How To Print From iphone To Wireless Printer

How To Print From iphone To Wireless Printer

You got an iPhone, and you need to print immediately with your wireless printer. But the issue is that you don’t know how to print from iPhone to wireless printer. Guess what, you are at the right place.

Technology is improving day by day to make our daily life easier than ever. Wireless printers are one of them, and it has brought many opportunities for us.

It has increased functionality, mobility, connectivity, and many more features that were not possible with a wired connected printer.

In this article, I will guide you to print from your iPhone to wireless printer easily. Stay attentive and focused on completing the task in no time. Because sometimes we do things in a hurry which can affect our task negatively.

Print with Your iPhone When You are at Home or Office

Print with Your iPhone When You are at Home or Office

Consider a scenario where you need to print a document, or an image, or a web page. With your iPhone, you can easily connect to a wireless printer and get your job done.

You will be pleased to know that modern wireless printers come with Airprint technology support. Airprint, a technology developed by Apple Inc.

and Hewlett-Packard, will help you to connect to a wireless printer without installing any printer-specific drivers. To complete this, follow these simple instructions.

Step 1 – Connect with wifi Direct

To begin with, you need to connect to the same wifi network. Go to the wireless printer and click on the wifi direct button to find the printer’s wifi direct name.

If you don’t know the printer’s wifi password, push the ‘resume/pause’ button for 2 to 10 seconds, and a configuration page will automatically be printed.

From there, you will get the password. Now connect your iPhone to the wireless printer’s network using that passcode.

Step 2 – Print Your File

Since you are connected to the wireless printer’s network, you can now go to your desirable files for printing operation. Open the file you want to print and tap on the ‘share’ icon.

If you don’t know how the icon looks, then look for a square icon with an arrow pointing up and tap on it. Then select the wireless printer model and tap on ‘Print’.

If you want to print more than one file, you can raise the number by tapping on the ‘+’ icon, or the ‘-‘ icon if you want to lower the copy number. Finally, collect the printed copy or copies.

Print with Your iPhone When You are Outdoor

Print with Your iPhone When You are Outdoor

Suppose you are outside and want to print a file to your home printer. Now, if you have an HP printer and if it has an active internet connection, you can print from iPhone to a wireless printer.

The process is as simple as sending an email. But the difference is that you are not sending it to a person but your wireless printer.

If you have enabled web services for your printer, you will get a specific email address for your printer. Now open your mail app or webmail to create an email.

Put the printer’s assigned email address in the ‘To’ field and attach your selected files and send it. It will automatically get printed then. So, whenever you reach your home, you can collect it then.

Why Should You use a Wireless Printing Device

Why Should You use a Wireless Printing Device

Nowadays, everyone is moving towards wireless printers because it is more beneficial to use. You may ask what those are, and here is the answer-


Since you don’t need any extra cables to connect your wireless printer with your Desktop computer, or Laptop, your desk will look less messy. It will also reduce the chances of short-circuit accidents.


A wire-connected printer is needed to put beside your devices because of a wired connection. But now can put anywhere within the range to print your files. Isn’t it a privilege?


A wired connected printer is only operatable with a single device at a time. To make it work with other devices, you needed to take the printer close to that device.

But, you will be able to use your wireless printer with multiple devices at the same time without any device moving trouble.

Tips to Learn Before Purchasing a Wireless Printer

Are you looking forward to buying a wireless printer for your printing purpose but having a doubt on which one to buy? Well, you are in the right place, and I will provide some guidance on it.

In the market, you will get a huge collection of wireless printers. The different model comes with different facilities.

It is quite important to check some facilities according to your needs so that when you reach home with the printer, you don’t regret buying it.

To purchase a wireless printer, follow the mentioned points below-


If you are a person who travels everywhere from time to time for work, you can go for an Epson printer. Because it comes with a removable lithium-ion battery,

so you don’t need to worry about any external power supply. Also, it is known as the lightest printer available in the market to date.

Unique Features

Some printers come with special features that bring them to the front line. For example, you want to scan or copy a printed document or an article. With the HP Office Jet printer, you can get the job done in no time.

Overall Performance

If you don’t have any specific requirements and do regular printing activities, go for the Brother printer. It is quite operative with Desktop computers, laptops, android, or even IOS devices.

Final Words

In a word, it is quite easy to connect your iPhone to a wireless printer. Because this wireless technology is meant to be a blessing in our daily life.

It is not important if you are at the office, or home, or outdoor. As long as you have the proper knowledge to print, you will get the job done.

This article is all about the proper instruction on how to print from iPhone to wireless printer. I know if you go through my instructions properly you will never face any problem regarding this from the next time. Thank you so much for staying with us.