How To Print From Iphone To Brother Printer

How To Print From Iphone To Brother Printer

Are you facing problems printing from iPhone to brother printer? Well, don’t need to worry, here I am to help you with this.

Modern days printers are blessings for us because it has reduced all the unwanted struggles.

For instance, a wired connected printing device has many problems, but today we got wireless printing devices, which are very easy to operate.

So, if you have any difficulties or you want to know how to print from iPhone to brother printer, I will guide you to overcome those problems and accomplish the job in no time. Just stay calm and follow this article.

How To Print From Iphone To Brother Printer with a Traditional Way

How To Print From Iphone To Brother Printer with a Traditional Way

Usually, when you are at work or home, you can do all the printing operations with a Desktop computer or a Laptop. But consider a scenario where the files are in your iPhone.

To print, you may upload the files to the cloud service, then download with the Desktop computer, or Laptop then print. Isn’t it a bit lengthy process?

Why bear all these inconveniences when you can do the same task simply with your iPhone?

To print from iPhone to Brother Printer, follow these steps

Connection Setup

Usually, both your office and home have a wifi internet connection. So, make sure that your phone and printer are connected with the same router.

File selection to print

Since you are connected to the same network, you can now go to your iPhone and open the file, a document, an image, or a web page. Tap on the ‘Share’ icon.

I hope you know how the share icon looks like. It is also okay if you don’t know. Just look for an icon that looks like a square box and has an arrow pointing up.

Tap on it and select the exact printer model. Then tap on ‘Print’ and go to the printing device to collect your printed papers.

With Brother Mobile Connect app

You will be very glad to know that to make printing work easier, Brother Industries, LTD has also built a mobile app which is called Brother Mobile Connect.

By using this app, you can print even faster. To check if your printing device is mobile app supported, go to the official website and give it a cross-check.

If your model is on the list, then to print from iPhone to Brother Printer, follow my instructions-

Download the App

Go to the store and type ‘Brother Mobile Connect’ in the search box. Look for the app, developed by Brother Industries, LTD, and install it.

It may take some time but be patient until it gets installed. Also, don’t forget to connect your printing device to a wireless network.

Select File to Print

Now open the app and select on adding a machine option, then select your specific printer model. In the home menu, you will see different file type options.

From there, select which file type you do want to print and tap on ‘PRINT’ and collect your printed papers.

Special Feature

Suppose you want to scan a page of your favorite magazine or a column of a newspaper. With the ‘Brother Mobile Connect’ app, you can even use your iPhone’s camera to scan those pages and get a printed copy straight away.

Print From iPhone To Brother Printer when you are Outdoor

Print From iPhone To Brother Printer when you are Outdoor

You can even print from iPhone to Brother Printer when you are outside from home or office. To do this, all you need to do is go to the Brother official website and register for an online account to use additional features such as Remote Print.

With this, you can print easily if your printing device has stable internet access. So, by the time you reach your home, your printed papers will be ready.

But the main lack is that not all countries, regions, and models have this app support. So, remember to check it from the official website.

How To Do Maintenance of Your Brother Printer

How To Do Maintenance of Your Brother Printer

Brother printer is a well-known printing device all over the world in terms of printing quality and affordability.

But every masterpiece can also become garbage if you forget to take care of them. Because you need to go through some maintenance tasks to make sure the printing device performs well for a long time.

So, if you want to complete the maintenance on your own, it is not that tough to do. All you need to do is to follow my instructions carefully and complete the process in no time.

Power Connection

It is not a good idea to open your printer’s parts without turning off the power connection. So turn the printer off and remove the power cord from the socket.

Paper Cassette

Remove the paper cassette, also known as the output paper tray, and remove the tray cover. Now take a painting brush to clean every corner if you see any dust there.

You may also use a piece of clean cloth. Now it is time to store some papers in it. Look for four pieces of paper guides, two for vertical adjustments and the other two for horizontal.

Adjust the position according to your choice, it can be A4 size or letter-size papers and load the printing surface facing down. Close the cassette cover and install it in the printer, and pull out the paper support tray.

Ink Cartridges

Ink Cartridges

To install new ink cartridges, open the cartridge cover and pull out the boxes you need to replace. There, you will find four colored boxes, which are magenta, cyan, yellow, and black.

Whenever you install a new black cartridge, remember to shake the box fifteen times. But you don’t need to shake other cartridges. After installation, close the chamber cover.

Final Words

To sum up, printing from iPhone to Brother Printer is quite an easy task. Since it is a well-known printing device all over the globe,

the manufacturing company always tries to maintain every function more friendly to the users. Always follow the instructions properly and don’t face any hassle from the next time,

In this article, I have tried my level best to provide you with proper guidance on how to print from iPhone to Brother Printer through every possible situation.

I also tried to give instructions if you want to perform maintenance on your Brother Printer. Make sure to follow them correctly and get the job done immediately. Thank you very much for being here.