Robot Vacuum vs Regular Vacuum

Robot Vacuum vs Regular Vacuum: Know The Actual Difference

Keeping your house tidy and clean can be a bit of a hassle. But with the recent advancement of modern machinery, vacuum cleaners may provide you with the perfect solution to do it.

However, there are a lot of options while choosing your perfect cleaning device. Should you go for a much hyped Robot Vacuum or just go for a Regular one?

So, if you are among a lot of people who are scratching their heads about how to choose between these two, this article will provide you with a strategic comparison on Robot Vacuum vs Regular Vacuum.

First, Let’s get to know how both of them work.

How Do Robot Vacuums Work

roomba vs vacuum


Cleaning your home all by yourself can be a mess. When you have a huge house and a huge area to clean, a Robot Vacuum Cleaner can be the perfect assistant to take care of that.

But how do robot vacuums work all by itself? How can it detect obstacles and dirt? Let’s shed a light on its functionality in brief.

A robotic cleaner does not follow any preset path. It uses a printed circuit to guide itself. It contains a program that tells the robot how to react to the signals. For direction, a robotic cleaner uses collision sensors and infrared sensors.

If both sensors are activated, it means that it has hit something directly. If only one of them is activated, then it means it has an obstacle on the side.

And if one is activated after the other, that means it is stuck in a corner. So, it turns and changes its direction.

How Do Regular Vacuums Work

How Do Regular Vacuums Work

In comparison to a robot vacuum, the functionality of a regular vacuum is pretty straightforward. Regular vacuums particularly use a rather simpler metric, and therefore its functionality is quite easy to grasp.

The mechanism of a regular vacuum is based on friction. Both the suction section and the blow section of the vacuum constantly manipulate air and suck the dirt and debris into the collector.

It’s suction section is preset for dirt and debris. It uses blow and suction both while cleaning a tiny corner. But, it depends on the user’s mode preferences. Therefore, human involvement is necessary for its use.

The suction motor, the brush, the dust collector, and the exhaust work together to give you a wholesome but simpler cleaning.

When and Where to Use a Robot Vacuum

roomba vs regular vacuum

Primarily, robot vacuum cleaners are useful for cleaning floors without little to no manual intervention. You may find a lot of devices in this category which provides you with the option for both sweeping and mopping.

That way you can option out your priorities. It cleans the whole floor, including the under and around the furniture. It is also useful for cleaning along the edge of the walls.

When and Where to Use a Regular Vacuum

When and Where to Use a Regular Vacuum

Regular or Traditional vacuum cleaners come in stick sizes. They are generally used for deep cleaning of various items of your house, like deep cleaning your mattresses, sofas, fans, ceilings, removing cobwebs, cleaning your car, and so on.

You can also use it for cleaning floors but not without some manual interventions here and there. But, you have to use a separate device for mopping.

Comparison of Robotic Vacuum vs Regular Vacuum

Robotic Vacuum vs Regular Vacuum

1. Amount of Dust

Robotic vacuum collects significantly lower amounts of dust compared to a regular one. It is mainly because of the higher suction power of the regular vacuum. But, still a robot vacuum collects a significant amount of dirt and debris.

2. Time Taken

As per the research, to clean a 1500sqft house, a robot vacuum cleaner takes about 90mins or so, whereas, a regular one can cover the same area within 30 to 45mins because of the higher suction power when compared to its counterpart.

3. Level of Intelligence

Robot vacuum cleaner has a higher level of intelligence because it uses Artificial Intelligence or A.I. It can detect which areas need to be cleaned and which areas are off limits.

You can also schedule your cleaning hours, date, and routine and also customize your cleaning maps. But, when it comes to a regular one, the only metrics it shows you are like “is your charge full or empty?”

4. Corded or Cordless

Robot vacuum cleaners are almost cordless, but they do have a charging cord. A regular one can be corded or cordless.

But based on the setting you will be using for a regular cordless version, the runtime may vary between 20-60 minutes based on the brand and all.

5. Noise

Robot vacuum cleaners are trying hard to evolve into becoming almost soundless day by day. In today’s vacuum market, you can easily find a lot of such devices which make almost zero sound. But a regular vacuum cleaner is much noisier than the other one.

6. When to use

Robot vacuum cleaners are particularly useful when you have uncluttered floors or a relatively larger house. But when you have a cluttered floor in a small house it is better if you use a regular one.

Because anytime the robot vacuum cleaner detects a toy lying around or cables scattered, it would stop or get wrapped around.

7. Suction Power

Robot vacuum cleaner has almost 800-3000PA these days, which is enough for day to day cleaning.

Whereas, a Regular Vacuum cleaner has a suction power of 20,000-22,000PA which explains its higher efficiency in cleaning smaller debris and tiny corners.

8. Suction & Blow

Robot Vacuums do not have blower. It uses only it’s suction power for cleaning and mopping. Whereas, regular one can only be used for either sweeping or mopping.

But it may have both suction and blow available according to your device setting.

Roomba vs Regular Vacuum: Which One Is Better For You?

People generally ask do you still need to vacuum with a Roomba? The answer is of course yes.

So, Roomba vs Vacuum, should you have both ? If you go for my opinion, yes, you should have both. While cleaning the house in terms of sweeping or mopping, a robot vacuum cleaner is pretty useful.

Especially when you don’t want any hassle or your participation. The regular ones have more suction power but it is very time consuming and it can only be used for sweeping.

So, you will need a separate device for mopping. But you are going to pick one then I would say Roomba effectiveness are ahead in terms of features while the regular vacuum is better for powerful cleaning.

Final Words

If it is essential for you to be there while you clean, then you can choose a regular one. But if you want a preset cleaning performance while you continue doing your work,

then a robot vacuum might be a much better option for you. But, remember, there is no winner in this Robot Vacuum vs Regular Vacuum match up.

Nowadays, there are a lot of brands available in the vacuum market. You can choose one from hundreds of brands from there.