Smart TV vs Apple TV

Smart TV vs Apple TV: Difference Between Apple Tv and Smart Tv

Are you confused about choosing between Smart TV and Apple TV? I know what is confusing you.

From the invention of Television, it is going updated day by day. In this era, it’s very difficult to choose a TV compared to its features. However, at present Smart TV and Apple TV contain the top chosen ranking.

Generally, Apple TV vs Smart TV have almost the same working principle, including functions and securities.

You may be wonder to know which is best suitable for you between Smart TV vs Apple TV. We will describe all the difference between apple TV and smart TV.

What is a Smart TV and Why Should You Use Them?

What is a Smart TV and Why Should You Use Them

If you generally love to watch Netflix or Online movies and music, it is necessary to have a TV which is connected to the internet. Smart TV is mainly a device that is connected to the internet and operable with Android OS.

So what is the benefit of using a Smart Android TV instead of an Apple Television. Focus on my point, if you have android devices like smartphones, google cast, or similar devices, you should go for Android Smart TV.

However, it does not matter the TV and Smartphone come from the same brand or not. It will be easy to make connections between the devices.

Facts About Smart TV

Facts About Smart TV

There are so many brands of smart TVs on the market are available. I will discuss some of the basic facts about Smart TV.

  1. According to display, Smart TVs can be categorized in three ways. They are LED, LCD and OLED. All Smart TVs have HDMI for streaming and have connections port.
  2. Nowadays, Most of them are directly workable with WIFI and Ethernet port. Besides that, any android device can cast screens to the TV without using any external devices. It will be most usable to watch and change random YouTube videos directly using an android phone instead of TV remote.
  3. Smart TVs have google play store, and the world knows that it is quite deep that you can find any application that can make your watching TVs more enjoyable.
  4. Usually, 2GB RAM is used in all types of smart TV. To maintain its functionality, Samsung and other companies make TVs more powerful to handle Up to 4k resolution videos easily.

How to Set-up Smart TV

How to Set-up Smart TV

  1. First, hang up the smart TV with the wall or set it up on a table.
  2. For set up the smart TV with internet, you have to find out the Ethernet port and connect the cable. You can use a Wi-Fi connection if your smart TV has the function.
  3. Then select the menu with remote and go to the language setting & internet setting and enable the internet setting.
  4. For app installation in smart TV, use Play Store. Besides, you can use third-party applications by using the browser.
  5. Smart TVs are user friendly. So it will be easy to know all its functions.

Difference Between Smart Tv and Apple Tv

What is an Apple TV and Why Should You Use Them?

What is an Apple TV and Why Should You Use Them

Apple TV is generally a Smart version of TV which is a great workable device for Apple products. It has all the updated applications and usable functions like Android Smart TV. Besides, the TV comes with built in app store and cloud facility.

However, If I talk about why you should buy it, the point is simple. If you have or like to have Apple products, then it will be suitable for you to have an Apple TV.

Because Apple products do not synchronize with Android TVs or devices, it will be a hassle to deal with for regular use. So, due to the apple eco system, you should have an Apple TV if you are using an iPad, iPhone, or other Apple corporation device.

Facts about Apple TV

difference between apple tv and smart tv

There are 3 types of Apple TV on the market now. I am going to highlight some of their outstanding features and facilities.

  1. First-generation Apple TVs support HDMI 1.4. and has the power to maintain the high quality 1080 resolutions. If I talk about connection settings, then its Bluetooth 4 and USB 2.0 was enough to deal with other apple devices. Besides, it is workable with WIFI 5.
  2. The 2nd generation Apple TVs contains 4k resolutions that will give an awesome visual. In this generation, you will get faster remote processing and has a high frame rate HDR10 with Dolby version. However, the TV has optical audio and IR receiver as well.
  3. In the 3rd generation or modern Apple TVs has apple signal core A5 chip. Besides, the Dolby sound system is totally flat for any corner visualization. And the best part about Apple TV is it has “I tune” store to taste any required music.

How to Set-up Apple TV

difference between smart tv and apple tv

  1. Unbox the TV box and all the accessories. If your box does not contain any HDMI cable, then you can use any company’s HDMI cable, just buy it separately.
  2. Connect the Apple TV box to the Monitor via HDMI cable. You can use any monitor or TV; it will work any kind of Smart TV if it have an HDMI port.
  3. After turning it on, Select the language to the English or preferable language and Select Next.
  4. Look at the monitor; it should say Set up from the phone or set up manually. If you have an iPhone or iPad, then it will be better to synchronize with the TV because that makes the process faster. Otherwise, you can select the manual settings.
  5. You can turn on Siri if you want to function with a voice command, or you can just skip it.
  6. After that, it will ask you to share recordings, in that case, you can select the Not now button if you like to save your privacy.
  7. Connect the TV with Wi-Fi and set up the apple id and other necessary information.
  8. After setting up the informational part, the TV is completely set up for watching online or offline entertainment.

Final Words

To summarize, both TVs are very user friendly. You can easily use and modify the functions for enjoying your favorite shows & games.

Depending on cost purpose, you need to decide which one is comfortable for you. Apple TV is more costly rather than Smart TV. In my article, I have shown you the significant and core difference between smart TV and apple TV.

Therefore I strongly believe I have solved your confusions and problems. I hope you can choose one from Smart TV vs Apple TV. Thank you so much for visiting us and spending your valuable time.