The Conscious Aging Alliance: Growing Fierce with Age Together

Fierce with Age, the Digest of Boomer Wisdom, Inspiration and Spirituality has been invited to join with 10 leading organizations in the Conscious Aging Alliance, epicenter of the burgeoning Conscious Aging field.  As you will read below in Harry R. Moody’s excellent and prescient 2000 article on Conscious Aging, forging new spiritual ground in the wild space beyond midlife is not for everybody.

Mystics of many traditions speak to the loneliness of facing the cosmic mystery with which we are increasingly confronted as we age. However, there are many of us in the Boomer generation who have been preparing ourselves for this moment all of our lives. The Conscious Aging Alliance—and all of the individuals and groups I have encountered in my role as editor-in-chief of the Digest—represent the rapid approach of a tipping point for societal attitudes and approaches to aging.  As Rick Moody puts it:  “This historical moment reflects the convergence of two historical trends: the evolution of psychology to include humanistic, transpersonal and lifespan development theory; and the widening impact of population aging in all post-industrial societies. The evolution of psychology toward a deeper view of the human person can now join with the societal transformation of institutions to create new opportunities for positive development in later life.”

The Conscious Aging Alliance includes spiritual leaders and mavericks from a wide range of disciplines, beliefs, traditions and perspectives.  There’s the Legacy of Wisdom, advancing awareness of the work on spirituality and aging by Ram Dass, Roshi Joan Halifax and Mary Catherine Bateson, among others.  There’s Sage-ing International, inspired by the work of Zalman Schachter Shalomi, There’s Ron Pevny’s Center for Conscious Eldering and many more, hailing from across the country and around the world.  But we share one thing in common:  the growing knowledge that while much of this journey is meant to be transited on one’s own, we are not alone.