the task is completed.

Apps That Don’t Show ‘Two-Sided’ Option

Not all apps will show you the ‘Two-Sided’ option, such as ‘PDF Reader’. For that, you need to activate it manually. Open the file, then click on ‘Print’.

In the print window, select the ‘Printer’ option on the bottom left corner. Now you will find the ‘Two-Sided’ option and select that.

Then click on the ‘Media and Quality’ dropdown to select the ‘Layout’ option and click on ‘Print’. Again, click on the ‘Print’ option, and the job is complete now.

How To Find Brother Printers Password

How To Find Brother Printers Password

Finding your machine’s password is quite necessary because it will give you access on some important occasions, such as firmware upgrading or accessing some advanced features.

Whether the machine is at work or home, I believe you can find the password easily on your own. To know how to find it follow my instructions.

Manufactured Products of 2020 or Later

If your machine has been manufactured in the year 2020 or later, then go to the backside of the machine and you will find a label that contains the password written with the title ‘Pwd’.

Now the password contains eight characters, also case sensitive, which includes numerical numbers or symbols. It is a good idea to store that for the future because the label will get faded eventually.

Products Manufactured Before 2020

Now, if your Brother Printer was manufactured before 2020, you will not be able to find any label on the back. Because the manufacturers have already set up a default password for it.

Usually, the password is ‘initpass’ or ‘access’. Use the passwords when prompted. If none of these two passwords works, then the system administrator must have changed it, which is a usual case for the office. You can now ask them for it.

Clear Paper Jam Error From Brother Printer

Clear Paper Jam Error From Brother Printer

Suppose you are printing on a normal basis, and suddenly the device stops printing. It may sometimes happen because of paper jam, which occurs due to using of badly shaped papers or even ripped off papers.

If you want to solve this problem on your own, follow these simple steps carefully and get the job immediately to resume the printing operation.

Paper Cassette

To begin with, open the front cover and remove the paper, also known as the paper output tray. Remove the top cover and take out all the papers.

Now on the left side, you will find a rotating gear and check if the gear is damaged or not and the plate is rotating properly or not. Then in the tray, you will find four paper guides, check them also.

If everything seems okay, put some paper according to your preference, which can be A4 size papers or letter-sized papers, and adjust paper guides properly.

Don’t push harder, otherwise, it may bend those papers and cause printing problems. Also, it is not good to put thick paper. If everything is done, put the cassette cover back and then reinstall the paper cassette.

Drum and Toner assembly

Open the front cover of the Brother Printer, remove the drum and toner assembly, and put it on a clean and flat surface. Remove the cartridges by pressing the green lock lever.

Examine the drum carefully if there is any ripped paper and remove them. Put extra care not to touch the drum roller otherwise, it may cause bad printing quality.

Reinstall the toner cartridge and listen for the cartridge to lock in place. Then close the front cover.

Open fuser cover

Go to the backside of your printing device, and remove the two-sided tray and check for any jammed paper. If not found, reinstall it then.

Now, remove the back cover and check if the green envelop levers are locked in an upward position. Open the fuser cover by pulling the blue levers towards you and remove any jammed paper if found. Then close the fuser cover and close the back cover.

Brother Printer Driver

When you first set up the printer, don’t forget to install the Brother printer driver on the computer or laptop. After installing the driver, you can use some extra features from printer settings or printer properties.

Inside the properties, you will see some options for automatic 2-sided printing and Manual 2-Sided Printing. It’s better to manage printer settings to get less maintenance.

Final Words

In a word, it is not a tough job to learn how to print double sided on Brother Printer. Whether you are using a laser printer, or an inkjet printer, functions are all the same, just different mechanisms.

However, it is quite necessary to collect your machine’s configuration for the future. Besides, never forget to maintain good condition for your Brother Printer, or else it may slow down the performance.

In this article, I tried my best to guide you about printing from Brother Printer. I believe, if you followed my instructions properly, you have completed the duplex printing operation correctly. Thank you so much for visiting here.