Smart Tv vs Streaming Device

Smart Tv vs Streaming Device: Which One Is Better For You?

Smart TV now a day comes with integrated streaming service apps by using Roku or Google TV platforms, so you most probably won’t need additional streaming devices.

However, both smart TV or streaming device have their own merit and shortcomings. You may get better performance and broader app support with an external streaming player,

but with the smart TV, you may get some extraordinary features that won’t get through the external streaming devices.

As a result, you may get confused about choosing Smart TV vs Streaming Device by considering the features. Don’t worry; we are here to help you. With this discussion, you will know what you should choose between these two.

Which One To Choose Smart Tv vs Streaming Device

Which One To Choose Streaming Device vs Smart TV

If your existing smart TV doesn’t have any built-in OS and streaming app support. In that case, you should plug in a streaming device with it, which will allow you to enjoy Netflix,

YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV, Spotify, Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, Skype, and more with dedicated streaming apps.

On the other hand, if your smart TV comes with Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV, Google TV, Apple TV, Tizen, or any other smart TV OS, you will be able to use the streaming apps for which you may not need additional streaming devices for your TV.

In that case, if your TV has all the pre-installed streaming music and video app that you are planning to use and if the system doesn’t feel unbearably slow while operating,

most probably, you won’t need to plug in any additional streaming devices. Just make sure you’re happy enough with the remote control facility and system menu options.

Why Smart TV is the Better Option

Why Smart TV is the Better Option

If you are planning to stick to the Smart TV you should know it can be a better option for you in some point of view.

So, choosing smart TV over streming devices means you are not plugging any external streaming player on the HDMI port, which will free the HDMI port for other usages like plugging the game consoles or Computers and more.

However, Smart TV comes with simpler HDR support. If your TV has Dolby Vision or HDR10+ support, in that case, your smart TV’s streaming apps will support the format automatically where you don’t need to think of any external streaming devices for enhancing the content watching.

Moreover, with a USB device plugin, you can able to pause and rewind live TV on your Smart TV while streaming local channels.

On the other hand, most smart TVs come with dedicated voice control support like Alexa, Bixby, Google voice assistance, and more,

where the remotes come with built-in far-field microphones that will allow you to get a better overall hand-free control experience like playing, pausing, adjusting volumes, switching the channels and more.

Why Use a Streaming Device

Why Use a Streaming Device

However, major TV brands like Sony, SAMSUNG, LG, Toshiba come with fewer apps support, and they are worse in terms of the long-time software update.

On the other hand, for the privacy concern, we must suggest the streaming devices over the Smart TV, especially if you won’t disable the content recognition systems which track what you watch.

Moreover, the smart TV comes with a comparatively slower processor than the streaming devices, where you get a slower response time and loading time.

But, if your smart TV comes with Roku TV, Fire TV, Google Android TV and other popular smart TV OS,

you won’t have to suffer these problems as they provide the same apps and features support as their streaming devices have. And eventually, you will get a faster processor if you spend more on the smart TV.

When You Need an External Streaming Devices

What is Fire Stick

There are plenty of streaming devices in the market. The most popular streaming players are Roku Express 4K Plus, Chromecast with Google TV, Amazon Fire TV, Stick 4K Lite & Max and more,

by which you will get all the features that smart TV has and along with many more extra features and broader app support. So if you are not happy with the limited features and apps ability, you can definitely choose an external streaming device.

Likewise, if you are looking for a strong hardware option for powerful processing and faster speed, you can definitely choose an external streaming device. For example, Apple doesn’t make any smart TVs,

but with an Apple TV box, you can easily get a powerful streaming experience with your smart TV. This is the most powerful streaming device with ad-free and premium features.

Similarly, Nvidia Shield TV is one of the best android streaming devices, ensuring a great streaming experience that you won’t get on any Smart TV with built-in Google Android OS.

On the other hand, if you have more than one TV in your house, you may get bored while going through operating them as they may come with different OS and software.

But with an external streaming device, you can get the same interface on all of your TVs, and it will make your user experience simply better.

In the same way, you will get the advantage of carrying your specific streaming facility while traveling by simply plugging in your streaming device on the hotel room’s smart TV.

However, the streaming devices have the portability options with the recommended and suggested content streaming, which you like to watch as the content recognition systems continuously track what you are watching.

Similarly, you can save all the settings and options according to your need and carry them with you wherever you go with streaming devices.

Especially if you are a tech enthusiast, you should go for the streaming devices, as it offers more app and features support along with all the features and services that the smart TV has. And with a powerful processor, you will get an excellent user experience with the streaming devices.

Final Words

So, after all of the discussion, I hope you already get what to choose between smart TV VS streaming devices for streaming media. But if you are still confused, try the trial of both and choose what is much preferable to you.

Buying an external streaming device can be expensive, so if you already bought a smart TV, first give it a try, and if you think the apps facility and the features it is offering are not enough for you, then you should go for a streaming device.

But, if you are planning to buy a smart TV and think of an external streaming device too, we will suggest going for a Smart TV with better OS support that can fulfill all of your requirements.