Smart TV vs Fire Stick

Smart TV vs Fire Stick: Key Differences Between Them

Are you planning to buy a new TV for your home? Can’t you really decide whether to go for a Smart TV or get a smart streaming device instead? No worries, we are here to help you with this.

When it comes to watching streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime videos on your TV, you have two options;

you can either get a smart TV which offers you network browsing or you can simply take regular TV and attach a smart device, like Fire stick.

But which one of these two options is actually better for you? Don’t worry, this article will provide you with a brief comparison about Smart TV vs Fire Stick.

First, let us get a brief idea on what they basically are.

What is Smart TV?

What is a Smart TV and Why Should You Use Them

Consider smart TVs as regular TVs which have built in Wi-Fi and an Operating System (OS). It can run popular applications like Netflix, Prime Videos, YouTube, Facebook and other similar applications.

It can also be used for regular web browsing with the help of its built-in web browser.

The integrated Internet and interactive Web 2.0 system allows the users to stream contents, such as; music and videos. Of course you’ll need an Internet connection for that.

How Smart TVs work

How Smart TVs work

Smart TVs have a built-in operating system. Almost all of the earlier smart TV systems used to have android run on their system as the basic OS.

Now-a-days, the smart TVs are merging with the streaming device manufacturers and using their version of OS as well.

However, all of these smart TV systems usually have an integrated OS as the basic interface to run the apps, perform small tasks such as, typing, connecting via your mobile devices or the built-in Wi-Fi.

The OS interface supports a long range of apps. They can be opened and used with the help of the integrated Wi-Fi system via the internet.

Typical Features

  • They provide access to the Digital Media Contents Via the internet
  • Several Apps can be run and used
  • Media contents such as, videos and music can be viewed
  • Smart TVs can store Media Contents
  • Intractable via mobile or other digital devices
  • Some TVs often have some gaming options too

What is Fire Stick?

What is Fire Stick

Fire Stick or Fire TV is a range of streaming devices and micro consoles developed by Amazon. They are usually connected to a high definition regular TV system.

They offer the normal streaming experiences via the internet which the viewers would get with a smart TV.

Instead of getting a smart TV, you can just plug in a small fire stick on your ‘Ordinary LED’ TV via the HDMI port and enjoy network streaming.

How Fire Stick Works

How Fire Stick Works

Amazon Fire TV Stick is basically a streaming dongle. It is attached to any kind of TVs via the HDMI port. It has a built-in user interface, OS (currently Fire OS 7) and Wi-Fi system.

These systems allow the ordinary TV to be connected via the internet, run apps and play media files.

Almost all types of apps can already be found integrated on it. These apps run smoothly and the digital media contents such as, Videos and Music can be viewed and stored for later watch.

Typical Features

  • It performs all of the functions what a smart TV can do
  • Bluetooth devices can be used with it
  • It allows to mirror your Android phone
  • It offers smart management of apps
  • High resolution gameplay option is available
  • It ensures regular updates on apps and OS
  • It can also be used on your laptop or PC

Comparison of Fire Stick vs Smart Tv

Comparison of Fire Stick vs Smart Tv

1. Price

Smart TVs are equipped with the instruments which a normal TV system uses and also the support of an Operating System, Wi-Fi and apps. So, it can be somewhat expensive.

On an average, you need to pay at least $200 to get a smart TV. But, a fire TV stick is not that expensive. It costs $49.99 on amazon. In that section Fire stick vs Smart TV, first one is inexpensive.

2. Equipment

Hardware of the both devices is quite different from each other. A smart TV can be used without the internet, You can use a smart TV for running other applications without the internet.

You can also watch cable TV for instance on a smart TV without any internet. Fire stick on the other hand, is dependent on the internet, speed of network connection and of course the availability of HDMI on your preferred TV.

3. User Interface and Operating System

Smart TV generally uses Android OS as the integrated operating system. App management with the system can be difficult and sometimes apps open at a slow speed.

One dedicated system jiggle several apps and the OS is generally not that user friendly. Conversely, a dedicated user-friendly interface requires little effort to manage and stream apps and digital contents.

4. App Management

Smart TVs require computer chips to jiggle between apps and video processing. So it can be painfully slow sometimes. App opening, video streaming may take some time.

On the other hand, has a much faster user interface, Therefore, app management can be smooth depending on your internet speed and app control.

5. Streaming and Web Browsing

Video streaming is one of the most important functions of both Smart TVs and the Fire Stick. Normal video streaming is generally quite smooth on a smart TV.

Apps like Netflix and Prime Videos are actually smoother on a fire stick than a smart TV. Smart TVs aren’t actually good for web browsing. The web browsing interface is pretty outdated whilst Fire Stick uses continuous updates for the same.

6. Navigation and Control

On a smart TV, navigation in between apps, streaming platforms and media contents is not very convenient.

The remote control provided with both the smart TV and Fire Stick is almost always the sole controller of functions. Fire Sticks remote is much more handy and navigation in between the menu and apps are damn good.

7. Chances of Being Obsolete

As there is little to zero scope to update a smart TV, it has a strong chance of being obsolete. Whereas, the Fire TV Stick always runs on updates.

It’s superior internet functionality offers more functions to be added on. Fire Stick can also upgrade its OS, but a smart TV may not be able to do that.

Smart TV vs Fire Stick : Which One Is Better For You?

Comparison of Fire Stick vs Smart Tv

If you want to have bigger options to choose from or bigger usability to perform, smart TV or fire stick you can have both of them.

But, if you are on budget and really want to enjoy streaming platforms on your TV system, laptops or PCs, then, you really need a Fire Stick. This is more realistic and simple than a smart TV ever will be.

Though, there have been some massive changes, where major TV companies are using a streaming device interface or even merging with them.

Final Words

There was a time when we had only one option for our TV entertainment. But, now, in this modern era, the whole meaning of TV entertainment has changed drastically.

Now, people can’t fixate about what is considered Smart TV vs Fire Stick. The demand for Fire Sticks and its usability are increasing day by day, so there is no doubt that there will be a time in the near future when Fire Sticks will not dominate.

The continuous rise of modern streaming platforms and devices are telling us that, No matter how long it takes, its effect will persist.