Peace, Dear Friends

Dear Community, Fierce with Age will be on hiatus for the holiday season through December 26.  If you would like to receive the Fierce with Age Online Retreat as my holiday gift to you before Christmas.

What you will receive in your mailbox is 5 daily lessons, readings and assignments that stand alone as a unit for you to think about over the holidays.  The questions/topics include:

  • Appreciating your questions and concerns not as problems to be solved, but as the heart of the spiritual journey.
  • Setting an intention worthy of you:  to what are you being called?
  • What are your spiritual strengths and weaknesses?  Take inventory of your progress towards spiritual maturity in the areas of preparations for the future, your ambition,  love and relationships including parenting grown children, beauty, health, meaning and coming to terms with loss and mortality.
  • What is a psychologically and spiritually healthy vision of aging?  Explore how you can avoid tending towards either romanticizing or reviling growing older to make the next stage of your life as vital as every stage you’ve navigated over the course of your life.

You have it within your power to have an experience of freedom, meaning and fulfillment that are not dependent on external circumstances.  During these challenging times, it is more important than ever that our community’s elders hold a vision for what is possible, and hope for the future.  This is the essence of what it means to be Fierce with Age.

May your holiday season be filled with blessings and rejuvenation.